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well deuce, i got news for you. the clock keeps ticking in every game. im sure glad that no one else has thought of that deeply cerebral game plan this year!! you right though about one thing, Georgia is not a quick strike team! you can call it sec football down in the south if you want, i call that your recipe for losing the Rose bowl. OU wont even need to stop Georgias offense, Georgia will do that all on their own. dumb penalties will put them behind the chains on more than one drive and that will be all it takes for ou to get the lead. time will really fly then, cuz both teams will run out the clock!
I wouldn't be so sure. Mayfield has not had two ACL reconstruction and he doesn't have a broken bone in his throwing hand like Jason White did.
the truth of the matter is that it doesn't matter if ou stops Georgia's offense or not. Georgia can't keep up with OU's scoring.
Yes, I was referring to the game that Bama lost to OU in the post season sugar bowl. You can say they don't play well when it's an important game, but OU's has a few national championships and they've won one or two postseason bowl games but the real moral of the story is that Kirby Smart couldnt stop them when they were not as good as they are this year. Anybody can be beat on any given day (ask clemson ohio state bama ou georgia etc ad nauseum). I'm sure OU coaching staff hasn't underestimated Georgia's defense. I've watched their games I'm sure the coaching staff has too.
wasnt kirby the def. coordinator when trevor knight carved up a bama defense? and baker is not trevor knight. i dont see ou getting stopped offensively. georgia will be held to their avetages, unfortunately, there averages are not enough to win.
if you use oklahomas top ranked four opponents, and Georgias top ranked four opponents, and look at number of drives in each game, Georgia averages 13 drives per game and averages 1.85 points per drive OU averages 12 drives per game but averages 3.82 points per drive That means even if Georgia (who will be the 4th best rush defense ou has faced this year and the 5th best at sacking the quarter back ou has already faced this year) even if they can cut ou production by 50% they still couldnt keep up the pace with ou scoring.
a- hole when not on your team. a-hole on field. actually a nice dude off field.
that should scare you. ou scored 19 in first half against deshaun watson clemson before key injuries took a toll. and mayfield was a pup and all o line are the same guys! just grown up.
a- hole when not on your team. a-hole on field. actually a nice dude off field.
the ou offensive line is the same line that manhandled auburn in last years sugar bowl, then ohio states, then TCU. im not worried about scoring on Georgia. big game or not. mayfield is undefeated in road games and many times scores on 5 to 8 consecutive possessions. As for the dawgs run game, the ou defense only has to stop them once or twice, then they will have to try passing to keep up, just like alabama did. they couldnt and the dawgs wont be able to either.