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*uneducated-how could we confer that superlative to them?
Common knowledge and no reasonable UT fan is upset over this. It clearly helped his earnings potential. Interesting that the low class, educated Bama trolls are the first to comment. Wonder if it’s because they have nothing going on outside of football (see state statistics for positive evidence of this assertion).
Good-clean out the trash. Tiger High will be a great environment-where he can continue to be a wannabe gangster. These types of kids are one of the cancers that helped contribute to the problems of the past 15 years.
Also-do you have a fact based argument? I’ve provided stats.
His stats are worse than the other early drafts-Burrow and Herbert-despite those two also playing on bad teams. Is an average effort acceptable from a top five pick?
11-5 td-int ratio, 64.1% completion rate, 87.5 seasonal passer rating (league avg in 2017 88.6), and sat behind Fitzy, a 38 yr old journeyman qb for much of the season. Where’s the stats showing he’s not?
Keep thinking of Sirhan Sirhan for some reason.
Guy got screwed out of the third pick by Tua being a draft bust. The 49ers idiotically think some knock off Lamar Jackson is better because the talent around Tua made him look NFL caliber. Jones is likely the real deal. Good for the Pats.
It’s an idiotic false argument not based in fact. Stupid people like this UK fan and Dan Wolken perpetuate the false narrative without evidence.
He would be smart to shut up and take his 4th round pick for Atlanta. That’s going to be a heck of a receiving corps
Rick Barnes underachieving and being out coached by Musselman and Oats seems pretty realistic to me.
Covid bros are anti-science. Shut downs have failed miserably and you know it. As your boy Bill Maher says, the liberals need to own Covid disinformation.
I’ll also add that Bama/UF/UGA/Ole Miss will be 17pt plus blowouts. If Heupel is worth the hype, UT will be in position to beat a UGA/UF/top 10 team in 3-4 years.
Five wins is most reasonable-three of the buyouts, Candy, and split USCjr and Pitt
He’s going to have to develop for that. He did at least fulfill the roles of getting a good pg and a big man
Barnes deserves a lot of criticism for this year and his overall career post-season failings, but give the guy the praise he deserves for this class. If he busts out like he’s done lately on the post and pg positions, then give him grief.
Wrong sport-look at the Barnes vs White record. UF can only hang with Barnes when the intentionally elbow players. Same with your baseball program where they have to pitch at UT batter’s heads.
Leaving for better opportunities is almost always the best career move. This isn’t the 1960’s, your employer is not your friend and you owe them no allegiance apart from performing the contractually obligated tasks. Take two employees of equal skill-one finds new jobs and one stays-you’ll be shocked at how much more the job hopper makes in a few years.
Who has the time to waste on that garbage, particularly during Master’s week? Look at the roster and tell me that practice will show any more talent that UT Martin’s or Austin Peay’s.
That’s about the only thing that useless pos could give brain damage.
Good thing no fans in the MLB and minors will try to get in that poor child’s noggin. He’ll cry tears if the Yankees’ Bleacher Creatures ever get to watch him play. The snowflake appeal for a coach is incredibly weak-you didn’t have your boys ready and you whined like a bish.
You do realize claiming something is “debunked” doesn’t mean an argument has been refuted, right? 1. If minimum wage isn’t impactful to pricing or inflation-why stop at $15? Why not $1,000? Either costs are being passed along to customers or costs are being cut to maintain profits. 2. This isn’t an argument against small businesses that do have employees. It also ignores Iocal variances in standard of living and pay. Your argument claims a $15 wage in Meridian, MS isn’t as harmful as $15 in Seattle-how can this be true given vast differences in standard of living. 3. Why automate if the advantage isn’t in cost knowing that payroll is almost always the highest expense? There’s a reason why automation is targeting the lowest paid and simplest jobs. This is why self-checkouts are so prevalent and you no longer have someone pumping your gas. Provide evidence as to why cost isn’t the factor.
Glad someone is. Retirement Rick needs to take notes on how Vitello and the tennis program can exceed expectations.
He’s improved UT, as he should for that pay level. 3 5 stars and Pons should mean getting to the second round. Instead, we get recruiting flop after flop in the forward and point guard positions and a clear lack of game plan in multiple instances. Let’s not pretend Oats, Pearl, and Musselman don’t coach circles around him. If you want the ceiling to be an early round upset exit, no conference tourney wins, and split conference titles as your best years-have at it. As for me, top 4 pay means a commensurate level of performance.
You’re right-I need to stop picking on the good ol Deacon and his pauper’s salary. It’s not his fault the team wildly underachieved. Sorry-I’m not going to cease critiquing a coach being paid an exorbitant salary and underperforming. He earned that when he decided to play games with leaving for UCLA (who went further in the tourney in a tougher conference, btw). Feel free to defend his mediocrity all you want, but I think the fans and athletic dept deserves a better effort for the pay rendered. We’re the only fanbase in the country where it’s somehow acceptable to bash the fans for being angry with garbage efforts.
Huge loss. Recruiting is about to plummet since Retirement/Regular Season Rick can’t be bothered to hop on a plane.
If that much. Talent is decimated. AD is concerning himself with frivolities like leaks and not holding his brother’s players to account for simple assault committed during games.
You’re right-Sarah Fuller will probably address the team at the half again (since that worked out so well), then will proceed to nail multiple 60 yarders. I hope she doesn’t pin UT in the end zone with those massive kickoffs.