We have to win eventually... right?

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As slim a chance as user UGAMYRet getting laid. Yikes. Not getting my hopes up
Living in Chattanooga, I would enjoy a W against UGA. Their fans here are absolute trash. Barking at small children with UT shirts on. Bunch of adult children. You should see this guy's desk behind me.. what a tool.
Oh, you know, just the guy that reinstated him after Brady Hoke kicked him off the team. NBD
Safety wasn't a glaring need anyway.. let's replace him with a DL.
That was absolutely pathetic. Time to start a new alter and try again.
Lol did Pruitt have relations with your wife?
TN's offense is going to be very much improved this year. You have no clue. UF's OL is very suspect.
Your fellow fans bark at opposing fan bases.. lmao
Hey, everyone, cockyfan97 is 20 years old and thinks he's a great contributor to society because he goes to university. Let's all congratulate him on this monumental accomplishment
I couldn't possibly care less about South Carolina. Imagine opening up one of their articles and posting on it. I couldn't think of a bigger waste of time.
He's just a guy that talks about college football on TV for a living. He has to feel important somehow. Rustling people on twitter makes him feel like he actually has a purpose. It's sad, really.
Of course it won't be leaps and bounds because vols.
Sure, the missed free throws are the most telling for this game. However, all season long Tennessee could not defend the 3. Even Bama was raining 3's on us. It didn't matter what team UT played, the other team would set records for the amount of 3's made. Anyone who watched all of Tennessee's games this season knew that it would be the 3 that would eliminate this team. Sure enough, they run into Purdue who just simply couldn't miss from 3. Still almost beat them, but it was the VOLS awful defense on the 3 that eliminated them.
LSU fans actually think they should be allowed to practice rampant cheating with no consequences. Something must be in the water down there. Maybe it's all that French blood.
Spot on. VOLS struggled with Bama's length and their defense against the 3 has been rough thus far. They will need to adjust if they want to keep the #1 rank for more than a couple weeks.