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I completely understand your point, which is why I stated that even under the semantics argument of best vs greatest, it’s not a worthwhile comparison due to the inherent physicality of each sport, despite both sports sharing very similar rules and a name. In no way does that denigrate (as you’ve alleged) female athletes who are great, it’s simply a matter of how relevant is comparing two things that are seemingly similar but objectively aren’t. Please expand on how my comments have denigrated female athletes when my data points are objective facts. My assertion didn’t delve into the personal attack yours did in your allegation. Stating differences isn’t denigrating anyone as I’m not disputing these women are good at what they do, nor did I personally attack them or their character in any fashion. Happy to carry forward this convo if you’ll ditch the attack on me-thanks.
Some lucky team is going to get Scottie Softson 2.0
No-I agree you state they’re different and don’t claim otherwise. I just think the data from even non-contact sports clashes with your assertion that the women athletes would be competitive. It’s telling that 15 year olds solidly beat the often regularly undisputed best team in women’s soccer. Knowing this and that the sports are different (as you acknowledge), I don’t think it’s a relevant comparison (regardless of semantics used), which is largely the point many are making (to various degrees). While I could probably be the greatest bowler in a quadriplegic bowling league, that doesn’t merit comparison to Pete Weber.
Brady’s 8th int and last play as a Pat was my fav
While it’s possibly true that some of the more recent female athletes can probably hang with some of the lowest level men’s athletes (particularly from the far past), both evidence from other sports and the eye test of watching each sport shows you that physical differences are vast, even with handicapping from the modern era to the past. There have been several instances of top women competing with less than top men in far less physical sports and getting beaten soundly. Some notable examples are the Aussie women’s soccer team losing 7-0 to a U15 boys squad, the US women’s team losing 5-2 to a Dallas FC U15, and Karstan Braasch (outside top 200 player) beating both Williams’ sisters on the same day, consecutively. Soccer and tennis have little contact in comparison to basketball and require far less upper body strength, which basketball requires a lot of. The play of each game demonstrates a huge variance in physicality. These physical differences mean men have inherent advantages with women’s biological advantages leading in endurance swimming and running, but little else in the way of physical competition. While you’re correct that USMC’s absolute argument likely doesn’t hold, the evidence suggests his general point does in that very few women could overcome the physical disadvantage and thus, it’s not a valid comparison even though the rules of the game are largely the same.
Would trade any assistant coach but Chaney for Fitz. Doubt we manage to replace him competently knowing UT.
Leaks, rumors, and post-sports career statements of many people associated with ESPN have shown this disdain for flyover folks is common to the organization. I find the guy’s honesty refreshing.
Did anyone notice ESPN has been absolute sh*t for nearly 30 years?
I suspect the next couple of months will result in a mass culling for the less talented.
He’s clearly click-baiting. I guess he’s doing what he has to do to stay employed in sports these days. Heck, the commenters today alone probably bought him a cheeseburger from the dollar menu. Let’s give ourselves credit for the charity we did today.
Smack talk by a Colorado fan and defended by a Bama fan. This is where I wish I could insert that meme of the the bewildered Jaguars fan. I guess we know which Colorado fan didn’t attend Promise Keepers.
The only thing they’ve managed to eradicate is the supply of tp
It’s a bit much. Kinda like talking s**t because you hired a guy that thinks he’s a pirate.
I agree. Class act until contract time. Then the deacon pulls the aw shucks act and goes full mercenary.
Aren’t obituaries generally written after someone dies? Maybe wait until he’s canned.
This must be terribly disappointing to the 200 people that planned to attend.
See above-not defending Kiffin-just stating that neither he nor Drinky are known commodities. Just two guys who, in their most recent stops, were successful OC’s and HC’s
Forgot to include the USC run was a flop, even though they were suffering from the post-Carroll sanctions.
Wow-lotta assumptions being made in that I’m somehow lionizing Kiffin-I’m not. In fact (noting your stated desire to keep it fact based and not draw assumptions, despite you doing exactly that) I rendered no opinion on Kiffin. It’s just funny that comparing Drinky and Kiffin as G5 to SEC hires elicits the response it did from you. Clearly a lot of the argument you made above, which was largely stating Kiffin’s FAU success was based around other coach’s players, applies to your own coach, in that neither enjoyed a full recruiting cycle in their most recent gig. I get that Drinky only had one year in comparison to Kiffin’s multiple stops as head coach, but that doesn’t prove he’ll be successful in this gig. Prove to me that he’s not the next Larry Coker or Gene Chizek. You can’t-he’s an unknown commodity. I think Kiffin is also an unknown commodity, which is precisely my point. He flopped at the Raiders and USC. He took a prior year bowl ineligible UT and went 7-6 to a Peach Bowl, which was improvement. He had a stout run at Bama as the OC (you didn’t mention this) and a decent run (with a partially recruited team) at FAU. If Drinky is better, let’s hear the fact-based argument. If they’re both two unknown commodities coming off a short but successful G5 stop, then I’m glad you agree with my initial statement.
Both teams lost big on senior night. Albeit one game was an upset.
I can think of another highly touted former coordinator who won 11 games at a successful group of five program with someone else’s players that was also snatched up for the HC job at an SEC school this season. The difference being this guy has even less of a resume at HC than Kiffin.
I know in high school that they’ll immediately eject for that specific word by any player. I’d think that’s probably a technical if it’s heard by a ref at an NCAA game.
Nobody knows disappointment better than UGA fans, so please provide pointers as to how you guys handle the hype and perennial miss on the natty. As a reminder, GATech is still the most recent and reigning natty holder in the state of GA