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I Red and Black, through and through. I think this defense is one of the best ever. And our offense has gotten better and better as our second and third string receivers and tight ends have come into their own. But I'm still worried about this game. Can't sleep on this Kentucky team. A proud program itching for an opportunity to prove themselves. I think (and hope) the Dawgs win this one, but I expect it to be hard fought and contentious.
Thank you for the vote of confidence. And I hope you're right. For my part, I plan to take Kentucky and Florida seriously. Both have some grit. Both are hungry.
I'm not a football coach. I don't think he will ever achieve any of the things I will in my career. Because we have different careers. I can tell you that I have hired a lot of folks over the years. Not once did I do that without an in-person interview. If I could edit my previous post I would, but mostly to clarify it. Coach O didn't implement that offensive scheme. He didn't make the play calls. He didn't coach up Burrow. When the people who did do those things left, the team took a nose dive - by comparison. I think just about any coach who could move their ego enough out of the way to let Brady and Burrow do their thing would have won just as well. I don't think Coach O added that much to the mix. But again, that's my person outside looking in view. Maybe I'm giving Brady too much credit.
The fact that he hired two coordinators based on their name in the industry without an in person interview is shocking. And says a lot about him as a coach. I think it's fair to say that he didn't win LSU a national championship. He just happened to be there when they did. Maybe I'm being too critical, but that's certainly the way it looks from the outside.
I fully expect KY to continue the trend of ensuring that LSU has no running game. So, if you can disrupt Johnson and defend the pass this game will definitely go KY's way. I'm predicting a KY 24-17 LSU result.
Having said that, I'm not saying Georgia is #1. Or that Georgia will beat Alabama. I don't consider either position worthy of consideration until the game is played and the results are known.
Based on your own standard, Alabama's defense isn't that good either. By your own standard, Alabama has only really faced mediocre offenses and therefore we can't evaluate their defense. All of which is ludicrous. As is your post. You're using past history - Georgia's losses in key games - to bolster an opinion you held before the season began. The stats of this year's defense belie your opinion. Apparently, you aren't really open to the possibility that Georgia's defense is a difference-maker in any game.
I agree on the Georgia D. But totally disagree on where our focus should be. Any team looking that far ahead is doomed to fail in the current game.
I have a measure of respect for KY. And very little for Orgeron and the LSU run game. I think that will be the difference on Saturday.
Here's hoping Missouri can pull it out. No offense, but would like the game against Missouri to have some value. Ok. That might be a little mean and assume a few things. Sorry. Go Tigers?
No is my inclination as well. But my memories of games at JHS have shown that there might just be some kind of voodoo buried under that field. I won't rest easy until we are either up 21 or the game hits 0:00.
Doty made some really good plays over the top. The offense definitely showed some positive signs for the future.
Expecting? No. I do think we have a shot at it that is greater than most college football teams.
So, you already assume that Florida will beat Georgia by 14+?
Actually, you are hardly the first LSU fan to say that in the past couple of weeks. Just another member of a rather lame band. So, do you intend to come back here if that doesn't happen? Of course not.
I think a lot of that is on the coaches. I think Smart and his OC have the mentality of get a lead and then lean on your defense to keep it. Both are adverse to taking risks. Obviously, some of this blame should roll down hill to Fromm, but if the coach isn't putting in the plays to stretch the field, they won't be there for Fromm to throw to.
It was definitely a horse collar tackle, intentional or not. They changed the rule in 2017 to include the outside of the jersey in the nameplate area.