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TDOW-I’m not the one coming to a different fan board talking trash first, imbecile.
So SDS continues its journalistic devolution from Buzzfeed clickbait to World Star Hip Hop fight vids. This is garbage and serves no purpose other than to show a fight vid.
Thousands of years of culture boiled down to accolades of sports, food, and music. Explains a lot.
Stupid rules, but those are the rules. If she has the discipline to achieve that level of performance, she can avoid smoking a substance you can’t get physically addicted to. Grow up and have some self control. What’s especially pathetic is she’s a parent so she’s also making things bad on her kid.
The number of adverse effects is higher in instances of the young and healthy than instances of serious Covid illness or death. That’s science, which you’re refuting with debunked arguments. Stop being a science denier.
Sorry-the data reflects almost no risk to the young and athletes. You put other lives at risk when you drive, should your ability to travel be limited?
Lighten up. I guess you’re advocacy makes you Jihaadist?
He signed a ridiculously bad contract-seriously doubt he’s rolling in it
Yeah-interviewer should have asked him about the time MJ came back from baseball and demolished him in front of “Scottie’s team”.
It’s not racism if it’s against whites. This is how academia, the federal govt, and major and smaller companies consider it, despite claims of systemic racism being prevalent in the US.
Yeah-nobody wanted him is great cover for the rabid tigerdroppings posts about how he was coming to Redstick after the super regional. If you loved 0-5, you’re going to love it more with this underwhelming hire.
Tigerdroppings and LSU media folks dropped that rumor-ask them why they did and what inside info they had.
Is he the batting or pitching coach? It’s odd they announced assistant coach Johnson before LSU head coach Vitello accepts his $2.5M offer we’ve been hearing about.
A team with a new head coach and multiple players leaving is concerning-quality and informative take. Really looking forward to Phil’s concerns about water being wet and the sun coming up tomorrow.
Yep-not to mention nearly all the founders of the TX republic were Tennesseans. Unlike the the penal colony that Georgia was and frankly still is.
Outstanding season-the team greatly overachieved, which almost never happens at UT.
Too bad corndog smellers aren’t as classy as their coach!
There’s a good outcome, a bad outcome, and a TN outcome. Good outcome-lose today and back door to the championship series. Bad outcome-win one and go home TN outcome-lose both games and Vitello leaves. If you’ve been a fan of this university for 20+ years-I can guarantee you the TN outcome is favored heavily. Don’t worry though-the fans who think our football team can win more than four games this year and that Rick Barnes will make a run in the post-season and won’t get outcoached by everybody but Mike White and Cal will state otherwise.