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Sorry, I'm tired of taking humiliation "in stride." I went to nearly every home game since 1967 -- but I'm totally sick of it now. Call me when they have a respectable team over there on the hill. Till then, my money is staying in my pocket and my time is better spent elsewhere.
Right, Jimmy. Because corrupt, millionaire elitists would be sure to hire the best, most upstanding coaches, right?
My top picks: Petrino, Rodriguez, Gruden, Kiffin, Gundy (in that order).
I'd take him back -- as long as he had a HUGE buyout in case he wanted to leave again.
How fair is it that an east division team wins the division by going 7-1, playing no one with a winning record from the west, while another team in the east play 3 top 10 teams from the west, and beats 2 of them?
Agreed, only division games should count. The non-divisional games will still "prop up" the national ranking.
You're obviously using your Alabama primary school education here. How fair is it that one team has to play TX A&M and Alabama when the other team plays LSU (maybe) and Arkansas? Only division games should count unless a round-robin schedule is followed, which isn't going to happen since we added too many teams to the league.
Agreed. Why else would he allow the game to be moved to Baton Rouge? Generosity? Give me a break.
Actually, John Wilkerson said yesterday on Sportstalk that it wasn't anywhere in the bylaws that teams have to play all 8 conference games in order to compete for the SEC title. Seems the commish may have changed the rules at the last second -- which is what he SHOULD have done. However, my understanding is that the "official" rulebook would have allowed a team to play for the title with less than 8 SEC games.
Agreed. That was the solution I was thinking of as well.
It's really a very simple solution, folks. Are you listening, Sankey? If Florida and LSU don't play that game, they both deserve to take a loss on their final record. Cooperate, or take a loss -- it's your choice, you self-serving a$$holes.
Screw the cowardly gators. Why not just leave the league if you can't play the full schedule?
Agreed. If the SEC continued to cave to Foley, I GUARAN-DAMN-TEE the cowardly gators wouldn't say a word and be happy to play an easier, shorter schedule. As it is, even if they DO man up and play the game, they will do so with a healthier roster. So, they've already gamed the system and gotten away with it. 'Nuff said...
In another article, Mcelwain said that some Fla players were worried about their families and the possible destruction from the storm. Guess what Mac? Other teams from Fla, NC, SC, Ga and, yes, even Tennessee have players from hurricane-affected areas, and they managed to play their games this past weekend -- so find a new excuse (oh yeah, injuries, right). Florida is now known as the team of cowards in the SEC. Get out of the conference if you can't take the heat and play a regular schedule like everyone else... Presbyterian? Give me a freaking break...