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When we had Mallet at the helm, we were always in a game, no matter who it was. I was in the end zone seats when Ryan threw the interception against Ohio State. Even though we lost ot was a thrilling game. He had an amazing rifle arm.
As a Razorback, I cannot WAIT to have Texas on the schedule again... I LIVE in Austin, and any Horn fan old enough to remember the SEC is looking forward to the rennuwal as well. And...I'm looking forward to facing Oklahoma. I dont expect to beat them every year, but it will be awesome seeing them brought down a notch or two in the much tougher SEC.
Meh, he spent more time in LA than on campus. When he was on the court it was obvious he was just trying to pad stats foe draft position (jacking up 20 shots, hitting 5) Team played better when they finally started benching him. I don't really consider him a razorback. Played in a few games . Hope he becomes a good NBA player, not hating...but seems way overrated and got more press than the deserving members of the team.
Just happy to be this deep after the lousy regular season we had. We always said "if we could hit free throws, we can beat anyone". Now they're hitting free throws...and I hope I didnt just jinx them. We knocked off #1 Seed, I think we have a great chance to knock out ESPN U.
Saban doing what a coach should do. Respect. I dont have to like him, but I respect the way he runs his team.
Rock...Chalk....STFU Sure didnt see this one coming. Gutty, tough win. Hit 80% FT's (might be a first). SEC knocks out two "Blue Bloods" in one afternoon. I think we are at least a green blood with 2 elite 8's and a sweet 16 (at least) in the last 3 years.
I had aubie advancing-I have Houston beating Auburn but losing in the next round. We are in the same boat though, will take a semi perfect game from us to beat Kanzuz, and we NEVER pull off a complete game. But...thats why they play the games.
He has a deadly shot from 15' in. Certainly not afraid to take aim from far away and pull the trigger. Hes equally comfortable in the starting or police lineup. First guy on the team you call & expect to show up fully loaded & ready for some acccction! "HEY bring me a gun, ima shoot my exe". "No worries, be right there" A fine example of a Student Aph-leet.
He played through a sprained wrist from carrying guns... That said, I think the Gumps have a real chance to win this thing!
I am as big of a Hog fan as their is...that said...I dont think we get past Illinois. This team has a lot of "quit" in them. And our coach, HAS no substitution pattern. He played Smith 39 mins against Texas 8&4. He shot shot twice as many shots as anyone else on the team and hit 30%. Went 50% at the foul line. Muss is simply not making good coaching moves...its been that way all season. I dont expect it to change. Hogs up by 6 at the half, lose by that same amount as a gassed team gets run off the court in the 4th. Thank God for baseball season, where we ARE a legit top team.
He didnt even go to court, alabamas starting an accessory to murder. Our priorities are a bit...off
At this point, I'd just as soon he stay in LA. I'm not looking forward to following Kentuckys path of "one & done". Would rather see a team of 4 stars develop, rather than a group of 5 stars who are more concerned with protecting their NBA status. Plus IF he come back, (which I doubt), will the chemistry of the team be impacted. Lastly, how can he be in LA and considered an Arkansas student?
Way to go, Dogs! Had us all worried there for a bit. Its going to be a great matchup for the Natty.
I'm no prognosticator by any stretch, but told a co-worker who's a Michigan grad not to sleep on TCU when he asked about them. They might make it interesting against Georgia in the finals.
Did the officials have a layover in Las Vegas on the way home to get paid? The line was Arkansas by 2.5. The officials made sure it was not met. They did their job, quite admirably.
Late in the 3rd quarter, Kansas had ONE penalty for 9 yards. The refs must have been from Las Vegas...point spread was 2.5...they allowed us to win by 2. Same hog team we've seen all year. Start off playing well, and coaches CHOKE any momentum in the 2nd half with lousy play calling.
Arkansas will finish this year like it has the past two. Going farther in the NCAA tourney than any other SEC team. Muss is that good, and he has not had this level of talent before. They will grow up by the end of the year.
I dont think many of us really fault them. We just WISH they would play to honor everyone who "helped" get them to the level they are. But things like "loyalty", "honor", "pride" are sold cheaply nowadays so I do get it.
Way to show respect to the school, the fans, your coaches & your teammates.
At the end of the season...just like the last two.. MUSSELMANS Hogs will finish as the highest ranked SEC team. Don't think we will win the Natty, but will be a tough out.
College Football lost one of its more colorful personalities. He will be missed.
Cocks vs Catholics. Gotta love it! Light 'em up Carolina, SEC!
Went to the Liberty Bowl a few years back when we played East Cackolakey. Decent BBQ... Was 22 degrees at kickoff. Swore I'd never go back again, and I won't. This would be one halluva basketball game, unfortunately it's not.
Wow...You are right. NEVER heard of the refs deciding a game based on a "feeling for when the clock should start". At worst, should have replayed the final seconds.
By the tourney everyone else will be gone. And Musselman with have another elite 8 team. Just watch...
Our team is pretty much gutted. A 6 win season next year will be an accomplishment.