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Afan what you say is true but Pitt is still going to be a good team. A loss would be a huge blow for UT to start the season. If that happens you can chuck expectations.
Kirkm do me a favor. Look left, look right, look up and now look down and kiss my A double S. We have won multiple championships just this year. Yes we have not won an SEC or national championship since 1998 in football. Tennessee is on the move and at least improving. If you are as old as me you know things can change quickly.
Hey Afan, while Gwhites comments are ridiculously stupid(if serious) we are not going to be stuck in mediocrity. If you really believe that, you are just as stupid. Ahh the hate for rivals blinds the fools.
Gwhite, this is sarcasm right? Will can definitely change the outcome of a game.
Ok now I understand SunDevil. Yeah, they’re some real confused Dawg trolls.
SunDevil I know Georgia trolls are worse than A&M trolls. Just my experience and opinion. However Georgia is not a one year dynasty. They have been in the hunt for decades. Maybe I don’t understand your comment but Georgia has been a powerhouse and is not a one year dynasty.
Thank you Corch. I was like Spikes MVP does not sound right.
NashGator, h e l l yeah it’s worse in Florida. I don’t know what fuzzy is talking about. I have been all over Texas and the South is much worse.
17Tide I did watch the USFL and I have to disagree. A lot of the players on the Stallions have been in and out of the NFL. I have some doubts that UGA or BAMA could beat them. Just saying, I would put my money on Birmingham.
You have to ignore Ronnie. He is nonsensical. I watched a lot of Bo Wallace’s games and is deserving of #2. Corral obviously , I mean come on Ronnie. Do you watch football? It doesn’t make sense? Really
No I think Tennessee has that title. We are three star U.
Funny, thanks for the laugh. I like your sense of humor.
I’m sorry you think Tennessee needs to be careful in the age of NIL or we could be out recruited by Vandy. Wow I just don’t know how to respond to that. I’m speechless Negan. You have said a lot crazy things but this one will live in my head for years.
What is it with you Ronnie? First you scoff at me saying the Vols will be ranked. I list evidence they will be and all you do is say another stupid thing. I get it you hate the Vols but deal in reality please.
The Vols are ranked by literally everyone’s preseason predictions. It is not just my opinion. When the official preseason rankings come out I guarantee they will be ranked in at least one of the polls.
And que up the Georgia trolls on how we suck and have not won a single thing since 1998.
Thanks Tiger TD, I know how you feel. I have seen so much great talent from Tennessee leave and go elsewhere.
SenoiaDawg I like the Perdue and Georgia St. frustration comment. It made me laugh till my side hurt. Seriously that was funny, but you are confused if you don’t see the writing on the wall. What you said is not the truth. Facts my friend speak volumes.
Well hell yeah! Let’s keep that recruiting train going. So happy and proud to see what a real football coach can do at Tennessee. Thank you CJH
That is funny. I honestly couldn’t believe that one. Florida fans are not jealous of UT football. Happy we are getting some good recruits but please.
Mark Nagi I love your comment about Josh Dobbs major being mentioned. Five times every d a m n game.