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Must have realized there is more than one position on the OL
Guess he's not happy being passed over for a true frosh at LT. I thought he'd want to develop and compete for RT next year, but I wonder if the coaches know something we don't.
This actually makes me think Steele could be on his way out and we are elevating T-Rob to DC next year. Not a fan of the move if it's strictly for intel, but that's also never been Saban's M.O. - something bigger is at play here.
Not only has Saban won 8/9, he's won eight straight after Tebow.
I don't think so. If Alabama beats UGA, the CFP Committee have shown to be prisoners of the moment so I anticipate them making Top 4 no matter what - they'd jump WA or TX.
Now Kelly cares about student safety? Also didn't he send Daniels back in there for a play? Lucky they called a timeout there.
It's also possible Coach Saban wins a couple more championships over the next five years and Kirby is that much further away.
It's true. We've only experienced six championships with Saban and a couple 14-0 seasons.
Who cares? Let him enjoy the game - we all enjoyed the game. @9mmDave - huh?
I'd probably drop MN and Fresno State to make sure Florida State is on the list. Odd he left them off, but maybe because he called the game?
I wish Kirby nothing but the best, but didn't he use negative recruiting against Bama after moving to Georgia? His point is still valid, of course. I remember Saban saying he does not believe in negative recruiting and it sounds like Kirby has reached that point.
Secondary has depth, but we'll need both this weekend
FSU was sloppy and getting every call against them in the first half. This game ended up not being close, but it could have been worse.
He's talking to the players - this will be settled after Texas.
Lose five or six games? That's certainly a take.
I agree with the record prediction, but not the LSU loss in Tuscaloosa off a Bye.
We heard the same with Dabo years ago and further hyperbole around Malzhan and Hugh Freeze when they *gasp* beat Alabama. We saw how that all turned out. Kirby is on a roll, but he just tied Dabo, Joe Pa and Pete Carroll with two titles. Urban has three. Having said that, I hope Saban hears the noise (I'm sure he does). I think he still has a few more title runs in him and when he hangs it up, I wish Kirby nothing but success.
If he's calling for an LSU-Michigan championship, I'm curious who he has in Top 4?
Brothers fight - would not read too much into this. It's a fam-uh-lee
Funny - I could have sworn he said Alabama was in trouble weeks ago?
The implication is that Golding had no repercussions? Should be surprising, but the defense was coddled for too long.
It's hard to say, but based on how Bama struggled on defense at times + DUI arrest, I'm guessing it was mutual.
True, but you have to win to get in. I think last season served as a wake-up call to Saban - not sure he makes the move to oust Golding without the outcome.
This is probably the biggest difference. The past couple years have been very telling for Bama on both sides of the ball.
This year will certainly be telling for Saban and Co. The biggest question mark is at the biggest position, but Saban has won without a gunslinger before.