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Gators had a top 10 schedule this year with Miami they do have it tough with Georgia doing well and rival with Lsu wish Alabama a.d. had the same balls. Florida plays 10 power 5 compared to 9 for the rest of the sec outside Georgia and South Carolina. But believe the A.D. from Clemson answered the call to arms.
Going get tough leave? Sounds more like Sabin MO then Urban Sabins best year in the Big 10 east he still got beat by Purdue and wisconsin , and other 4 years go .500. Go to Lsu find ease go to Miami fail again tuck tail run to Bama and roll like no other with lop sided advantage of having best recruiting while averaging 50 in schedule strength most year. And yet trails Urban and Dabo in winning percentage. Urban 3rd all time most winning coach in history of college football and was successful at all 4 teams and retired 3rd best team in nation. And only team in top 3 in 2018 not to have players busted for steroids.