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I fear the Hogs defense might be toast for the year. Our no show Saturday was eerily similar to last years late year meltdown. I DO feel our offense will show up (unlike against Georgia) and it will be a tough, tough game. Fact is, Arkansas needs the win more than Auburn. Or else our early season dominance is gone and we are back of the pack in the SEC...again....
But...who has Ole Miss beaten? Louisville is a respectable program, but certainly not to Texas or Texas A&M level. Then its Austin Powers & Tulane? Dont be surprised if its another Hog beatdown like the Longhorns or the Aggies.
Meyer has always been sleezy. Its easy to research if you want. The SURPRISE is the family and everyone is acting like this is a one time incident and looking for excuses. More than likely, hes ALWAYS been this way, just this time it was caught on film. All that said, 95% of 60 year old men in the same situation would have GrabbedDatAss too.
"Six Pick Matt". College Football is acting like this didnt happen last year...but it did. Will he throw 6 this year? Of course not, but if its not in his head, it should be Hogs 31-24
This game is a program definer for this year. Whoever emerges IS the odds on favorite for a decent bowl game as the Wests representative. In the East, Kentucky is just surprising everyone & may have put a fork in Florida. Looking forward to seeing how our Hogs handle another road game against a good team. Last week we didnt even get off the bus, although Georgia (and its fans) had a lot to do with that. Play them 10 times I dont think we win 1. But, I also dont think we get beat down 37-0 everytime.
I rarely even go to ESPN anymore. Charging for their overrated writers (even though just a couple bucks) has always pissed me off, and then ruining sports with constant politics. I can get all the info I need from other sites including this one.