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You failed to mention the scoring related to these games as well....
Perhaps he can cohost a show with Max Kellerman since he’s used to working with men who beat women.
I see you’re taking on Legend’s role as head UGA troll now that he’s off his meds.
Did I state only the NCAA benefitted? At what point are you going to argue the points I make and debate those directly? With regard to the one and done, I didn’t see the NCAA or anyone else associated with it reject or disagree with the NBA’s ruling. They didn’t because they benefit greatly from this decision by retaining star power for at least 1 year. The NBA also perpetuates the lie that these kids actually learn within that one year.
The argument of the narrative you spoke of earlier is that he’s materially involved-which you continuously fail to address. This is the argument I’m disputing and there’s no evidence that he’s materially involved by virtue of being involved in one self-reported incident which the university and ncaa agree is minor. This admittedly minor evidence doesn’t support the “narrative” argument that he’s materially involved. It merely indicates immaterial involvement. If you’re supporting the narrative of larger involvement, then it’s your responsibility to provide evidence exists.
Strawman fallacy-I’m not saying he didn’t provide tips. We’re debating the larger narrative you bring up of material involvement in coaching. Your argument is a weak logical leap, relying on substance over form, vis a vis the fact the he provided coaching for 30 seconds somehow corroborates a narrative that he’s more involved. Since that can’t be proven-you’ve backtracked to now say we’re debating the facts of the self-reported violation, which isn’t something I’ve disputed in my comments.
And again you’re making the logical leap from 30 seconds of tips to 2 players in a singular position to the argument of material involvement, which is what the talking heads were debating (an argument of conjecture). If you can’t understand what a false equivalency fallacy is, then we really have no basis for debate here.
That’s a strawman fallacy that doesn’t begin to represent my argument. As you’ll note if you read my comment, I clearly mention pro capable players, which is largely limited to “one and done” basketball players. Where in this argument do I say that no scholarships should exist?
It matters because you and the author are making the logical leap of giving a tip to 2 players at a position he played with him regularly coaching in lieu of Pruitt and there being some level of controversy. While evidence exists as to the former, neither of you provided evidence (even so much as anecdotal) supporting the latter. You claim you’re not saying he’s doing that, but then claim there’s a narrative that he is. A narrative which has no evidence.
For how many seconds did he coach? Was it not self-reported? Is there other evidence that such “coaching” is occurring? If that’s the purpose of the article, then it’s insinuating a different story than shown in the evidence above. The “begging the question” fallacy.
Simply stated: Things the NCAA cares about: 1. Ole Miss boosters allegedly giving away clothing to recruits 2. Minor interactions between admins and players 3. Minor interactions between AD’s and players 4. Making sure pro capable basketball players sit out a year and miss out on earnings 5. Making sure student-athletes can’t transfer as easily as students Things the NCAA doesn’t care about: 1. Widespread bribery between basketball programs and Adidas 2. UNC creating a fraudulent major program to ensure athletes don’t also have to be students 3. Penn State running a pedo farm 4. Players and parents of players incriminating themselves with regard to payments taken from boosters/programs
The pedantic nature of a government enforced monopoly that regularly deprives young men of millions in earnings is highly ironic and hypocritical, to say the least. Wouldn’t want the NFL to have to pay for the free farm league that is college football.
Level 3 violations happen frequently and mean nothing. Every team self-reports these every year. This isn’t a newsworthy item, but it’s being portrayed as such because we’re in the offseason.
Weinke will be the guy left with no chair when the music stops
I think you’d need more evidence than what was presented here before that becomes a genuine concern.
If he can upset Auburn as an assistant, imagine what he can do as the head coach!
The fact that his comment is so general is a tell that he’s lying. Note he doesn’t specify what exactly was said, which keeps him from mixing up hoa story and is the mark of a well practiced liar. Secondly, when did Barnes make this stmt? If you watched the game, they barely shook hands. Penny is quickly becoming my most disliked coach. Fitting he coaches for that high school of a university.
He’s hurting this morning with the UT ascent to #1. His team also lost another game last night.
What happened to the “we” in the comment above, fellow fan? We’re number 1 now-let’s celebrate! I’ll let you start the V-O-L-S chant.
No 1! Congrats to all the hard work by the team and coaching staff! 1 game at a time.
It’s very irresponsible journalism to peddle inaccuracies without permitting a representative of UT to comment or debate Penny’s lies or for the hosts to be negligent in challenging Penny’s words. ESPN has gone to the cable news model of presenting their opinions as facts, while throwing out journalistic integrity. I find it ironic that the social justice espousing “Wokecenter” ESPN (to use Clay Travis’ term) would goad a minority coach into making statements that will be used as ammunition for his eventual firing. Typical limousine liberal approach of espousing social justice, yet doing the exact opposite for financial gain (via ratings in this case).