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Great insight by Pollack. I had no clue that the qb was the most important position on the team. This is why we need ESPN.
“We don’t need Chaney-Chaney sucks.” Entire fanbase on this site proceeds to whine on every article about allegedly lousy coach. “We don’t need Mays-he’s a traitor.” Entire fanbase on this site proceeds to whine on every article about allegedly lousy coach. Anyone else see the pattern?
You keep commenting on this and multiple articles, but say Pruitt is butthurt.... Also, why hold a grudge against Mays and why should your feelings as a fan preclude the labor freedom of amateur athletes? You won’t answer those for some reason-odd.
You said it-too many question marks. Not sure how the folks in Vegas even touch matchups like this.
Better headline: It’s ridiculous that people could have interests apart from college football write B1G writers larping as SEC experts.
Learn to post before critiquing, maybe? Also-nice dodging my point and veering to the ad hominem. Next.
Yet the NCAA adjusted due to a worldwide pandemic. Odd that the SEC doesn’t follow the oversight body and that so many UGA fans feel an athlete owes them even though he filled his seasonal obligations.
There’s rules at the NCAA level regarding eligibility. Why are you and others so butthurt?
“N-No! You!”. Nice comeback. You two must be firing rockets off Cape Canaveral as a day job.
Bashing amateur athletes is pretty low, particularly when they contributed so much. Pretty petty take from a person that likely doesn’t have much success in life. You can tell who is or isn’t successful by their level of desire to limit others.
I agree-lots of whining on each and every article by several 1980U fans. It’s odd that none of them can answer why they desire to prevent a former athlete of theirs to not play, after he contributed so much. Nor will they answer why any player should be restricted in owning their labor and educational institution location.
It’s strange how 1980U fans are so concerned about ensuring a player who helped them accomplish doesn’t get an opportunity to play. Would it be annoying if Henry T went to UGA next year? Of Course. Would I recognize that he’s an amateur athlete that should have free and clear ownership over his labor in pursuit of an education and potential NFL career? Absolutely. Rather ungrateful that several fans seem to think they’re owed something by student-athletes by virtue of following a team, beyond his years of contributions while under UGA scholarship. He fulfilled his end of the bargain, why can’t 1980U fans get over it? This guy in particular sounds like a needy, jilted ex.
I wouldn’t be happy, but Trey Smith doesn’t owe me or anyone squat. Why should your fandom preclude his amateur and educational and athletic goals which he’s not compensated a wage or salary for? I guess I believe in a free market capitalist society where individuals freely own their mind and labor. If free transfers at the end of each season meant the entire UT starting roster leaves for other SEC schools, I wouldn’t be happy, but it’s not my place to tell others where they can get an education and play sports.
I’m addressing the morality-not the rule. It’s clear from the context. Try keeping up and address how it’s moral for you to force students to not transfer schools and that your expectations as a fan should take precedent over their opportunities to learn.
Non-competes are notoriously difficult to enforce, particularly when the employees talent and skill levels are common. Are students employees? Are they paid a wage or salary or being gifted educational expense?
And Pontius Pilate washed his hands.... On a more serious note, I think he’s leaving out that the NCAA is responding in an unprecedented scholarship number and eligibility manner to an unprecedented problem (Covid). I would offer what I think he should have said: “We recognize that we have stringent guidelines for intra-conference student-athlete transfers. We are following the NCAA’s response to these unprecedented times and approving athletes they have given waivers to. Going forward, we will urge our conference members to consider rules permitting student-athlete athletic scholarships the same level of transferability that academic scholarships are subject to and allow unrestricted intra-conference transfers within a specific period following each season. We recognize that education is the primary concern of the conference, member universities, and student-athletes and want all student-athletes to be able to pursue this education freely and easily, even if such pursuit means transferring without conference.” This is a better response than an empty statement because it forces the approval ( and anger) back to the NCAA, absolves the SEC officials of the decision (which is what he attempted to do above), reinforces education first, and puts the decision back to the member universities and coaches. His statement above is very poorly handled from a PR standpoint.
That big ol LB will be the last thing the qb sees before he wakes up from his coma. Good luck blocking for the 4-5 seconds it takes to get to midfield and beyond in a four-five receiver set. Leach already was part of an air raid at UK under Hal Mumme in the ‘90’s. Put up huge numbers, but not many W’s-the only number that counts. SDS should have reporters who know or can research this info, but that’s what happens when you create an SEC blog using B1G transplant reporters.
Why shouldn’t players have the ability to earn scholarships at different schools each year? We, as fans, care most about the welfare of the student-athlete, do we not? Odd that my academic scholarships at UT didn’t prevent me from transferring to another SEC school, isn’t it? I guess the people complaining have never left a job for a higher paying one?
It’s interesting how many people protest in-conference transfers, then claim to love the kids so much. They’re not paid-let them transfer at the end of each and every season. All non-sport scholarships permit this. In before I get the standard-respect muh contract argument, are working folks prevented from leaving their employment? How many of us will and have left for greener pastures? If you haven’t-enjoy being on the low side of the pay spectrum for your career.
They’re in trouble with a loss, for sure. I don’t think any reasonable person expects UT to whip them or be anything apart from a slight favorite. Anything can happen this season and nothing is guaranteed except the performance of perhaps the top 5 or 10 teams.
It could definitely happen but we heard this same story before with Benny Snell and Josh Allen’s UK team. They came to Knoxville and got drilled by a team they outmatched in depth, talent, and record. UT is a much better team on paper than two years ago. This UK team is perhaps a bit better on paper, trading skill position excellence for trench talent.
Yeah-but I think you’re leaving out that they have to appeal to the nation and not just the southeast. Not many people outside of the states of AL and KY and the SEC fans care about UK or Auburn. Same reason they did a show in NYC last year-it wasn’t bc of a huge matchup in that city.
It’s clearly the better matchup. Location has always been a huge part of gameday. Also, I think it sometimes hurts that the SEC has its own gameday.
I can’t believe they’d rather go to a major city than a town with a school, a handful of bars, and cow pastures. Lots more glam in that. What gives?