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1)was he the guy who threw the pick deep in his own territory to give them their only td of regulation? 2)Was he the guy who the coaching staff had to coach around bc he couldn’t complete a pass over 10 yards? 3) Was he the guy who couldn’t make a read and held onto the ball? 4) Was he the guy who overthrew at least 2 wide open receivers that would have been touchdowns? Cmon genius-give is an answer.
No doubt. It does call into question impartiality when the league office is based up the road from a major program. Better to move the league offices to Charlotte or someplace where league officials don’t have to interact primarily with one fanbase. Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, Charleston, Tampa might also serve as these cities, while still in an SEC state, are big and diverse enough such that the closest teams don’t have the same presence/influence.
Direct me to plays JG has made that show he’s a good qb, capable of making reads and good throws in medium to long yardage. Wait-you can’t. Just another opposing fan who opines while not watching the game. Nobody want JG to do bad or wishes him ill, it’s just that every SEC qb with similar or lesser tenure, other than maybe Bentley, has shown improvement.
I think fans have been critical of the staff and the qb situation. JG is 7-21 and still shows fundamental mistakes after 3 years of playing time. I know how much opposing fans and media like to say our fanbase is somehow the cause of all UT’s problems, but his performance is padded by short yardage throws/screens. It’s not the fans who’re throwing back shoulder into double and triple coverage and missing reads.
It’s easy for those guys to look good against that opponent. I hope not, but I suspect next week will be more of JG being his usual error-prone and indecisive self. This is a team that was capable of the 6-7 projected wins, if a competent qb was there. I guess we’re going to have to ride out another ugly season and hope JG somehow decides to finally develop in his 4th year. Hopefully Bailey grows up quick and the MD kid or some other transfer can step up as a backup. JG and at least one of the current backups are gone before next spring practice.
Congrats on continuing your fanbases leadership in trolling on SDS
Disgraced “Journalist” Fabricates Story-see, I can do this too.
I guess the review crew based in Birmingham don’t want to hear it next week.
Knowing the NCAA, they’ll grant a transfer to Arizona St on the grounds his grandma is sick in Jersey.
SDS-it’s common practice for news sites to denote when they have a business relationship with the subject of an article or to denote as paid advertising. Interesting how you no longer show Jesse’s bio as the founder and CEO of TiqIQ. I realize you’re not the Grey Lady here, but some journalistic standards would be appreciated, especially given how many authors like to throw that in the face of the readership.
I’ve never seen a fan catch a pass or make a tackle but it’s somehow the fanbase causing problems that other universities with equally passionate fanbases don’t have. At least according to the Herbies of the world.
Good job-very classy. Loving the good things the fanbases are doing around the conference.
Every once in a while, Herbie likes to show everyone his feces doesn’t smell (a la his fanbase directed comments re: Schiano last year). No reasonable fans expected to go to Atlanta this year and it’s telling that he provides no data backing up his opinion. It’s a complete mischaracterization and very disrespect for a fan base that still shows up to every game after the last 10 years. I don’t disagree SEC play will be ugly, but I’m quite tired of the media bashing the same fanbase that shows great loyalty to the program and fellow fans (the homemade T-shirt boy). Herbie’s kids attended the most elite school in TN, I can promise you he’s not deigning to leave Belle Meade to speak with common fans.
Too late-we’re already “Mocky Top” as the worst run program in college football. It’s telling when fans of your biggest rivals treat you like a close relative just died.
Was leaving out the second half intentional? What about OT? Sure-he had a long pass to Jennings, but he had many more missed passes to wide open receivers. What plays do you call as an OC when your qb can’t reliable pass beyond 10 yards.
It’s a topic of interest and I’m engaged in the discussion as it’s something I find interesting. The irony of you saying I have nothing better to do, with your incessant trolling on UT articles over a period exceeding 1 year, is clearly lost on you, as evidenced by your prima facie low iq. Your constant trolling negates your assertion that no one cares about UT, given your propensity to engage in said behavior. By the time you’re done mouthing out the words as you read this, you’ll have realized that you’ve yet again trolled no one but yourself, as every post is a reminder to the world of your petulant idiocy. 24-7. 82-78 & 71-52.
Why would take Urban at his word ever? The program is in a sorry state, but the fans packed Neyland after 10 years of misery and the facilities are still good. A coach that is hungry and capable could turn this into a great opportunity. Said coaches are few and far between though.
He’s drumming up interest in general and would never coach at UT. See the Mike Gundy salary negotiation tactic.
Leach is a proven winner at smaller schools, no doubt. The last time he/his offense was in the SEC was under Hal Mumme’s UK air raid. It put up a lot of points, but UK football is UK football and that didn’t translate to lasting success. It’s a big question mark that nobody has the answer to.
I agree it’s on coaching for lackluster play calling in catering to a qb who can’t perform at the level required to win. What are his strengths other than throwing hard and ability to take a hit? Inaccurate on mid to long passes-check, throws into coverage-check, lack of touch-check, can’t read a defense-check, lack of winning attitude and leadership-check. The qb rating numbers everyone hangs his rep on are misleading due to the large amount of passes in the flat, screens, and sub 10 yard passes. He’s also got a solid receiving corps to cover his throws into coverage. The coaches help pad these numbers because of his limited capabilities.
He is without a doubt currently playing the worst in the SEC amongst the starting qb’s.
I wouldn’t whistle pass the graveyard. You about elected a governor who would tank the state economy. Georgia economics lives and dies by Atlanta, which city officials are undermining. Similar to Memphis in TN, except you don’t have 3 other cities to bail out the state economy.