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Best Wishes JD! Thanks for all you did for the Razorback program! You were exciting to watch! I think his stock will never be higher, so this is a good biz decision. With the two 5 star guards and 5 star wing coming in next year, along with the 4 stars, he certainly wouldnt get to free lance as much. 2021 team always will be one of my fav Hog Teams JD!
I worry that Cinncinnatti is also a trap game for us. Will be nice to start the year with a signiture win, but of course the mainstream sportwriters will downplay the win saying how Cincy is "not the team they were last year".
Wish him ALL the luck in the world and thanks for taking a "chance" on Arkansas! I think JD goes pro, cause he is not going to be able to take 29 shots in a game with the incoming talent. This is his best window to leave. Wish he would stay with Jaylin and take a run at the F4 next year, but they have to do what they feel is in their best interests
We have had some talent on the court through the years...but not since maybe Moncrief, Brewer & Delph (waaay back in the day) have we had THREE as talented as the 3 5 stars coming in. Very excited to see what Muss does with stellar talent
Good lord, Shut up about Florida...you are currently irrelevant in Basketball. 2006 is 16+ years ago!!
For some reason the Gator fans seem particularly upset when you point out that Dook gets to play loose and free and other teams are penalized against them. They dont need that help, but they do get it...they always have. The NCAA Cash machine is doing everything possible to assure a NC vs Dook final. Its BIG MONEY. Might as well just gift the title to Kheveniski, its what they want.
Vol-4-life, why are all the BAD SEC basketball team fans commenting on this? Just wonderin'
Your posts sound like someone trying to reach back in the past and remind everyone when Florida was relevant...over and over. Thats why you are trolling me now. You are obviously butt hurt that Florida, right now, isnt relevant in Basketball, at all. What part of my saying that Dook IS one of the best teams & ARE one of the best coached? (((Hint, you chose to ignore that part))). I still stand by my statement.
No actually...I don't want to see another repeat of ACC favoritism. The NCAA is on a MISSION to get Dook to the Championship game. If the other team even hints at winning, the refs will flip the script. I am NOT saying Dook doesnt have one of the most talented teams, that they are NOT well coached. I am saying the CASH MACHINE that is the NCAA Tourney WANTS them in the finals, and will do whatever it takes to assure that. Watch how Dook is allowed to maul he other team inside, how they push off and hook. Then watch to see how the other team is NOT allowed to play physical with them. Just watch...you'll see.
I dont think Dook is nearly as good as Kentucky, Tennessee or Gonzaga. This wont be an upset, UNLESS we have to beat the Dook Loving Officials too.
Who took you out of that #1 ranking? Just asking for a friend...
I have always made it a point to never comment on an article I admit I havent read. I mean...isnt that just saying "I have no idea, but I'm going to disagree based on emotion not facts" Muss has surprised everyone, including Arkansas fans by his enthusiasm, his unreal eye for talent, and lastly...his solid game plans. Two successive Elite Eights SCREAMS superiority. And lets remember he has done this in THREE YEARS...imagine whats to come with the #2 recruiting class coming in next year?
I expect the media to go absolutely rabid in pointing out how "awesome" Dook is. But they have been spanked a few times too, and are hardly unbeatable. I honestly dont think they are as good as Gonzaga. If we EVER have a decent shooting game, whoever we play is going to be destroyed. Maybe this is the game. Bye Coach KsheShevSkiSki, enjoy retirement as the Hogs finish 3-1 all time against the great Dook program under Coach K and a bunch of consonants.
Chris is our CLOSER. Just like a top flight baseball pitcher, he comes in late and ICES the game. He walks to the line with supreme confidence in the face of what must be INTENSE pressure and nails free throw after free throw. If I were another teams coach and Arkansas is up by more than 3 points in the last couple of minutes, I know I'm going to lose...Lykes wont miss
Hope everyone that betted a ton against our Hogs lost their arses...
I know...I get it. I'm just listening to announcers acting like we just beat Woodens UCLA team. I dont think they were as strong as Kentucky or Tennessee & about equal to Auburn. (I know they flaked in the tourney, but). I have a feeling IF we play Duke, the referrees are going to be blowing a lot of whistles.
Now, if we can just send Coach K off on his retirement journey Saturday!
OKAY! EVERYBODY READY?!? WE'RE GOING TO SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE...Raise your hands, wiggle your fingers and... Wooooo! PIGS! SOOIE! And SEC! SEC! SEC!
Thanks for all the SEC love! I said it was ok for them to call us the 14th ranked of the final 16...and they can call us the #8 of the final 8...and the #4 out of the final four! This might be the hardest playing team in our history...(obviously not the best shooting team)
HOW ABOUT THOSE HOGS?!? Thanks for all the SEC support, we're in the Elite eight for the 2nd year in a row!!! Lets knock out Coach K on Saturday.
Lets admit it. This is one of the worst offensive teams we've ever had. But...also one of the BEST defensively. Not expecting a win, but, thats why we play the games!
Well...actually...The HOGS are in the Sweet 16 for the second year in a row. Now, I agree with you the rest of the conference is a pile of heaping mediocrity...but give us our props!
I meant Jaylin Williams...not sure why I get the two confused...must be old age.
Nope, not this year. Was the conference overrated or just a series of flops?
I meant Jaylin Williams...not sure why I get the two confused...must be old age.
And next year we have that monster recruiting class and all SEC Justin Smith returning. I dont really expect us to go much deeper this year, but next year could really be special.