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I'll be rooting for Florida to crush FSU. I don't know if they can, but I'd love to see it.
I expected a close, tight game. I expected Tennessee to hamper the Georgia run game and they did, but it didn't matter. I was wrong. Fantastic performance by Beck and Bell.
I agree with that. Shrader deserves the #2 spot, or co-#1.
Not saying another team is better. Just didn't think the committee would rank them that high.
That is an awesome rebuttal. Prepare for the tin foil hat response!
Because you see the game and situation differently, my view of the game is a "platitude". A bit arrogant and condescending, and shows you didn't really read what I wrote.
I've been a Georgia fan for more than 50 years. You'll have to forgive those of us who have lived through so much failure and disappointment. I'm also a believer in "any given Saturday." And I know the game is in Tennessee. They have faired far better at home than away. I know that the Dawgs have come out slow in several games this year. And I saw how they played Alabama at Alabama for the first half. And I know how Georgia has struggled at times to corral a running QB (see Auburn). So, they aren't platitudes. If what I say and how I say it bothers you, skip my posts. I consider myself an honest fan. Georgia could lose to Tennessee. I'm not expecting Georgia to lose, but it could happen.
You are one strange dude. You might be interesting if you weren't so repetitive. Everyone on this site knows that you think that Kirby purposefully threw a game, which is absolutely absurd, in a conspiracy with the SEC and Saban to get two SEC teams into the CFP. Saying it over and over isn't going to convince anyone of anything other than just how kooky you are. I'm not asking you to throw away the tin foil hat. But it's okay to set it down and leave it over there every once in a while. Really, it'll be okay.
I fully expect a tight, hard fought game. Hoping Georgia comes out with the win, but I'm certainly not assuming victory.
@RonMexico1 I tend to agree with you. And I think Lanning has learned a few things from the game. I see Oregon coming out on top in the rematch with Washington.
That's what I was trying to show. Each team in top contention for the CFP will play an elimination game (pretty much) with a team in their Conference that is also in the top 10. With the exception of Texas, anyway. I used poor language and symbols to show that, it seems.
I guess I shouldn't have used the greater than (>) sign. I was merely indicating which team was ranked higher. Not my expectation of the outcome of the game.
Yeah, I don't expect much change in the top 8. Maybe Georgia moves up. Maybe Washington moves up. But neither change means that much. I agree that the big moves will happen outside the top 10 in the rankings coming out today. Really, though, I don't expect too much change in the top 10 rankings after this coming Saturday either. Most top 10 teams play cupcakes (unranked teams) this weekend, with the exception of Georiga and Washington.
If the ranking is based on hypotheticals then we're all in trouble. Have to evaluate based on what happened not what might have happened in a different set of circumstances.
I think this is the most crowded the top of the CFP rankings has been at this point in the season. Especially considering that the eliminator is in the top 10 with them. Washington > Oregon Georgia > Alabama FSU > Louisville (maybe) Ohio State > Michigan Then, of course, we have Texas floating around in there just to make it more complicated.
I noticed. I was being sarcastic. The tone wasn't adequately conveyed it seems.
The ranking above is identical to the AP Top 25 and the Coaches Poll. What changes from those do you expect to see based on what you think the criteria are for the committee?
Looking at PSU's record, they seem a bit overrated. Maybe I'm not valuing their opponents correctly. They do have that dominant win over Iowa.
I appreciate the sentiment, but Georgia is not the best defense in college football. It's good, but not number one. You could say it's the best defense outside of the Big Ten. Unless your whole point is that the Big Ten is garbage on offense, and Georgia really does have the best defense.
It was fun to watch an explosive and consistent Georgia offense. Rather than stalling out in the red zone. Glad to have these key players back. Here's hoping the team stays healthy.
I loved that response too. Winning the SEC East with that win changed nothing.
The O-line was outstanding! They deserve a lot of credit for this win.
Yes, I respect that about both teams. That's good coaching and the players they recruit.
Yeah, obvious error. What the heck? We got stomped in that game.
I distinctly remember folks telling me that Bowers would not play again for Georgia even if he got healthy. I said he was the type of player that would play if he was healthy. Seems I was right.
I'm more interested in the potential ranking value of a 2-loss Mizz versus a 4-loss Vols - assuming we win next week in Tennessee. We've already played Mizz.
Selfishly, I would like Mizz to come away with a win. But really, I'm just hoping to watch a good game.