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I would not say that kirm1976 is representative of Georgia fans. And to be fair, he/she was trolling this comment section and being a jerk long before Georgia won the National Championship.
It's hard to find a trap game on the UGA schedule this year. You can't say Oregon because that's the first game of the year. If the Dawgs lose it or are unprepared it won't be because they underestimated Oregon. It will be because they are adjusting to new players, most likely. Heck, I would say SC is more likely to be a trap than Oregon. Really, I think the most likely candidate for a trap game is the Vols for both Georgia and Alabama. Though, if they are performing well throughout the year, the trapness of the game will likely diminish.
How many QB from Georgia are playing in the NFL? One. But he did just win the Super Bowl. So, that's something.
But that's the quandary, isn't it? If Georgia gets to the SECCG undefeated, and winning by big margins in most of those games, they could get in even if they lose to Alabama (most likely the opponent) again. Not a scenario I like, mind you. That will likely depend on the rest of the field. Last year there was no one else even close to taking Georgia's spot. This year could be different.
I just scroll past his posts. Not worth my time. Or the brain rot you get from reading them.
I don't bring up or mention 2017. So, yeah I can point out that he is being a whiney baby about it without being a hypocrite. But way to try to strawman my point and defend a whiner in the process.
I think once the player enters the transfer portal, they are officially off the team and can't practice or participate in team drills.
Tell me again about Tim Tebow's success in the NFL. Amazing college QB. Not so much in the NFL.
@lsuluv You're responding to his post without taking the article above into account - which focused on the QB alone, not the team. And he didn't say anything about Young or suggest that Stetson was a better QB. Geez.
Sorry it happened. Glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Here's to his full recovery and success in the NFL.
It is too bad. I'm sorry he was hurt. But don't pretend that in every game that Alabama won they played their opponent at full strength. I have no doubt that Alabama will be #1 next year and favored to win it all. You have a helluva team and an elite QB. And probably the greatest college football coach of all time. So, why don't you accept those things, along with the loss, and move on? Or do you want to whine and complain some more because bad things happen?
Great game Bama! Sincerely hope that the injury to Williams isn't too serious and that he recovers fully and quickly.
You missed the point. Georgia was mostly playing with freshman receivers and a freshman tight end.
You mean that Bama had to really on freshman receivers? Yeah, your hot take is ice cold.
Saban will be taking that torch with him to the grave. I expect he is more of the, "If you want a torch make or take one for yourself. This is mine" type.
I think TrueGrit's New Year's Resolution is to make gwhite and Negan look like reasonable, intelligent people by being the whackiest troll conceivable.
Wow. That's some wild conspiracy theory you have there. Whatever keeps you warm at night. Good luck with that.
@Peak Saban The 2012 National Title is on the line, it wants to talk to you about the meaning of the word hypocrisy.
@SEC123 Ok. If Georgia is undeserving of being the in CFP, who takes their place? Notre Dame? A 1 loss team with no CG. If Georgia didn't play in the SECCG they would be undefeated. Baylor? A 2 loss champ. Did you see who they lost to? A 5-7 TCU squad. Ohio State? They have 2 losses and didn't win their championship. The truth seems to be, you hate/despise UGA. That's okay. Just means that teams lives rent free right inside your head. That makes me smile. Thanks for that.
Kentucky vs Wisconsin. I'd tune in for that game. That's a good matchup.
I think that is the most likely scenario. It could be 1. Michigan 2. Alabama 3. Cincinnati 4. Georgia But I think Alabama as #1 is more likely. If there was anybody else, Georgia would likely be dumped from the top 4.
Good game Bama. You stomped us. Out coached again. Here's hoping we get another bite at the apple.
He didn't say it could or would happen. But what fan wouldn't love to see their team put a 50 point beat down on a rival?
@MrUGAfan Agree!!! I'm definitely worried and hopeful. Go Dawgs!
@gwhite713 Not taking maturity lessons from you. You are right that he absolutely has the right to have and share his opinion. I didn't say otherwise. He just seemed weirdly invested in Alabama considering he is a Vols fan.
@Fighting1980s The LSU team that won in 2019 didn't really face adversity and cruised to the natty. So, it's possible that one team is just that much better than every team they faced, on that day. Not saying Georgia is that team. But it's possible. Oh, and 35-17 isn't a nail biter. Sarcasm? In any case, all questions will be answered on Saturday. Here's hoping for an injury-free, quality game.
@17Tide I'm a Georgia fan. I haven't said that Alabama doesn't stand a chance in this game. I don't believe that for a second. So, certainly not ALL the fans. And the very article you are commenting on, created by the "media", explains why Alabama will win. So, certainly not ALL the media. I'm sorry. What was your point?
@DieselNova Why would Alabama's ability to run the ball worry YOU? You're a Vols fan. Your team has no stake in this game.