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LSU isnt firing their baseball coach anytime soon. The man recruits good it's just that they never make it to campus after the draft.
Better decision than giving Frank Martin an extension lol.
You should be worry about LSU baseball insteas of some crackpot conspiracies lol.
Your just sour as usual lol. Odom didn't resurrect the Mizzou program like everybody hoped but he tried. and just like when Mike Anderson was hired at Arkansas. Everybody wishes he could or believed he might be able to but don't hate someone because they couldn't give you what you hoped for but couldn't achieve. Your a sad person and should get a hobby to divert some of that anger.
Still a mediocre defense lol. Bolton was a one man show.
How'd that 3 star work out for you. Oh yea he got burned up and down the field. What does it say about your defense if nobody can tackle a kid who didn't make a dent at OSU lol.
Your a moron. Hope you dont have offspring because with that mentality you'll go nowhere in life. Ever heard the phrase "Rise to fight again until sheep become lions".
Yea, Bill Self has been punishing poor Mizzou for as long as I remember lol
You obviously have no life. I wonder if your some young dipsh!t with too much time on his hands or some old delusional man that mooches off the government with no job. Either way nobody comes close to being the worst poster out of everybody on SDS and that's saying alot.
Tony take your narcissist racial a$$ somewhere else you sad excuse for a troll. Dumba$$ idiots think anything you hear from FOX is true. Tell me about how the Democrats are gonna take your guns boe you freaking morons. It's sad some of you have the ability to reproduce. Most on here can't site facts but their own delusional biased opinions.
I'd like to think they would do thos in the MLB with the pitcher's hat and gloves. I see them rubbing their thumbs underneath the bill of their hats and it's easy to see. Can't blame the coaches for suspecting something and trying to keep the game honest. Love that stadium GO DOGS.
Razorbacks looked impressive over the weekend and the bullpen is rollin.
Mizzou will right the ship with Tilmon back. Tigers are different team when he's got it going.
Nice, can't wait to see how high we climb in the AP Poll. Lunardi said he could see us just outside the Top 10.
Congratulations Musselman on an excellent job this year. SEC will be a hard out in this year's tournament.
Not going to call this pathetic, but it's definitely a disgrace to the game and how its being officiated.
Keith how is it the greatest season if they didn't win the National Championship? I remember a dominant 2 year stretch where nobody in the nation wanted a piece of Florida. Florida Alum and fans am I wrong?
I loved watching both in college. Hands down one of the elite pairings in college baseball history.
This list sucks. SDS has no clue who the hell played for who unless they look them up on google lol.
Gotta be Clark since Palmerio was a know steroid user.
This kid gets way too much hype with everything hes does. If he wasn't Lebron's son nobody who be having this conversation.