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You can’t run the ball without an offensive line. We don’t have one
Freeze would be another in a long line of Auburn mistakes; winning seasons but not good enough to compete every year at a championship level. I think Cristobal is our best chance at getting there
I’ve got 21.45 million reasons why we need a bigger name
Auburn and Alabama don't change their uniforms or helmets. It's called tradition
and a lot of douchebags who have never even been to either school..
Look!! ^^Updike^^ learned how to use that internet thingy!!
So Alabama's baseball team has a cupcake schedule just like their football team...
"the only teams on your schedule with a winning record were the best in the country..." Welcome to the SEC
Agreed- if you have an offense that scores touchdowns in a microsecond, then naturally you’re going to have a defense on the field all game, possibly getting tired. Factor in the fact that most of the starting D doesn’t play a lot in the second half and all of a sudden these stats don’t mean anything
I don’t ever write-off the Gators- homecoming game in the swamp... gonna be a fist fight
Wisconsin shouldn’t even be in the top ten considering the uniforms they wore yesterday
Wadeless- agreed. It’s gonna be a fist fight
Agreed Cody- all that matters is the “w”... Best of luck with Ole Miss on Saturday
Nice work with Duke and New Mexico School for the Blind as well