We have to win eventually... right?

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Just curious, did anything happen to Raekwon Davis when he punched the Mizzou player after making the tackle?
Didn't one of Kentucky's players try to break Kyle Trask's ankle in the UF game? The guy named "Kash" lmao
Then why do you comment on every single article concerning VOLS?
Correct. He was done for after the UGA game.
NCAA felt the need to deny this one since they allowed Aubrey Solomon to play for the football team this year.
At least our coaches use more resources than 24/7 rankings to target good prospects.
Not the biggest loss. Big Jay Hardy from McCallie will take his spot.
They need a few more 5* then they'll really get it going.
Bituli was given targeting because he knocked out Jeudy and didn't let him score. Saban then uses his extensive medical knowledge and clears Jeudy to go back in shortly after. How come no one talks about that?
JG is just the better option at this point in time. Support him or don't go to the game.
There were never any huge expectations for Pruitt's year two here. It's going to take another recruiting class or two to rebuild the roster to championship level. Simply lost too much (non-quality) depth from Butch's last two classes. Don't get me wrong. A couple losses were horrible, but it seems alot of the freshmen/sophs are settling into their roles and improving with each game. Especially the OL. The culture had to be completely rebuilt.
By the way.. trashy backwoods Birmingham the largest market for NCAA football? It's there because it's 55 miles from UA. No possible way any bama influence is allowed in those offices, right?
I don't expect you to see it through your crimson colored glasses. How about the time our QB motioned out wide to wildcat formation. Play stopped for NO REASON. It was going to be a TD. Saban knew it, refs knew it. VOLS never showed wildcat up to that point. Bama players lined up offsides all night long. Bama OL holding all night long. Sometimes multiple holds on one play. No call. Oh but when UT is on the goal line, the RB gets called for a phantom holding call, that wasn't even close to being a hold. TD called back. Every single critical call went in Bama's favor. Every. Single. One. Y'all are seriously pathetic needing the refs help to beat lowly Tennessee.
They will pump him full of that deer antler spray. Saban will end the poor kid's career just to get a win over LSU.
He better be raising hell about the crooked refs. How does Ryan Hagan, lifelong bama fan, with only D2 experience, get to ref the TSIO? His relative is Sylvia Hagan Barnes, Director of Officiating and Administration. Why are the SEC offices in Birmingham? Why is the head of officials (Steve Shaw) a bama grad? Let's not forget the LSU fan ref in basketball last year. Phil.. get on it. It's been going on for years.
Y'all are so pathetic. Can never look past your crimson colored glasses.