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NFL teams are far more concerned about a player's character than they were 5 or 10 years ago. I suspect Callaway is going to regret not taking his time at UF more seriously.
cdstoudemire - Georgia is fast becoming a "destination stop" for great assistant coaches. Kirby will have no problems finding interested candidates.
Very true. It has to be a pain for Saban. Every year his coaches get poached and he has to a find quality replacement.
Make no mistake, 4 and 5 star recruits attend college for one reason and one reason only... to improve their game and eventually play in the NFL. Being scholars in the classroom is not a priority. Student athletes like Josh Dobbs are a rarity.
Dawg - I agree with you. After the Lane Kiffin debacle, I was shocked when I read how some fans wanted to bring him back to Knoxville. Thankfully, Fulmer never gave him a second thought.
I don't understand the obsession this site has with Kiffin.
Here's another fan that is excited for the future of our program. Rescuing this years recruiting class will be job #1.
Uhhh... James "Little Man" Stewart went to high school in Morristown, TN near Knoxville. Mr. Crist is mistaken to say Stewart wasn't a home grown RB.
We wanted Mullen before you guys swooped in and snatched him. Hopefully we can find someone of similar caliber.
Well it's about freak'n time! Congratulations coach Fulmer! We're rooting for you.
Finally, we're on our way back to being a serious program. Currie should have fired Butch after the Florida loss. And then when nothing happened after the Georgia embarrassment, I thought Currie should have been fired. Florida knew when to pull the trigger. Currie never did.
I'll be curious to see what coaching candidates will now give Tennessee serious consideration.
This is the first good news I've heard since the loss to Florida.
Bring in Phill Fulmer as our new AD. That should pacify the fan base and make Tennessee relevant again.
Since Fulmer was an OL when he played and since he knows the Mays family, as the new AD he might be able to convince 5-Star Cade Mays to reconsider.
If Fulmer had been made the AD before Dave Hart was hired (much less Currie), we wouldn't have this mess. I'm tickled at the idea of him being our new AD. He loves the university as much as any of us!