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If liberty and coastal Carolina can become great programs in 3 years-UT should beat opponents they out-athlete in year 3.
Coach Pruitt isn’t fit to wash the late great Coach Majors’ socks. One was a Heisman candidate coach who turned UT around after winning a natty at Pitt. The other is a semi-literate Gump that can’t beat teams he consistently out-talents and makes Kirby Smart’s qb decisions look like Bill Belichick’s.
Snopes just DEBUNKED this caller. Coach Pruitt is just doing the best he can and it’s perfectly normal for a team to regress to a potential 8 game losing streak in year 3. These fans are just “bitter clingers” to memories of 1998. CNN is reporting this is the new normal and any transphobic/cisgendered/non-pronoun respecting fans that have a problem with it can shut up because SCIENCE.
This post is so intolerably stupid that I can only rationalize its existence when picturing it written in crayon.
But you’re alleging it’s intentional-without evidence, hence, conspiracy theory.
Nice conspiracy theory. Did they use smallpox covered blankets as part of their nefarious biological warfare scheme?
With the exception of our basketball programs, we’re not really different than Vandy these days
So is the fanbase now saying coaching decisions are an issue? This has been a contentious point in the past.
Calls people he disagrees with “gender bigots” but isn’t part of the PC crowd.....allegedly.
Is everyone who thinks biological differences exist between men and women a “bigot” to you?
Yeah-he could have had another massively underachieving season at UGA this year. Which of those two choices lets him play in an SEC championship? Oh-right-neither.
He shown he has pocket awareness, can lead receivers, protects the football, and throws slant routes. Also, his fellow players’ social media accounts are supportive of him and not JG. My bad-I thought you could make an argument with logic and not rely on fallacious insults when you don’t have a valid opinion....
That’s precisely why they can do it-Pruitt doesn’t coach it and result in negative development.
He’s the best qb and it’s not even close. This showing why Pruitt is in over his head and floundering. Defense has mailed it in on at least 2 games solely due to JG handing the other team two+ scores and then Pruitt trots him out like it’s no big deal.
I think given the Covid year, sec title and elite 8 constitute a good year. SEC tourney title and/or final four appearance would be an excellent year. Not walking away with either the tournament or conf title or losing in sweet 16 would be somewhat of a disappointment.
If UK recruiting class talent equals automatic natty’s-explain the John Wall/Cousins team which had even more talent than the Davis class.
Incredibly stupid take-none of Barnes’ teams have flopped (unlike multiple UK teams under Cal-sorry Joe). Thus, the wait til next year and Dodgers comparisons are both stupid and irrelevant. UT has massively outperformed vs their biggest rival and the best program in the SEC, UK, winning 5 of the last 7. Let’s see how this year and future years go before we make any allegation of UT underperforming.
Your theory doesn’t hold when you consider Montana/Wyoming/Idaho. It’s demographics, not politics. Also-CA is collapsing in those categories relative to where they were on a per capita basis. Thus, voting for a particular partydoesn’t magically make your people more intelligent, as you allege.
Also-your comment is saying-it’s ok to be a sh1thole as long as I get to celebrate a victory I had nothing to do with. Genius-tier mentality.
Yet-dodging my point about why you don’t hold people accountable for being able to be reported on
So you’re mad about that and not about the cheating that enabled Fulmer to report it? Here’s a hint-you can’t get reported ok if you don’t do illegal stuff. I know you live in one of the least educated states in our county (along with poorest and most obese), but do try to use what limited iq you’ve got.