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I wonder if the LSU fans who condemned Banks so heartily are showing the same level of vitriol for OBJ, who not only verbally accosted, but hit a cop?
Remarkable restraint by the officer. OBJ clearly trying to be Michael Brown 2.0. Some poor cop is going to be called a racist on CNN because BLM, the media, and civil rights leaders teach young black men that this is acceptable behavior which they have no agency over because of something that happened 50+ years ago.
Not a serious comment and I’m poking fun at people who think this way. The fact that this is over several people’s heads is quite funny though.
Laughing at the idiots who think my comment wasn’t a satirical take on society’s political stances. Come on people, it’s he’s clearly neither of those things.
OBJ is the only NFL player who can hurt both his team and a college’s. That’s success.
Well Mark, you did it. You got every simpleton’s jimmies rustled. Pretty funny how many UGA fans act like you incinerated a certain Arab holy book whenever Georgia is mentioned in less than praising tones.
Unfortunately we don’t get an easy win by playing State this year. Oh well.
Ole Miss is puzzling. Sounds like Kiffin hype. After they lost Benito Jones, who steps up that’s at his level or better?
He’s a generational talent and that’s the main driver of his success. Great players can’t be stopped by crappy teams (Kamara)
Dual threats aren’t exclusively black. I’ll also retract Cam. He hasn’t flopped but will never go down as a great NFL qb. Above avg possibly, but not one of the greats.
Could it be that those mistakes were caused by the Titan’s great scheming (which is my point)? So the argument is that Lamar beat himself? Only two teams managed to beat the Raven until last Sat and they were a ten point favorite. I realize the Titans were a 9-7 team but you don’t beat both the prior year champs and the best qb in the current year because they both beat themselves. Brady and Lamar didn’t forget how to play suddenly. I agree that the Ravens could be using Kirby’s scheme because they got the same result in the game that matters most. Also had some flops on 4th down.
I can buy all but Kaep. He only got political when he started sucking. These are just examples from the last 5 years, but there’s many more in the past 20. Still no dual threat qb who won a superbowl. I’m in a believe it when I see it mode with this type of qb.
Fulmer ran the prototype for the Saban model. Recruit and manage the team while trusting top coordinators and position coaches. There’s a reason why these CEO type coaches are the greatest in college (Saban) and the NFL (Belichick)
Agreed. Anybody that doesn’t recognize how devastating the Jones tenure was didn’t pay attention.
What were his averages in passing and rushing last night compared to the rest of the season? Wouldn’t this poor performance in comparison be indicative that the Titans played well? Is your argument that everybody but Lamar failed Lamar and that’s why he looked bad?
Why did Lamar decide to take the keeper on nearly every RPO? That’s his read and responsibility. He also missed the hole on the 4th and 1. He also killed several minutes off the clock by running around the backfield in the 4th, preventing a comeback. Also-had some miserable throws. It’s not a given he’s a one year wonder (as noted by the question mark you chose to ignore), but we’ve heard this song before several times so history favors him flopping in the future.
Totally unrelated to going 4-8 and winless in conference with a coach that didn’t know how to use Kamara. Solid, fact-driven take.
Amazing year-not sure any other RB could take a month off, win the rushing title, and keep it up through half the playoffs while leading the team. On a slightly related note, I wonder if the NFL has finally learned its lesson with dual threat qb’s that tank after year one once the defenses figure them out: Kaep Manziel Tebow Cam Lamar? You can win a super bowl with a crap passing qb (Trent Dilfer) and a great D, but somehow these dual threat guys collapse and collapse hard every single time. Lastly, great seeing running and defense destroy Goodell’s BS pass happy flag football league.
This coming from a school that plays concussed players and also cost Tua millions by playing him late in a meaningless game to earn style points. But please, tell us more from your first hand knowledge of being desperate for success as a program.
He doesn’t have an argument. He doesn’t know Trey’s long term prognosis, his potential financial benefits with either choice (other than the baseless conjecture he mentioned), and the conversations with various people Trey had. I’m completely in favor of whatever makes Trey the most cash and he owes nothing to anyone. Trey’s a smart and mature guy who assuredly considered the variables carefully. This Bama fan is from the same fanbase that was doing a Roll Tide chant while Inky Johnson was lying on the field with a broke neck. They regularly play players with concussions (Waddle in the UT Bama game). They don’t care about kids and are generally like this in real life. It’s what happens when people don’t have much going for themselves in life, they try to make the rest of us miserable.
I agree we’re talking about him being better than Jones and you don’t have the necessary data to prove anything other than he did a good job following a great coach with good players in a group of five conference for one year. There’s simply no other evidence any predictions on his performance based on the evidence I listed is pure conjecture. Everybody’s got a plan until they get hit in the mouth and many successful group of five coaches have been buried when they step up to the SEC.
That might be true but until he came to UT-Jones had 2 successful 3 year tenures in Group of 5 teams (Central MI/Cincy) using other guy’s players. He might be the next Saban/Dabo, but his record as of now is similar to Jones’ was, but with less experience as he’s got a grand total of one season as a head coach at a program that’s had a very successful decade. Not a lot of adversity or rebuilding there, like what he’ll face in the SEC. He’s also at a program that’s in the bottom of the conference perennially in recruiting and doesn’t have strong facilities or admin support. Lastly, the fans just aren’t there compared to the upper tier SEC programs. That’s a tough job for any head coach, let alone one with zero experience at this level with that adversity.
Play for Drinky! I’ve coached someone else’s team one season. That puts me at less experience than Butch Jones
Best pitch advice I’ve heard since that Dale Carnegie book. He and several staff members have earned national recruiter of the year awards but this post goes to show you that anyone can be someone’s teacher. Are you available on a consultant basis?
I didn’t realize you were Catholic
Is state run media lackey Jimmy “LSU” Hyams still expecting Brohm to be our coach? Like he reported as fact?
I think it’s going to be more important to beat Mullen given the current trajectory and program histories. Kirby has 2, maybe three seasons to win the natty before the recruits stop listening. They’re already sitting non-playoff bowl games, which demonstrates the need to make the playoff and win it.