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Until we really see what we have at quarterback, it is hard to say how our offense will perform. If he turns out to be as big a treat to run as he is to pass, that can make up for a little bit of lack of preparation due to Covid 19. Being a fan and looking at the schedule, I see 6 or 7 wins, but I also see a chance to fall under 6 wins. Too many unknowns, but if I had to bet, I think we end up bang on at 6 wins.
In reality, if Michael Jordon had dedicated himself to baseball at a younger age, say 18, the way same way he did to basketball, he may have developed into a quality player. He also may have failed, we will really never know. Jordon was such a good athlete, he would have had a shot. That said at 31, it was too late. It made for an exciting AA season and put butts in seats though. Frankly, the best 2 sport athlete of my time on this earth was Bo Jackson. He was already as good a football player as he was going to be, it would be hard to imagine him being any better anyway, but he still had room to develop in baseball. There is no reason to believe he wouldn't have become more disciplined at the plate and if that happened, the sky was the limit for him.
If he gets decent protection, I think Lock will have a big year. Really looking forward to seeing how he does with a whole season and an offense built around him
If you think only a few tiger fans want this rivalry restarted, then you are living in a fantasy land. You didn't like the seats in Lawrence, so now you dont want to play them, please. These games will sell out in minutes and me and 80% of the fan base will be in line to do so.
I don't know about you, but a sold out stadium sounds pretty good to me. How often have we done that lately? A rivalry, and this is a rivalry in the truest sense of the word, doesn't have to make sense on a strength of schedule level or anything like that. The fans want it and tradition demands it and it is the one thing that has been missing from our football and basketball schedules for years now. Beat KU.
You seem to grasp the idea of a rivalry, but then for some reason don't want to teach them a lesson where it counts, the scoreboard. Haha
This statement, though optimistic and hopeful, doesn't mean much. Positive thinking and all, but it means nothing unless they have started testing in much greater numbers and we truly have a grip on this virus. If infectious disease experts don't give the thumbs up, I don't see many Universities following through with in person classes and stadiums full of fans is really not likely. I really hope they have this figured out, I want to see the new Tiger team in action.
As a tiger fan dating back to the late 70's when I was a little kid, I can't imagine how a Mizzou fan wouldn't be excited for a return of the MU/KU rivalry. In basketball we are the underdog, in football the favorite. Kind of balances out. Financially it will be a windfall for both schools and lets face it, we can use the money as any school could. I have adjusted and now like being in the SEC, but that is no reason to have abandoned one of the most storied rivalries in college sports. It is not always about strength of schedule or other factors, sometimes you got to give a nod to tradition and just enjoy the ride.