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With the transfer rules Bryce wasnt sticking around another year on the bench. Hopefully he has a strong 2 years and then he will be gone as well
ASk Florida how an uncontrolled team capped off with a SHOE THROWING incident worked out. No dicipline
And to show you how good Saban is, just look at the trainwreck that LSU was this year after losing brady and arranda. Saban has that coaching scenario almost every year
In the HBO documentary with Saban and Belicheck, the one thing that saban said is he doesnt approve in guys he helps get head coaching jobs raiding his staff. I'm very surprised with Sark and shocked Alabama didnt pony up to keep the special teams coach
This is BS! Saban helps these guys like Sark and all he asks is that they dont raid his staff
Harsin will be back out West in three years but with about $20 million in his pocket
They did this last cycle, waited until the end and then had to settle for their 5th or 6th choice. Pruitt doesn't help himself with the media so he makes it easy to pile on. So they will get another "OK" coach just looking for a $15-$20 million life changing payday
Saban has said over and over that he doesnt like when the assistants that he has propped up for better jobs take his guys once they get a bigger job. Sark and Butch should know better
Absolutely amazing what Saban has done year after year while replacing coordinators on both sides of the ball. Just look at LSU this year they lost Arranda and Brady and fell off badly
Lane is going to start and get some kids like this by promising a place on the field right away like he did at FIU. Its a pretty good offer, Still the bright lights of the SEC but they wont be 4th or 5th on the depth chart like they would be at a Georgia or Bama coming in
You and I could coach 5 star kids. when the back ups really needed coaching this year Golden didn't get it done. Not even close...
Gonna need the Bama reload that happens every single year...
LSU is now officially like Alabama losing critical coaches on both sides of then ball. Hurt Bama this year with their weak DC, lets see how LSU does replacing theirs. NIck was very lucky year after year replacing people until THIS YEAR!