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Would be a great get. Might be the first of many interviews that start to come to light.
This is a bad take by McElroy (see: Bryce Young), but both coordinators needed to go.
I think it's fair to say UGA lost a good player. Will he be missed? That's another question. Will he play much at Alabama? That also remains to be seen, but he'll at least bring some much needed experience.
This is part of being a successful coach - replacing coaches along with players each season.
I think the Arkansas game is a better example for Milroe's ability.
Starting Ty and using Milroe as an H-Back would be ideal. We need a quick receiving threat out of the backfield.
Most Bama fans would agree. Statistically, Golding (and Saban) fielded a Top 8-10 defense, but could not seem to get stops when it mattered most. I would just say coaching, discipline and fundamentals overall need addressing.
I agree and it's a disservice to Kirby and what he's built that the media cannot stop bringing up Saban and Bama. I actually think UGA has kept (or set) the standard FWIW. Or maybe Alabama just "forgot" it.
I agree, "birth of a dynasty" is exactly what this is. UGA will be formidable for years to come.
I posted this in another topic, but "Dynasty" is pretty relative at this point. A second title puts Kirby in line with Dabo - do we consider Clemson's time at the top a dynasty from years ago? Saban – 7 Dabo – 2 Kirby – 2 Mack – 1 Jimbo – 1
He's still won as many without Kirby as Kirby has. Paul just stirring the pot.
The media hyperbole is wild. I guess RG3 is saying UGA will be among the Kings of CFB?
This is it. "Dynasty" is relative as not many current coaches even can claim a championship: Saban - 7 Dabo - 2 Kirby - 1 (going for two) Mack - 1 Jimbo - 1
No way BOB deserves a B despite BY making plays on his own.
Seeing the note about BY giving Alabama the lead in both the TN and LSU games this year only for the defense to squander it was certainly telling. You could even say the same to some degree about the championship game last year, but beating a good team twice is never easy.
Hard to argue against. I know Ohio State had to sneak in, but I think they can stretch the field better than TCU or Michigan, so maybe they give UGA a tough game in the first round.
This is it. The right teams made it regardless of the Committee or anyone else's "reasoning." Thankfully, the expansion is coming soon and will allow more inclusion.
Doesn't matter in the end as the rest of the field is just too good. Really neither team "deserves" to be in the Playoff, but it's about putting in the four best teams, not most deserving (or is it?). Alabama, Ohio State, Tennessee (before Hooker injury) all had an argument for that and still might.
Would you rather play South Carolina or Alabama? Your argument is in bad faith as you know the Gamecocks are not ranked near the Top 5.
I don't disagree with your point, but there is room for debate if Bama is still one of the four best teams. Would you rather play Alabama or TCU right now? However, I do agree they had their chance to lock a spot and came up short (twice), but we just don't know what the committee will value? They seem to lean a lot towards the eye test.