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Luckily they resolved that issue. They decided to let an LSU fan become the hospital administrator so all the funding to do this operations was embezzled to LSU
Classless program filmed firing their cannon directly at UMass players pr*ying pregame. So glad this never was program is failing yet again
They were off camera in the video. He didn’t act unprofessional when he returned. Sounds like he handled it in the way you’ve indicated he should. Not sure why you’re carrying water for Burns so much here.
It was on national tv. This isn’t some banter between friends off the air.
Will Smith wasn’t justified. It was a comic bit at an awards show. This is some jack@ss implying a coworker’s wife sends flirty texts to him. A punch is justified.
Won’t be a contest. UK sucks and I’m not sure what happened to UF
They deserve Kentucky’s spot. UK gets in from playing nobodies for an easy 4 wins and then lucked out vs Mizzou and UF
I really thought Napier was a decent hire but losing to this Vandy team is inexcusable.
Horrid football and male cheerleaders can’t draw a crowd? Surprising.
What do you expect? It’s a state where nobody cares about football, as evident from the 200 people that showed up. I heard they were originally looking to get a tribal elder on the show, but didn’t have any wampum to pay with.
If you’ve taken that personally, I’m guessing you look like a simp. Take a joke. She’s not going to give you any for that internet white knighting.
B1tch move by burns. Hopefully he got punched.
I trust her opinion. When a toad tells you something about a frog, you best pay attention.
I gotta apologize to Henry T. He’s show his true colors as a VFL in tanking Bama since his arrival. It used to be that Bama would send their garbage to tank at UT (Sunseri, Dave Hart, Pruitt) but now we send our garbage to tank at Bama. Times change.
Tell me what time on the game clock that alleged “last second” pass was thrown? If you’re going to make an argument don’t lie and strawman. Secondly, if the playoff committee members don’t like second stringers scoring points, they should go join their local church league and not a billion dollar sport with highly compensated coaches and athletes.
It was really classless when they were passing the ball so much with no time left to cover the spread with all the starters in. Wait-that was USC on Friday and nobody gave a sh1t when it happened to Colorado.
I hope Tua can remember these days when he’s older. Really concerns me what his CTE potential is when he took that bad concussion playing hurt, along with the normal football wear and tear.
I wonder how much lower that number could be if we didn’t subject those veterans to the horrors of illegal wars that only serve the interests of the governing class, large corporations, and Israel?
He’ll be a UGA fan soon now that they’re the new team to beat. Most Bama fans are front runners who aren’t sticking around and can’t name anything pre-Saban. The older ones cheered for Urban’s Florida.
From unstoppable dynasty to living vicariously through Georgia. Interesting times for the Tide.
They should rename it Tumor’s Corner because of how cancerous the program has become under the boosters
I got another one for you: Former Dynasty 34 Confederates 24 In a riveting Jim Crow R@cist University Bowl
Imagine spending time doing this and what else you could be doing that helps you get out of posting on message boards and doing something meaningful
One beatdown and even Mizzou is talking sh1t. Maybe they should. Look to Mizzou to cover
Not sure why you’re in a hurry to go get stomped by UGA or Oh St. Our guy didn’t win the coaching game which was one of the three advantages most people thought we had. Just go to a nonplayoff bowl and hope we can recruit enough to compete when it counts. UT hasn’t done anything Miss St, Mich St, and Notre Dame hasn’t done and those programs are in shambles. This last week proved UT isn’t back yet and still needs 2-3 seasons to solidify the program to being regularly competitive.