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Solid legal analysis. It’s not just illegal-it’s technically unconstitutional.
This game should be a giant flag to Arch Manning to go to Ole Miss or Bama. Qb remains a position you can’t bungle.
She needs a hijab and, Allah willing, will be wearing one soon.
It’s easily discernible that I’m not blaming Kelly here. Learn some reading comprehension.
LSU fans have told me this isn’t true, even though all evidence indicates this. Either a leak occurred or Kelly is a jerk, no other theory is plausible given the present evidence.
You’re right-we know better than anyone else when an athletic dept does a horrible job. I’m simply pointing that out to you and others who aren’t willing to acknowledge it or are unaware. Not sure why you feel you need to defend this mistake with deflection.
Not making assumptions when it’s obvious, given Kelly’s comments and the early announcement, that there was a leak. The only people who could have that info are members of the dept or perhaps boosters who footed the bill. They succeeded in making his job of hiring assistants more difficult as his former assistants learned of the deal when everyone else did, same as the players, due to a leak. Good hire tempered by a sloppy media mgmt.
Seems like the LSU athletic dept and boosters are already screwing this up.
Not all seniors participated-and kindly fug off you troll pos
Your number one argument in why to leave the Big12 now is officiating. Have you watched an SEC game this year?
This aged well. Now tell me how great Jeff Dunham is.
Was referring to Bama fans (reading comprehension level from 49th ranked education state showing) but Bama front runners living vicariously through football players yet again isn’t surprising.
I can see how someone from Bama would be confused about protocols related to completing college, but any senior leaving would be eligible to participate. Those wishing to stay would not. Complicated stuff here.
Terribly overrated comedian. At least he’s not one of these female comedians who talks about her vag the entire show
Thanks for proving my point by saying UT fans who throw things (state level assault charge) is the same as a federal interstate domestic terror charge which caused a sweep of the stadium by local and federal agencies. Not wanting the prescribed sentence because something is stupid is an excuse, despite you saying it isn’t. Sorry your little frat boy is screwed for life.
This chump can’t say anything nice about UT and his butthurt shows yet again. If Hendon is such a generational talent, why did he transfer from not starting at VTech nor have the starting job at the beginning of the season? We’re not talking a Joe Burrow or Justin Fields caliber player here. It’s rather clear he’s grown within the system. To act as if there won’t be players similar in today’s transfer happy world is rather ignorant. Stupid troll and stupid take.
So the alleged Marine is defending terroristic threats? I remember you commenting multiple times on UT fans being stupid and throwing objects but excuse a terroristic threat bc a fellow illiterate gump did it. That’s Bama hypocrisy.
He called in a terrorist threat. The police can’t verify if it’s real. I’m sorry you can’t see this is a problem for police and want to defend his actions. You’re one of the people railing on how stupid UT fans were while throwing things during the Ole Miss game yet excuse terrorist threats. Secondly, I didn’t compare his actions to an actual act. I said it’s a threat the police have to take realistically because of said events. You’re quite stupid if that is your level of reading comprehension.
UT lost to a very talented Villanova team so I can see the undefeateds leading. Not concerned about UF basketball-even the best Billy Donovan teams got wrecked by UT and White has a lovely 2-7 record vs UT. Bama has a great coach and good team-still too early to worry about rankings of any sort.
Why drop the charges? Make an example of these people. These calls should be taken seriously given what happened at the Ariana Grande concert and other events.
They played a horrible first half across the board against a top 5 team, but did better in the second and the following game vs UNC. Chandler was recovering from an illness and the difference showed between two games. I guess you’ll be around when Rick demolishes White Mike yet again in a continuation of his marvelous 2-7 record vs UT?
You say that and then one of the biggest Florida trolls shows up further down in the comments. Nice jinx
Yeah-they played as best they could at Ole Miss. need to drop a 30+ point win margin on them to close out the regular season.
It’s embarrassing to be 235. Hope you’re 6’5 or taller.
Tough time for a job search with LSU and USCSr open. Wouldn’t want to be looking for a coach this year.
Hope Cousin Eddie watches his drink around that guy. Would hate to see him sitting on Urbie’s lap in Dayton, Ohio’s version of Margaritaville
I hope you were able to hold onto those 10 lb dumbbells through all the screaming.
This-if you’ve watched football for more than five years, you can predict anything that crew says before they say it. The Manning brothers are entertaining and provide the insight you get with Romo and some of the others who aren’t afraid to get technical in analyzing the game.
I’d like to know how many willingly left due to the cash drying up vs how many were shown the door for participating.