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I had to look it up and there are currently only 10 teams that has had their coach for at least 10 years or longer. Of those 10 8 are with P5 schools.
No lie at first I read this as "handing out team superlaxatives" and had to take a second to process that.
I remember reading a article published by hookem.com a few days ago saying that the shorthorns could theoretically still make a bowl game if they was to win their 5th game and A&M was to win the LSU game. Thank you LSU for preventing that to happen. The more they suffer the happier I am.
I'm interested in how SEC shorts and Matt Mitchell handle it as well.
From a person who has no emotional stake to this game, it was a hell of a watch. I could only imagine the high blood pressure all across the state during the game.
Jimmy Morrissey from Pittsburgh won it last year. I feel the same about Bennett, dude is straight up scary and we had to triple team him (with little effect) when we played Georgia.
Maybe in a decade or so it will turn into a real one. We do recruit against each other a lot. But by that time Texas and OU will be in and who knows what will happen then. It does not take away the fact that we want to beat Mizzou all the same.
The "Battle line Rivalry" that the SEC forced on us always felt fake and not warranted. I know for me I have no ill will towards Mizzou. Texas on another hand, pure hate but I am old enough to remember some of the SWC days.
Arkansas recently released the depth chart for the Mizzou game and Burks is on it. It is showing no change to this week chart compared to last week.
Yea Bama won but Texas also lost and wont make a bowl, so there is some good to go with the bad lol.
I know moral victories do not count. But after the past couple of year, the Georgia game earlier in the season and Bama coming in at 20 point favorites at home just to win by 7, this loss does not sting at all. Years past this team would have folded and gave up.
2006 was the last time we defeated Alabama. I think we are the only team in the west that has not defeated them since Sabin arrived. Hell the first Iphone was not even announced yet and I was rocking a motorola Razr.
As much as I love to see Texas lose, it hurts to see our signature out of conference win lose week after week after week after..... They are going to have fun against Bama next season week 2. I can't wait.
Arkansas won and Texas just lost to a 1-8 Kansas at home. Pure bliss.
So Chad Morris is currently trending on twitter. The only reason is people are now comparing Dan Mullin to him. As a razorback fan who suffered through the Morris "era", you have my sympathy.
I honestly had to do a double take when I read the score. It took me a while to process that was not the final, but half time score. Wow.
So Arkansas is 2.5pt favorites but only has a 40.6% chance to win, makes sense.
Ahh yes I remember this guy. He was the one who claimed in August that Arkansas was a SEC bottom dweller the same as Vandy. That point could of been made in the past (and rightfully so as Vandy even defeated Arkansas in 18' during the Morris years), it is not so much any more. He received a lot of flack for that statement.
One thing I have noticed though is so far with him there has not been any real 2nd half collapses. Hell if anything happens they just answer right back. I'm still not used to it (I blame Bielema and Morris) but it's an amazing feeling to see them answer right back and not break or give up. Those kids will straight up fight the entire game for him.
I'll admit I read that wrong. I understood it as it was "fake" by him actually ordering the burritos. My bad on that.
First, its not fake. Second, how weak is your body that a single breakfast burrito gives you cramps?
I am pretty sure they are fine with that.
I am here for the comments as well. For the *most* part the fans here are reasonable and I love reading different views from different teams. That said yesterday felt weird with the comments disabled.
It has. Not as bad as 07 but dang close. The shootout that we had today pretty much shaved a few years off my life. I hate playing Ole Miss for that reason. Its never a normal game.
Yea, but at least the next 3 games will be "home". Auburn in Fayetteville, UAPB in Little Rock, a bye week then Mississippi state at home.
I still can't believe it. After the way A&M played the last few weeks, I thought this would be a bloodbath. Hell of a game Aggies!
I...I don't know. I doubt A&M can hold the lead in the 2nd half but if they do, I am done guessing outcomes for the rest of this season. It makes no sense.
"If Arkansas is lucky we'll see them finish 6-6"...what? If Arkansas is lucky, they can defeat Ole Miss next week, and finish the season 10-2 (losses to Bama and UGA). Ole Miss I have down as the biggest maybe of the season. Auburn, LSU, Miss State and Missouri are all winnable (and no offense to the Missouri fans, but after seeing what Tennessee did to them with the run game, I am excited about that one).
No lie I had a bad feeling about this game all week. I even said in a earlier post a few days ago that a "win" in my eyes would be a loss like the Florida-Bama game. But heck even I didn't expect a complete shutout. GG's Georgia. Here is hoping they learn something from this game this early in the season and they wont get caught with their pants down again.
@DarthA I know. I remember a time when although Arkansas was not the most dominate team in the SEC (hell I am old enough to remember the SWC days), people dreaded to play them because they knew that it will be a hard fight. But thanks to the failure of Jeff Long as AD and his horrible hires, the past 10 years were a nightmare. I am glad we finally got a AD and a coach that loves the state and school, and it shows both on and off the field. It still takes some getting used to not having to worry about 2nd half collapses. But man does it feel good to cheer again.