SDS is the worst site on the web ,but hey I'm on the toulet at work anyway. Conor O' Gayra is the worst sports writer in history.

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You're comical at best. Mizzou doesn't win National Championships in any sport. Arkansas averages more than 1 a year in this decade.
Tony Arkansas beats the Zou in soorts besides football more than not. Please cherish football as the mediocre stick your used to measure success in the SEC. Like I said name something you bring to the conference of worth besides your TV market lol. ZOU fans mad you carry no weight in this conference.
Your by far one of the biggest dipsh!ts on here regardless of team affiliation. Mizzou defensively was horrible in that game like Araknsas. The question should be what heck are yiu going to sell re ruits on now? Your big brother's are coming home to ruin your lives once more lol.
So Scam Newton smiling and grinning anytime some asked him gave you the impression he had no knowledge? Yea right lol.
Booches shut up and go cry about why nobody thinks Mizzou will be relevant now
Zoucat stop whining about your big brothers coming back home to kick your @ss again. Your cherry picking dipsh!ts crack me up. Just face it Mizzou doesnt bring much to the SEC. You were targeted for TV market pure and simple. How many nattys have you brought to the SEC again? Stop crying your eyes out and get over it.
Bama fans crack me up. Your state is in shambles but go tide their haters lol.
Mizzou doesn't scare any school. Football season must really give you hope your school wont finish last in every sport lol.
Considering Mizzou hasn't won $h!t since the 60's I wouldnt brag too hard. But hey you'll always have Women's Volleyball.
Your such a tard. It was obvious that losing peyton pallete doomed us. I guess yiu have no life since you live on this site lol.
gwhite you remind of why this is the generation of punks. You wouldn't do that back in my day. If you poke the bull you get the horns and we would've saw each other in parking lot. Something you whinny little cucks can't understand. Chucktown was spot on with his assessment.
Eastwood Missouri is one of the most beatiful places I've been. Has many of the same things that makes me love the Natural State. Anyways it got me to chuckle.
To set record straight it wasn't as crazy as everybody is making this. Kid is hammered and tries to cut in line with friends. Somebody complains and the owner confronts him while his son continues to work. Webb is confronted and told to get in back of line. It was the people with Webb that caused most of the rucous and when Webb put his hands on the old guy he trying to break up the soon to be altercation he subdues Webb with help of bystanders. The owner actually never got hit by Webb but most was caused by the idiots he's hanging out with.
TideTard if I wanted a certified moron to talk to I'd go spark up a conversation with Negan. You do know other sports exist and your barking up the wrong tree considering Bama claims more bullsh!t nattys than anybody lol. Arkansas still like I said has just as much success as anybody in the nation.
Great series by both teams loved the atmosphere felt like a Super Regional. Great folks here and loved hospitality. That being said it's hard to believe Vitello would turn the hot water off the visitors locker rooms but hey who knows. Also said it could've been stuff going on in the game and recruiting trail also. DVH cant be mad Tony is just like him.
Arkansas has won 47 Team National Championships and most have come as member since joining in 1992. Mizzou hasn't brought anything to the SEC but a TV market. Your not that good a trolling lol.
How many Nattys has Mizzou brought the SEC since they've joined lol. The worst addition to conference in the history of expansion.
Young Black Jesus? Are you kidding me that kid is a freaking dipsh!t straight up. Sad to see kids getting taught improper technique but not nearly as sad as the goob who posted this.
Yea, Im an Araknsas fan and a graduate of Missouri and Arkansas. I just rib some of you no harm meant. I'm from Missouri and love my Tigers just dont root for them as much as the Razorbacks.
Wolfman you're a delusional old man with nobody to talk to. Your drawn out explanations on everything make me think your senile.
Mizzou is by far most delusional. Kentucky just brought another Natty to the SEC where Mizzou can barely make keep their heads abive water. The best players in Missouri never play for their home state beacause they know they'll never compete for a championship in any sport.
Mizzou is the laughingstock of the SEC you brought only your TV market when you joined.
Mizzou brings nothing to the SEC. Who cares if you leave the conference all together.
Your a joke. Drew Lock is a bust and the other kid will never even get to a 2nd string in the NFL. Huepel is overrated just like your opinion.
Your smoking crack now Nova because Lebby comes from Briles coaching tree. Huepel isnt a top 5 play caller in this conference league and you'll soon see why.
Like i said you're a tard. None of thise QBs are Elite lol. Plus the schedule he played was pathetic.