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Thanks for the update. It’s a site I rarely go to.
Defensively, Auburn has played better than most would have expected after they suffered injuries to 3 players: Daquan Newkirk, Tyrone Truesdell and Jeremiah Wright HuH? Newkirk and Truesdell aren’t even players at auburn any more. That’s pretty terrible that you don’t know that
I like Gus but glad he is no longer at Auburn. His play calling is maddening at times and the worst thing is he hired so many of his buddies instead of getting coaches who may challenge him to get better
Every team that plays the Bucs picks on Dean. Davis is far better. Not close really.
UCLA would never pay him the money he would demand. Never
How is wil Wade still allowed to coach?
Okoro is nothing like green. He’s a slasher, athletic type. Green is a big trapped in a shorter mans body. He’s plays w attitude and spunk and that tenacity fuels him. Okoro is quiet and goes about his business. A ridiculous comparison and the prince one is lame as well.
This writer picked Kentucky to win and is now making excuses for his poor pick. Kentucky didn’t beat a decent team all last year and has lost like 12 in a row to SEC West teams. Once the game mattered they were able to get one scoring drive in 2nd half and not much else until garbage time. The QB didn’t look very good as his decision making and ball security were abysmal. The DL and OL, which in his eyes, going to be the difference really didn’t do much. Their receivers couldn’t separate. They will do okay Vs SEC East but they’re still basically a 5-5 or 6-4 team at best.
A team that gives up 44 pts and 600+ yds has a lot more worries than who’s throwing the passes for their offense
You picked Auburn to lose. You can shut up now
“Experts” that make picks should only pick a game if they would bet on it. Otherwise they’re just hot air
Think we found out tonight. They’ve now lost their last 4 openers
Kodi Burns threw a TD to Cam in the title game? He caught a TD in that game, and he threw one in the Ole Miss game to Cam. Do the “writers” on this site actually do any research or is it too hard for them? What a joke
It’s just lazy “journalism”. No excuse for it really.
No one is hiring Sarkisian to do anything important And if they do they’ll regret it. He didn’t win at Washington and couldn’t handle USC. He might get a low level job but he’s better off calling plays where the talent is way better than anyone he coaches against. He’s a clown