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(And yes, even an Orange Bowl victory over Virginia isn't something to crow about either.)
Typical SDS article. Clickbait headline and a scattering of somewhat pertinent information. Don't get me wrong: We'll still read it, but it's basically designed for us to get upset about and comment online. (And a win over Indiana in a meaningless bowl game is hardly the stuff of legends.) I love SEC football as much as anyone, and I know it's hard for SDS to create content 365 days a year, but this is what you get when you overreach.
I wouldn't put the winner of LSU-UF higher than 5th in the polls. Sorry. I do admire SDS's attempt at a click-bait headline though.
I'm a Gator but a realistic one. I'm pretty sure we'll still have 2 or even 3 more losses before the season is over unless our offense suddenly wakes up. There's no way we make the playoffs this year. Maybe in a year or two.