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I’m sure they’ll have a healthier team and hit the 5 conf win mark.
Maybe if your fanbase had more than 3 people, they’d have Vandy articles and you’d be able to comment there instead of trolling UT articles to remind us Candy exists.
Not the correct adjective. Heck of a game by any standards.
The correct call is a ban from future UT games. His objectivity is irreparably impaired.
That pic with Anthony Jordan, lol. Really hate to see fans up in their coach’s face yelling. Very, very disrespectful.
Guys, be nice. He’s a UK fan who literally has nothing. His team is in a garbage state with no economic prospects, his team of the century lost to an unranked UT 24-7, and they split in basketball. Bashing cancer survivors to make himself feel good is the only thing keeping him from downing that bottle of oxy, like so many of his non-alumni UK brethren. I imagine consanguineous relationships get old after a bit.
So you accuse me of following you, yet only one of us posts on the other team’s articles. You were saying something about the importance of logic earlier?
At 32 games minimum, .636 vs .611 is 20 wins vs 19. 20 wins is the benchmark to make the tourney. Tell me again how this is somehow not applying logic? Or maybe you can continue to use a literal strawman fallacy, like you did when you asserted I removed half the data, when, in fact, I didn’t.
Funny how you have to use the final four appearance in your comparison while ignoring sec season champs and tourney champs. I wonder why that is? Perhaps because UGA is 1 and 2, respectively here compared to 9 and 4 for UT? No one’s being hostile here but you-yet another UGA troll. Is this somehow therapeutic after 96-50?
I didn’t say facts and reason don’t trump logical fallacies-observe: Fact-TN men’s basketball all-time record is 1643-1046-2, a .611 winning percentage. Fact-Rick Barnes is 84-48 in his tenure at UT, a winning percentage of .636. Further discounting the first two years as bad data points due to implementation of his system, development, and recruits, the record is 53-13, a winning percentage of .803. Fact-Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “exceptional” as forming an exception; better than average; deviating from the norm. Fact-by the aforementioned definition and noting the UT average wins of .611 and Barnes record of .636, he is, by definition, an exceptional hire. Fallacy-your assertion that he must achieve an arbitrary benchmark of conference championships to be exceptional. Isn’t it fun we we accept fact over fallacy?
He’s got a laundry list of problems, but nobody else is going to be “ready” for the starting role in our lineup. You best hope Chaney and crew fix his issues.
Not true. Most of them were like that, but ISIS has since collapsed. I still get an occasional death threat because I drew a picture of “The Barr”.
No penalties doesn’t mean Cam wasn’t bought (nor does it mean the opposite), just means there’s no evidence the NCAA could find. Pretty ironic you’re bashing the Tide for the same accusation after all the smoke around Cam. Yes-Harvey got off way too easy. He’s a terrible person who has never shown any amount of contrition.
Pretty scary this guy was a state trooper. The state should look into his record. If you’re crazy enough to do what he did and dumb enough to admit it, there’s likely past episodes of improprieties. You don’t just suddenly turn nuts at his age.
Well, they’re both from Texas, have DUI records, and can’t manage money well. Seems like a fit.
Didn’t know they showed college b-ball in prison.
It’s a disappointing loss but half the teams on the conference are more highly rated from a recruit standpoint. He’s developed these guys to an extent unseen in recent UT history. Please point to a top 25 team with 2 3 star starters and no top 100 recruits. Fricking spoiled fans.
Not difficult for UT to do worse, but they did beat 2 top 25 teams with no combine invites this year. Georgia’s season was reaching the floor at best but did achieve what you mentioned. If you didn’t like my comment-don’t come trolling with your troll buddies on another team’s page. One of us does that crap regularly and it’s not me.
It would be nice to see the program win games they should be winning. Maybe if your program manages to not underachieve, you can end these trolling therapy sessions? Hopefully fake punts aren’t in the spring playbook...
“Never seem to apply logic”, yet you’re ignoring the fact that you attempted to refute my argument with false equivalency fallacy using the Vegas mass shooting example. You further admit that Bombingham and Memphis’s have higher crime rates, which was my assertion from the beginning. Somehow, despite your complete lack of logic or refutation of my argument, I’m the (expletive). I’ve clearly offended you by accurately calling out the gem of your state for being the garbage place that it is. Oh well-maybe when your state has a decent gdp they can pay to educate the next generation such that they can form an argument that doesn’t solely rely on ad hominems. They clearly missed this with you. I guess some stereotypes are true.
What is the nature of the arrest? Might be important to know that for context in the article. You could get that charge by getting pulled over in a school zone while legally carrying
Yeah-bc a one time mass shooting occurs just as frequently as the daily shootings seen in those sh@&holes. By your logic, one should never enter a multi-story building in Manhattan bc of 9/11.
Nice refute: “Ahm’s proud of my trolling hurr durr”.
Let’s see-get shot in Mempiss or Bombingham or gamble, sun, and football.....