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Oh look, a B10 homer with a GA avatar. Everyone has been all about how good the B10 is all year, and they got exposed in bowl season. Admit it, move on. It defies all logic not to call them the weakest and most overrated conference. They lost to the ACC 3 times, the SEC twice, and the PAC 12 twice. They have losing records against 3 of the 4 other power 5 conferences. The top 4 teams in the conference went 0-4. They didn't win a single game. MSST winning in the toilet bowl doesn't change any of that. And the fact that the conference was considered so great in the regular season had everything to do with the fact that they were playing each other and everyone was comparing overrated apples to other overrated apples.
Ok, seriously. Why do I have to hear that guy and shut off his video every time I click on an article on this site. Who thought that was a good idea? Is there a suggestion box or something where I can suggest that they stop doing that?
Wow, amazing how many people have the UA offices bugged. Otherwise claiming to know what was going on in private between LK and NS would be kind of stupid.
I don't think money is his #1 concern. He took a pay cut to be a HC. Everyone know he's a good OC, so to ever be the HC of a major program again he's going to have to prove he's matured enough to handle the job. So he's going to have to go coach some barely-division-1 team for a while. I wish him well.