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I agree. We can do better 3.4 beers/person.
And once every 20-30 years, Kentucky manages to win a game against Tennessee.
Georgia sucks. That being said, the trophy is ugly as sin. They needed a competition to stick a souvenir Lombardi trophy inside souvenir Bristol Motor Speedway? I hope we have a cabinet at the sports center to hide that thing in.
So proud to be one of the teams in his crotch vortex.
Does "SevenT" refer to Kentucky's tier 7 program?
Good catch. Should've used spell check.
It is hands down the best fight song in the SEC.
I use the term hillbilly proudly. Alabama doesn't have many hillbillies. They have rednecks and white trash, but they're not proud of it, and they pretend they're not either of those.
No, keep talking Kentucky. It reminds me that things could always be worse.
Harvard-Yale is good because it happens once a year and everyone tries to cram in season's worth of Bud Light before the 12:30 kickoff. You wouldn't even know there's a football game any other weekend. Oregon is fun and the folks are really nice, but it is not of the caliber of The Grove or the Vol Navy.
maybe they can show video of an upper deck to make it look like a complete stadium