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Yes we need a retraction about Kentucky, or you are a total buffoon and you referencing Western Kentucky.LMAO ALSO, fix the damn website I have to sigh in three times just to write bs with the rest of these fools.
Well those few bad apples all have one thing in common. Society has let them down and if we punish them they will only complain that the man is holding them down. So get them a ice cream cone and tell them to be a good boy. Oops scratch that boy change to lad.
The East Will Suck Why ? It's the east. "EAT UP"!
Put the crack pipe down and walk away.
Little more research for pictures would have made this article worth reading.
First of all the quality of the articles has really gone down hill since William Wallace has left this group. Second this can't be true because this article is blaming Auburn for having trashy fans and not Alabama. You know that all the trashy fans are at Alabama, I mean we only read about their fans killing trees, laying private parts on the face of pasted out fans, and killing fans that are not upset enough about Alabama losing a game. So, this can't be true! We know that unbiased reporting might uncover story's about other fan bases doing trashy things to other to visiting fans, but the propaganda machine tells me that Alabama's fans are the only fans to do mean and hateful things. Florida fired Muschamp and I was so excite spit on my neighbors Alabama flag. I don't think that's bad enough to write about, but it did happen. Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!
I noticed this show of respect and class Saturday night, the first thing I did was pause tv and yell to my 16 year old daughter to see come what real class looks like . I think what hurts more that LSU player where first to give the fallen Gator high fives a fist bumps. Wow! Muschump and thought Meyer morals where low sad day to be a Gator.
Hail State! Great job.
Take a front end loader to flip that cow? All she's missing is a Doral cigarette hanging out of her mouth and beating a kid.
And Mizzou will still be Mizzou ! The stick that the rest of the SEC uses to clean the dog poop out of their cleats with.
Rule #1 : When cut from a NCAA Football program for less than acceptable behavior , you the right to be referred to as DGB . Rule #2 : Your now known as DB, DA, or AC. This is what happens to you have the world by the butt and pee it away.
Just like the rats to get off the ship when starts taking on water. Dont worry watching LSU slowly fall wasn't so bad , Bama should be able pull it off with more grace. Kiffin should submarine the program in 2 years .
Oh I get you need to lose to lower ranked teams to make your your schedule look harder . Georgia good at that ! Keep it up dogs . Rofl
Wow really your three picks are that good . Question what are you three picks ? And let us tell you if your right .
Mizzou is a red headed step child ! Cinderella season enjoy it next year they will be b I t c h e s of the sec again .
I think your wrong Murray can't walk and shaw is almost lame .
He's a great player and I hope he gets a invite to New York! Now as the difference maker in the Alabama game . No no no , the difference maker was Cape Foster ! What a choker hell, Facebook has made a we forgive Cape Foster. That difference maker is going to have to move out of state or to Auburn as water to get a job in that state. I just hope Harvey Update doesn't find out where he lives or he's not going to have any trees left.
It's not respect ! It's the fact Johnny has nothing to play for, so he's not going to lay it out on Saturday. Thers No nation championship , no SEC Championship, no BCS bowl, and he's going pro can't damage the money machine. Johnny won't be jumping, hiding, photo bombing, crawling, riding on the backs of linemen in order to get in the end zone all the stuff we love to see from a true American Hero! We respect Mizzou you have put out some awesome players like Blaine Gabbert . Keep it up.
Miss state 27 old miss 17 LSU 42 Ark 10 FSU 52 Fla 6 Vandy 30 Wake 17 Georgia 21 GT 24 TN 28 Kentucky 13 USC 27 Clemson 31 Mizzou 38 TAM 27 ALA 38 Auburn 20
Remember this is the moment when realize your ship has sailed , sank , raised , and sank again. Go Gators " oh yeah my ship is next to your ship!" Lol
Settle down . Not every one is as cool as a 4-5 Mississippi State.
Oh god let USC win .
So your going to run it on Alabama? Ask Jeremy Hill how that working in the LSU game. Alabama 41 Auburn 17
Fact ! AnchorDOWN32 if you read that sentence it never stated Vanderbilt was bowl eligible . Fact it read using Wallace's bad grammar " The win made snapped a 22 game losing streak to the Gators and makes " (what for it here's were you got you facts wrong) " Vanderbilt one game away from being bowl eligible for the third consecutive year". Yes one game away from being eligible. This is Busch League. Orange and Blue Kool Aid @AnchourDown
Shaw is a football god !!!! Thanks Mizzou for making him that. Johnny Football Who...
All your data is pretty strong ,but #1 "maybe"? A one loss Auburn SEC champ Is not going to the big show . Oregon and FSU would have to loss twice for that to happen.