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The entire CFP is a bad idea it's killing conference championships and ruining bowl games. There are 120+ teams in the FBS and only 5 have a shot at the title, why even bother with a season? NIL will further ruin the college game. Just create a Pro conference (of teams that are bought and paid for by the apparel companies) and then the rest of college football can go back to being an amateur game with student athletes.
I'm glad I don't see anyone really talking seriously about Matt Campbell or Luke Fickel. I wouldn't want UT to become a successful program again.
When is the SEC going to stop actively trying to screw Missouri. There is not a single rational football fan that can say that the Nick Bolton hit was targeting. There is no way that a REVEIW of that play could confirm targeting or we just don't play tackle football anymore. This happens game after game after game. I love playing in the SEC except for the fact that Mizzou has to beat not only the other team but the officials as well and it's got to stop.
How, exactly, is leaving Buffalo (or Wake forest or Purdue) for USCe, professional suicide?
Can't record or pause it on the ESPN app though (at least I couldn't when they played LSU).
That's what everyone was getting excited about? Jesus the standards are getting low.
An award created solely for the media to have something to do in July. No thanks