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We will be fortunate if we can keep it from being a 3 TD loss.
I think the odds makers were drunk when they picked my Cats to win this one. Leary needs to be benched and give the youngsters time to develop.
I will be honest. You being unaffiliated with any SEC team and the first to make a comment says a lot of things unsaid. TROLL UK hater. Have a great day doing this if if makes you feel whole and fulfilled. We could care less about your comments.
This is potential slug-fest if both teams play to their strengths and don't get dumb penalties like UK seems to do in all of the previous games.Unfortunately I will be on the road and can only listed to it. GO CATS and hope for an injury free game.
Ask Atlas, the all knowing unaffiliated team guru of SEC football.
This guy seems to be on every SEC team site with no stated connection to an SEC team. I don't know about you guys, but I have better things to do. GO CATS!!!
I do not disagree. What is your team? Why no team connection on your handle?
Balkwyll, I believe your Gamecocks are underrated. They add No 1 UGA on the ropes for most of the game and just wore out due a tired team on both sides of the ball. It seems few have the second and third team rotation UGA does.
This article seems to elevate the hype of both UK and UFL fans for the game which is something for the UFL locker room more than UK for sure. If both teams put forth the best effort and limited penalties from each, it will be one hell of a game.I hate to say it but my $ are on UFL, but hope cats win.
Agree PJ except concerns of losing Horsey. He was a huge important cog on the OL gears.
As UK does when favored by huge points they seem to play to a less level than the opponent. Saturday could be similar if they do not get the MOJO showed in first two games.
This will probably be the game the Gamecocks get it together and it will be a slug fest for which team wants it the most. You have talent out the yahoo.
Let’s not pound our chests just yet. Gamecocks have talent on both sides of the line. It will be a hard fought victory for the team that wants it the most.
Also, I really like the young coach Beamer. He has brought optimism and energy to The Gamecocks. He is also a great personality and apparently his players pick up on his energy and football knowledge and leadership skills. I look forward to seeing his success accept against the Wildcats.
The battle next Saturday may be the competition on which team has the least self inflected offense and defensive disasters. Best of luck to both teams and prayers for no injuries.
Glad for Vandy in your win. Hope you have many more this season.
Mizzo and UK both showed a lot of much needed fixes in the slug-fest last Saturday. Hopefully we both can make much needed corrections. Go Cats and Go Tigers the rest of our games.
Tyler Badie is one of the best RBs in the SEC. All during the game I was thinking, "how can this guy take the punishment time and time again, out run and side step our defense time after time again". Most of his runs resulted in a first down. And then that TD when it looked like he would go down out of bounds. Mizzo you got a good one on steroids in Badie. Best of luck on future games and hope you go undefeated rest of the season.
What a great interview and chat with Paul F. A very humble and quality young athlete to be so successful. He is all business. I hope he stays healthy and continues his climb on the ladder to greatness.
I am not here to have arguments but understand opposing thoughts as well as each ones political sides. Sorry I brought my thoughts and responded a bit offensively to true and and hopefully great team fans. Pwuhana brother PEACE
My credibility is reviewing budgets for NIH for over 10 years and involvement in many programs seeing where the funds went as involvement for budget approvals. And what is yours Puwaha
I have loved UGA football over so many successful years. But REALLY man. You are turning me otherwise.
With head gear and officials. My bet is on one of America’s most loved athletes.
One right or left hook hook from Tebow. Look at those arms man.