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It doesn’t work equally if UT plays a game on schedule and would potentially expose their players, though perhaps that’s part of the point.
Not fragile yet you’re here posting daily.
Yes-both programs have fans still alive under 50 that witnessed a national championship team
45-the youngest possible age of doggies who personally witnessed their team win a natty.
GATech’s championship is more recent than UGA’s
Not white or black fragility but Dawg Fragility-the only one that can be empirically proven
Dawg Fragility-a book by Phillip Fulmer
I think that’s extremely optimistic. We’re just now seeing round 2 ramp up and equities markets are finally waking up to reality. Federal Reserve monetary intervention is running out of steam. If you think things will be normal before 2020 ends, you’re simply wrong or insane. Dow <15k is a much greater probability than a 2020 college football season.
I’ll watch basketball but it’s not the same as football. Any other sports apart from those two won’t draw the viewers. Basketball might even be a stretch.
I disagree. Kid should make the best decision for him until the papers are signed and I’m saying this as a lifelong UT fan with no love for UF. I think this many moves does raise some questions, but for all we know, his situation has changed.
Thanks to the university of Florida from leading from the front to end the well documented systemic racism alligators cause. Black Americans, and indeed all Americans, can walk safely through the swamps tomorrow without having to fear for their lives.
Big loss. He cared more about being Tony Montana than Tony Dorsett. He forgot about the part where most dealers get caught and serve hard time for gun crime.
I don’t know how to answer an incoherent argument. Rephrase in a way that is rational and I’ll try.
Imagine thinking that word coming from someone such as yourself has any power....
What do they call people like you who can’t make an argument relying on fallacy?
He’s trying to keep his contract by going woke on Wokecenter. Not a Pawwwww hater but I don’t deny he’s an opportunist first and foremost.
Seems like a solid choice. Proven success at other stops and under tutelage of Fitzy. I think the program continuity is a big plus.
Meth labs aren’t considered bakeries outside of the state of Alabama....
I’ve considered what little data you’ve provided and noted, using the same FBI/DOJ data, that you’re failing to account on a per capita basis. To ignore this is to remove a statistically significant fact. If you’ve got the data that shows something different on a per capita basis, do share. I do think you’d struggle to find a record better than the DOJ’s, however.
Actually the new word is “non-sequitur”, in reference to your latest fallacy
Wait-you go to the “muh feetsballz record” response when you get called out on logical fallacies, then accuse me of being low iq? Come up with a valid argument and you might redeem yourself intellectually.
Again-you haven’t demonstrated I said all BLM members kill police. The ideology, as evidenced in mar argument, is supportive of this. Several members have killed police, more have hurt police, even more have said chants and promote killing/harming, and now the organization has taken a stance to abolish police. For your arguments on numbers-let’s debate. Why are you leaving out per capita numbers? 13% of the population (3-5% of including males teen-50) and more than 50% of all violent crime. Formulate an argument against with valid data that shows how agency of the actions behind those numbers doesn’t exist. Again your data falls short and you get demolished by empirical evidence, which somehow makes me “unreachable”. You don’t need to take a knee, you need a shoulder to cry on, it would seem.
Never said all did-provide quote. I said the ideology inherent to the organization and the actions of multiple members are in favor of harming and/or killing police. Why don’t you try an argument that doesn’t strawman and provides evidence? You’ve done that repeatedly. Maybe we can go back to that number comparison argument you jettisoned?
Pretty sure you’re strawmanning. Let’s talk when you’ve got the same level of evidence I’ve provided. In before the dog whistling argument someone of your low iq would pivot to. Marxists are so predictable.
Most aren’t part of the movement-evidence apart from your conjecture? Is Trump’s campaign or ideology, in his words, based on the person he tweeted? The founders cited not merely a quote from Shakur but expressed explicitly that she’s a spiritual founder. Nice strawman attempt.
Why don’t you answer why the spiritual founder (in the words of the org’s founders) of BLM is a fugitive cop killer? This is the ideology and members have acted in a similar manner, as evidenced by court convictions.