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Whistling past the graveyard considering your $70M man has 1 signature win and is looking at 7-5.
I guess last year was also a fluke? Can’t spell flunk without U and K. Enjoy another L.
@ripov It’s highly ironic that you’re basing my complete political beliefs on one comment. I’m not censoring anyone (including people who brag about killing dogs). Not passing judgment on lifestyles and included a caveat for self defense, which wasn’t what you initially argued. I despise any ignorant fool, regardless of location, who needlessly hurts people or animals (this coming from a licensed hunter). Ultimately there are moral truths and not harming creatures or people for kicks is a moral truth all societies can live by.
@bamaman Read his initial post and quote one reason provided-you can’t bc he didn’t. Just bragging about shooting strays. I have the same disdain for harming animals, regardless of whom does it (see Michael Vick comment). Re: your pit bull comment-there’s these places called animal rescues. Easier than mindlessly killing them.
Calling others arrogant. Bragging about shooting stray animals without providing a reason. Lots of irony here.
I’m not taking the mora high ground across the board-it’s limited to the issue of hurting animals for no apparent reason (as you’ve failed to provide none). Accordingly, your argument rests on moral relativism on an issue where, reasonable circumstances requiring harming animals notwithstanding, there’s a clear position of moral superiority. Some acts are morally reprehensible regardless of the ignorance of the society committing them. If you’ve got an argument as to why shooting strays was necessary (i.e rabid dog or self-defense), then provide it and I’ll accept that’s an acceptable use of force. You didn’t provide any rationale other than your Dad apparently liked to harm animals for wandering on property that they don’t have the intellectual capacity to recognize the boundaries of. Don’t like it? Don’t brag about being ignorant.
Lived in the country 5 years-never had to shoot strays, and we had a lot. Just last week a dog charged at mine while walking the neighborhood and, miraculously, I was able to get it away with shouting and a kick towards it. Hurting animals without cause is a pr1ck move. You, your low iq Cajun friend, and Michael Vick can have that behavior.
I’m just a guy who doesn’t get off on hurting animals and then be the resident internet tough guy.
Yeah-the world should have a funeral parlor’s sense of humor. Don’t ever listen to a Sam Kinison standup set.
Imagine how much better we’d be doing if we hadn’t gotten the short end of the deal with Chaney. Good thing all the UGA fans were vindicated when they told us that Coley, the great offensive guru, called all the plays at the end of last year. The UGA offensive play calling is unquestionably better without Chaney dragging them down.
You’ll probably have a winning record against the basketball team this year anyway. Unlike last season.
It’s how he gets ratings. He just locked in the phone lines for the next 3 weeks with that stmt.
Best managing/CEO type coach-no doubt.
One of his best games. Great job leading the offense to the win.
I think Gran called a pretty good game for a guy with a wr for a qb and no receivers. He played the only hand he had as good as he could.
Looks like it’s really boosting the morale.
The logic police also showed up. Try making an argument not entirely contingent upon the ad hominem fallacy.
“Against a team it’s dominated in the series 80-25-9”-quality proofreading there. Do you know the difference between the subject and object of a sentence?
Penny is new to this. You pay the player after you start coaching. Ask Will Wade.
Greenie is the type of guy who believes in streaks at the roulette wheel, apparently.
Alternate headline: ESPN personality relies on statistically irrelevant argument to make comment
He’s the starter. JG/Shrout can fill in if necessary, but you’re crazy to not start Maurer. Shrout will transfer at the end of the season and destroy teams at some group of 5 school the year after.
To be clear, we’re talking about the asst head coach at OSU who wasn’t even permitted the interim job. Also, the same guy currently unemployed? I know you won’t respond because your post was a 1/10 trolling, but let’s talk facts.