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Awwwww did the big bad fans hurt your feelings with their big bad words. Grow a pair. Don’t even try and act like Athens is any better.
Swag Kelley at Ole Miss. We appreciate your concern though!!
UT walks into a bar and immediately approaches a 10 sitting at the end. The 10 just laughs and gets back to what she was doing. UT acts as if it never happened and approaches some 5 and 6s. Once again embarrassingly gets shot down again. UT turns around exclaiming that he never wanted to take them home anyways! They’re not good enough! Eventually UT settles on a hard 3 sitting in the back. The hard 3 has drank too much to realize the man she has accepted is just old and washed up. Nowhere near the man he used to be. UT’s ego won’t go away though. The next day he’s bragging to his friends about how grand the hard 3 really is, but all he gets in return is a bunch of laughs....
The Tennessee football program is that really hot homecoming queen from high school, got a little too far into the bottle during college and everything came off the tracks. At the high school reunion she comes walking in reeking of booze, missing some teeth, hasn’t showered in days, absolutely hammered, and is screaming at everyone “TELL ME IM PRETTY!!!”
I served in the Navy, but I'm not offended.....weird.....
For christs sake man, y'all give us practically no chance all week, yet we pull out the W, NEVER TRAILED AT A SINGLE MOMENT, and all y'all want to do is talk about the freaking box score? I'm sorry our defense forced turnovers and there's didn't. I'm sorry our special teams unit was light years ahead of theirs. I'm sorry we stuffed the run and forced them to throw the ball OVER SIXTY TIMES. Our defense gave up 14 on the first two drives, the settled in and gave up only 14 throughout the final 45 minutes. None of that matters though to SDS. Neither does the only stat that matters, 35-28. Get your head out of your asses. It was a great game. Stop living and dying by box scores.
Articles like this are the reason why I come here less and less than I have in the previous years. You said it yourself, it's May for christ's sake. Let us enjoy the off season and the promise of a new year. You can write your garbage opinion pieces later in September, maybe even August.
I used to bar tend down there. I completely agree. Especially since a lot of the players like to wear team gear downtown. Makes them easy targets. I still remember when Clowney got mistaken for someone else and put in cuffs his freshman year. He never went downtown again. I've served Skai plenty in the past. I'd be very surprised if he even threw a punch. Deebo and the other kid I couldn't tell you much about. If I were a betting man though, I'd put my money that the other guy probably got nasty real quick, said some things that shouldn't be said, Deebo and other ex player threw some punches, then Skai probably came in and tried to get his boys out of there. I guess this is why we have video though.
A lot of us in Columbia are straight a******s, don't get me wrong. We have outback years flirting with greatness but at the end of the day unfortunately we're a mediocre program with an extremely passionate fan base. Being d****s is a way to let out the aggression. If it hurts your feelings, should've left those at home. Many Clemson fans are just like us, but because of 1981 many honestly do believe the program is as historic as bama, Michigan,etc. No joke in a bar last weekend in Virginia a clemson fan argued with me because he called their program "storied" and I laughed in his face. Yeah they've historically been better than us but not by much. Yet they'll talk the talk of a team that hasn't been in the cellar in decades. Very short term memory up their in the land of the inbreeds.
No shot at more than 2 wins, no shot at a bowl, no shot at even competing with clemsux. Perry Orth almost completed the upset against a BETTER clemsux team last year. Location doesnt matter near as much per usual in this series. Both teams travel extremely well to either location. Jake Bentley grew up a Carolina fan in the upstate. He knows how big this game is. Something none of you writers will ever understand, considering you still think he's from Opelika. He played there for only two years. Rivalry weekend is special for a reason. Anything goes. Screw you SDS. Enjoy your weekend riding Saban's wonder stick. The rest of the SEC is going to enjoy rivalry weekend.