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What about Greg Schiano? Best coach in the world and would have Tennessee playing for NCs right now if hadn't been ran out of town before he even got there. His coaching acumen is why you are hearing his named connected with all of these big job openings. Seriously though, seems Napier would be a really solid hire. Can't see Campbell there.
Were never getting a proven top head coach and if you think otherwise you are delusional! You should probably should get in bed, High School takes up at 7:40. GBO!
Volbeef88. If you did not see improvement last night you either didn't watch or are Ray Charles. Blah....Blah.... Blah.... GBO!
Subpar coach after 3 games? Problem is too many subpar fans. No one was beating down the door to take over the program. Heupel is at least up for the challenge. Time will tell how it plays out. I seriously think our so-called fans would complain if Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were on the roster with Nick Saban as head coach. It's absolutely pathetic!
I agree. It just feels like there is something going on with him behind the scenes. As an outsider looking in I can't believe that he would perform any worse than Milton. Seems to me the real issue is that Tennessee doesn't have any QB on the roster that can perform at the level Heupel expects so he is having to pick his poison.
USMC, contacted by LSU or about the LSU job? 2 very different things. Seems that's how universities spin it so they can deny being turned down. Either way I'm happy that Tennessee ponied up the money to retain him. If he was contacted about the LSU that would have been a hard one to at least not consider.
Exactly! Wasn't the splash I'd hoped for but anybody trahing it and saying he will do this or that has no clue. Getting my popcorn ready.
Ha Ha. Not bad Bama. My point is everyone that is wanting these guys at their school might want to watch what they wish for. Sure, good players but is there no concern they will face some sort of sanction/suspension as well?
If UT paid players then riddle me this. Hth did we not pay our best players?
Hoping for the best for UT but feeling pretty good about how obsessed the opposing fan bases seem to be. Lol!