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Not an A&M fan but count how many current coaches have won the National Championship. Jimbo is one of five. It's not always the coaches just not like it is always the players
Assuming UGA wins out and TCU has 1 loss 1: UGA 2: BIG10 winner 3: Pac12 winner 4: Tennessee
Keep in mind when OU and UT join SEC will likely go to four pods of four teams in each. Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Vanderbilt LSU, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Texas A&M IMO Lane would have more success staying at 'Ole Miss. Lane makes $7.5 now unless Auburn makes the highest paid coach in football I don't see him moving
"outside of the Hillbillies will remember it." You're a Georgia fan. You might want to look in the mirror before calling a fanbase "Hillbillies" Now go and enjoy your bye week with your first cousi.... err your wife and kids
*NOTHING SUCKS LIKE UGA fan There, fixed it for you.
Clint Stoerner, to soon? Arkansas has a football team? Zero SEC titles and last National Championship 58 years ago
Just remember no one and I mean no one Georgia's like Georgia.
Yes in only that he can get all the BIG money people to join forces and get the right coach and not the cheap one
At this point I want Vandy to win in hopes Pruitt gets fired on the spot
Can we NEVER again try to get a head coach or a coordinator from Oklahoma State please. How many times must we offer jobs to coaches from OSU and be turned down before we just say enough is enough.
English is hard so try not to talk or express your thoughts for a while
As long as we are talking retreads I would much rather have Bobby Petrino than Sark
I pray he has a healthy and productive senior season and is a day 1 or 2 selection in the NFL draft
You can take the low class thug out of Memphis but you cant take Memphis out of the low class thug.