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You can tell he went to Texas A&M because he got caught. If it was a disciplined program like Bama, they teach you to do crimes in Tuscaloosa and not leave witnesses. Brandon Miller, Darius Miles and Nate Oats can tell you more about that.
If the allegations are true, he can coach at Ole Miss next year. They love hiring wife beaters like Chris Beard
Is he even good at raising money? At the plains all you have to do is keep Yellowwood fat and happy bc nobody else in that alumni base or state has money.
Serial job hopper who can’t pick a coach. Great hire.
I bet Army is glad the Taliban doesn’t play football. 0-1 vs them outside of football. Then again, so are the Russkies and Brits
You mean the real capital of MS? Speaking of capitals is there running water in your state capital yet or are they still masquerading as 19th century Congo?
He’ll probably grow up to spend all his time talking to strangers on this garbage site. Totally the opposite of you.
It’s an acronym for the entire state of Mississippi. It stands for: Sh1thole In all Parts See, they use an acronym because of the language.
You should have gotten Jamey Chadwell to walk out of that fuselage. This guy is a step towards what you had with Leach and offensive minded though. Might have gotten the better hire over aTm with this guy. Chadwell would have been the no question better hire. How much of the hire was directed at getting the former Ole Miss to beat up on Lame and big brother?
“their” is grammatically correct in the other 49 states. Well, except Bama.
This is correct. I’ll go after TN in my other posts.
There’s nothing funny about children being subject to exposure by adults. Especially involving Saturday Down South.
Yes-pray you’ll quit abusing your child with mandatory SDS viewings. I hope you don’t live within 500 yards of a school or church. If so, call Zillow.
This is written by someone who didn’t follow the program. Wrong on almost every point. I guess that explains why you write for this site and not a legit publication. No way this guy doesn’t do Uber or grub hub full time.
Pretty stadium and nice fanbase. Would be cool to see quality football more than once every 15 years but we’re a dead program. TN/Nebraska/Army/Texas A&M/Colorado/Ole Miss/and some of the other has beens need to form their own conference now that the PAC 12 has tanked. HBC-Has Been Conference-“it used to mean something”. Sankey can be our commish since he’s the worst commish in football. Something on his talent level.
It’s not his fault they’d rather play women for DEI points than use capable walk-ons. No coach will be successful in that environment. And before anyone chimes in-they never forced James “Assault Coverup Man” Franklin to play a girl kicker like they did poor Derrick Mason
I’m just here to see how many bandwagoners get outraged and call her the b word and c word
Why do you show your son this garbage site? They should register you as a s3x offender.
UT at 6 shows you how weak the conference is. Didn’t beat anybody of consequence and a very pedestrian season with tons of injuries and about 4 players that could see the field for the top teams. While a couple of teams have grown, expect to see a repeat of the out of conference power 5 matchup beat downs we saw in weeks 1 and 2 during bowl season.
This guy can’t sustain winning-see UCF and other stops as coordinator. You’ll wish we have 8-4 this time next year. Coaching search starts in 2026