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What has impressed me about Hurts is his ability to escape from pressure and turn into a big RB in the open field. He's very quick as evidenced by the great fake and chunk run against Clemson in the 1st Q. Hurts was the difference against LSU and Mississippi State. UGA will have to contain him in the pocket and use man coverage to prevent him from breaking big plays. Both teams will try to make the other QB win with his arm and Alabama's run D is exceptionally good (duh). However, Fromm is the more accurate passer. If the Dawgs can force Hurts to pass or get sacked, they can win. If the Dawgs can't contain Hurts effectively and get him frustrated, it will be tougher to win. Cheney will need to be clever and unpredictable in his play calling. Should be an amazing, Old School contest.
No surrender in these Dawgs. The team cohesion and buy in to Kirby is the ticket. Kirby is a humanized version of Nick Saban which I believe is an improvement over the prototype. Incredible game and special teams play was the difference. Win or lose next week (and I like our chances), the future is ours.