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3rd worst team in the SEC. How do you figure that. They beat three SEC teams. They are playing better football to close out the season.
If he can recruit, hit the lottery on the transfer portal and keep good coaches he can win an SEC championship. I have high hopes of course. Heupel has shown me enough already, minus the Joe Milton fiasco. Milton must have been quite impressive in practice, because he sucks in games. I wonder how long Heupel would have stuck with him if he had not got hurt.
Heupel is not the second coming, but he is a good coach. Hell of a lot better than Dooley, Butch and Mr. Potatohead. UT is a top 20 job still. Money, facilities, history, SEC and it is only going to get better. You are talking out your a double s, just a Vols hater
Only real UT is Big Orange. We were first. I bet more people think Vols than Longhorns when someone says UT. Power T
Mountain dog, you are forgetting all the championships Butch won us. My favorite was the “I can’t see the field” win at Bristol over VT and his three bowl wins. All called championships by him. We did have some teams in early 2000s that could have won SEC or national.
Yep, hell of a lot better than 3-7. Future looks brighter than it did last year. Go ahead and make fun but I am happy to go 7-5 more than likely. That is a decent start. Yuk it up now. You won’t in the future.
We definitely have to improve recruiting. Maybe Heupel nails transfer portal? We absolutely need more 4 and 5 star players.
Pitt beat us like a drum? No, Hooker starts that game we win. We drop a sure touchdown against Florida and different game.
Good, maybe. What constitutes being good in your mind? We beat a ranked team but I would say we are decent. Good is on the horizon.
Too many years we have lost to the Gators only to have the better team by the end of the year.
Bacon bits plz… you need honorable mention
F\[k both of them. Props for playing a tough first game for both programs. While everyone else is playing a cupcake in the SEC
Nothing new for SEC teams. We are the best conference and beat each other down. BatteredAggieSyndrom you need to take a step back, and look forward to the SEC dominating the bowl season.
Skewered the Wolverines? The Wolverines were robbed of a touchdown that totally changed the game. Yes they crumbled in the end, but skewered?
Come on man… only loss for a BIG12 team. Even though Auburn may well be a better team they have three losses against ranked teams. This is nothing new. Auburn squeaks by Georgia St. and three losses, do the math.
The BIG14 is so overrated. In a conference head to head I bet the PAC-12 wins out…. So many assumptions made about the level of football out west. BIG is weak…. watch bowl season, and once again the proof is in the pudding.
God I hope more. I put my money on UT +20.5 At Neyland we a have a chance… 35-20
Whole new ballgame now TDOW. Last time I checked Jeremy Potatohead is gone. This coaching staff would never have lost to Georgia St.
Really… you thought we would lose to South Carolina and Candy. Red and Black I knew we would win at least 6 games and felt 7 was likely. So many people saying we would be 5-7 or 4-8. I knew this coaching staff would flip the script. No SEC wins, funny.
I would really like to see UT win the SEC tournament before I die!
Not likely. He would have been a huge get. We have to start winning some of this recruiting battles.
UK will bring all they have at home. This is a must win for us. Time for us to win the turnover battle. Go Big Orange!
Next year look out, then next year I will say look out. Until Saban retires. I tip my cap, there will come a day though…