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Yeah-let’s make young adults whose brains aren’t still fully developed (26 is commonly accepted) play for free in 4+ more games where they can get CTE. All while delivering a lesser post-season product.
Both NYC teams are hot garbage and that’s not changing anytime soon. Also, nobody cares about the jets outside of queens.
Be honest Joe, did you write this while taking a dump this morning?
This is better than land shark because they’ve caught bull sharks in the Mississippi River before
Joe Cox and Dave Hooker in a race for worst sportswriter
Good sign, especially compared to the relationship/interaction with Tyson last season. I don’t think he’s the type to give out false superlatives.
Wait-was I supposed to capitalize some of those words?
That’s too modest of a comparison, he’s easily the second coming of John Wooden.
It’s a lack of self-awareness that drives this generational debate. Yes-Xers and Boomers didn’t have participation trophies. I’d trade this for getting crazy good pensions, blue collar jobs that let Mom stay at home and still have a decent life, and only having to compete with a job talent pool locally instead of globally. But please, let’s rant about zebra cakes and plastic trophies....
Signed-another boomer who pretends he had life hard during the wealthiest period in American history, by wage level per capita
Until the PGA made the rule change-golf had by far the worst refs because fans could call in penalties. What other sport makes you deal with not 3-9 refs, or even the league replay office, but millions at home?
Great commit in a very needed position. Congrats to the coaches.
I know, he should ditch both those schools and sign up with a team that hasn’t won the SEC championship since 1948. Who wouldn’t want that history of success? Not sure what’s more annoying about State, the delusional rantings or the cowbells. Why be a has-been when you can be a never was?
Using the word “nice” when referring to a motel, ask me how I know you’re poor and never attended UGA. Not sure what might have happened on Alcoa Hwy, but I do pity the evening your hand had.
It’s spelled “grammar”, but you were saying something about my intelligence?
Zero web controversy last year at USC. Zero delusion in your stmt, too.
You seem to verify the word choice through your reactions to them.....
We’re talking the guy who almost got benched here by his own fanbase? Benchley?
You’ve given me a better clue on what the word “triggered” means with your responses to every post I’ve made on this story, including those not directed to you.
Offended enough to post your own “biting” retort, it would seem.
The misplaced outrage here at an obvious jest is laughable.
If he’s big enough to talk trash, he’s big enough to take it. Go be a censoring snowflake elsewhere.
I know right? If it gave it up any easy when a guy lays two fingers under it, we’d have to name it after your wife.
Similar to your mother’s failed abortion
Virtual-yeah, he should listen to a washed up sports writer who’s claim to fame is trolling on a message board....