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I really like Kevin Steele as the DC and think he’s a great hire, but understand that Heupel likely doesn’t want a proven backstabber working under him in this mess of a program. Steele teamed up with the boosters in a risky coup attempt and lost. He’s going to find a lot of doors closed there next few years as a result.
You’re assuming he’s a legit journalist and not a clickbait seeking hack. SDS is the buzzfeed of sports journalism.
Haha-this incident is somewhere between Sandusky and Aaron Hernandez to these clowns judging by the number of articles and faux outrage. Maybe the SDS company will award him a scholarship since he’s been so unjustly treated by a coach he literally had no deal with and a university he loved but somehow didn’t early commit to?
Great-when do we get two or three more articles around the teams in the SEC who oversign intentionally and drop recruits every single year?
Unless you’re getting Muschamp or Odom-huge mistake. Not a good sign when your defensive staffing at UCF was garbage.
Three and four won’t be that hard at any SEC school. Even Dooley could bring in decent classes. The issue is potential sanctions and what happens with his staff, particularly the defense.
Because it’s Drew Lock’s fault the rest of the team couldn’t pick up the pieces for a win when he created record breaking performances
Can be said for every member but Vandy, and even then it’s mostly grad school.
To be fair-it’s a program that obliterated Auburn on the bowl game and a program UF’s AD was scared to schedule. A good offense and the right staff can help right the ship. Not going to win big soon, but that’s not the goal given the present situation.
Bristol Motor Speedway and a few other tracks hold more fans by half than the biggest football stadiums. Must be because NASCAR is more popular, right? The largest NFL stadiums hold less than the largest college stadiums. I guess more people watch college football, right?
And yet still the biggest and most successful program in the state. Something Lilbro U will never be.
Also-your most recent natty was bought and Brucie boy is about to get demolished by the NCAA
Little brother chiming in. I know it’s hard on the plains these days. Don’t forget the guy you sold the house for this year lost his conference championship to a school that had never beaten Boise before. I probably wouldn’t be chirping for that type of midmajor coaching hire.
National media has said this was an outstanding hire-not simply a UT fanbase opinion. It’s interesting how it’s the best era for your team ever and you’re so concerned about UT. I get that you slack-jawed yokels in your state nobody cares about don’t have the sense to realize it when you have something nice. I also realize you’re pushing last in education rankings and your state finances and economy sucks, so maybe that’s at the heart of the issue. Really says something about the New Somalia you live in when you can’t even get Californians to move there.
Good thing Bama doesn’t have any history of claimed championships like UCF
What a burn-get back to me when you don’t have to google who your coach before Saban was. Also-are you now a Nets fan or staying with the Lakers?
Oh wait-I forgot. Like every Bama fan, you’re too stupid and lack initiative.
Start a competing web only program in that market that caters to bandwagon fans like yours. It’s called capitalism.
How do we know that they can’t compete with the best if the playoff committee won’t allow it because power 5 won’t play them? Catch 22. Bowl competition with significant wins by UCF/Boise ST and others against power 5 top teams indicates they can compete, it’s just not permissible by the system (systemic).
Agreed-don’t bash him like ignorant UGA fans do Cade Mays. Looks pathetic, but not sure most of the UGA posters here can get any more pathetic.
His position on the team didn’t reflect the praise. He’s not going to say he’s an idiot who grabs my coffee and handles admin tasks for me.
I think it was a mix of him being a disreputable coach, history with a program that hurt children (there are no secrets in locker rooms), and a probable bad hire. Again-he did well in a very pedestrian big East and was a clown by all accounts for multiple experienced coaches and players (incl his own team). What % that mix is across the fanbase isn’t knowable or quantifiable.
I believe that the more wile folks call that systemic discrimination
In a pedantic sense-no they didn’t win the national championship. They’re also, like any group of five powerhouse, constantly ducked by bigger programs (UF in particular), who generally want 1 neutral site vs a power 5 for revenue and 3 tomato cans. Does he honestly believe they were the true champions-maybe, maybe not. The point was to put out a clear bias the playoff committee has, grab media attention (several here are still bitter about it), and to call out the power 5’s, including several programs in our conference, who ducked their challenge when called out.
This poll reflects the hot team. I’d rather slowly build until March. Ask Duke about playing your best in January.