Go Hawgs.

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I wonder when Mizzou loses will they say We were playing with Odom's players so we want a do over lol.
Gotta give it to Alabama as the best SEC team. Kentucky then Tennessee or Arkansas. Auburn is going to eat away and supplant us by midseason. We probably fall off the map once we start conference play. For the love of God get some big men that can bang down low Muss. Go Hawgs Go Dawgs.
Bama Tard it's ok nobody meant to hurt your feelings. You on the other hand are special because you root for Bama lol?
Needs to get his Chad Morris offense together. Doesn't have the personal to stretch the field till next year and will need to learn how to beat the zone when people are selling out on the run.
Wolfman it's out of olace tor Arkansas to have a good year? See this is what Im talking about with Mizzou fan boys. The fake ol ball coach giving a backhanded compliment. Arkansas is the better program throughout the history of the program. Still not one of you can tell me what you've accomplished that makes you better in any sport. Wolfman will you ever tell anybody where you coached. Ozark football is better when both have respectable teams to put on field and help is build a rivalry. You should drink more. Then you came blame the alcohol and not you're 1950's Jim Crow South upbringing.
Those Mizzou leftovers beat your head last time they lined up. Your pathetic at best.
Tony your pathetic. Your snide a s s remarks always show how sour you are. Nobody cares what Mizzou does in any sport.
Mizzou fans are sad little fan boys. Idk where yiur arrogance comes from. You'd think you carry the conference or something. Not one of you trolls can tell me what you've won. Odom drug his nutz across your face and you will get rolled again next year. We beat you this year don't cry so much next year biatches. Most you of bash others when they boast but your the worst sore losers by far.
Is there another player who has milked his time a player as Tebow? I mean you want to like the guy but his silent arrogance makes go blah blah blah when he talks. SDS is by far the worst sports website period besides fox sports.
I don't what Day comments you're referring to so I can't weigh in on that. I wont knock a coach for standing up for his team but he likes the drama.
I'd take it wouldn't you? You're about to enter the SEC where your fighting an uphill battle. Get a ridiculous payday from USC and at worst it doesn't work out and yiu go raid the Cowboys for even bigger payday. It's time for him to leave because he aint winning a Natty after they join the SEC.
No you just thought you were spending stupid money but now you're realizing how far behind the times you actually are. Like 10 years behing the powers of the SEC and will be further along if you don't get more Alumni to donate. You easiy have the resources to combat these struggles just pray you have the right coach to do so.
In any sport not just Football since we all know the answer.
RCF tell me again how many National Championships you've brought to the SEC since joining.
P.S. Those that point out Your and You're like a child are just adorable. Guess your husband gets offended when you dont use proper punctuation.
Majority of the reason is probably your facilities and lack of support from the most important boosters at Missouri. Mizzou just broke ground on a new football facility that will finally have a 100 yard field well. That's what your dealing with. Top talent respects those who are willing to splurge on them to get their attention. Alabama's QB has a Million Dollar NIL deal. Luther Burden would be luckyto get 10% of that when they could easily offer one.
Harbaugh's message is that he's better than everone else is what makes him unlikable. Day did fall into well oiled machine but he's still got to maintain it to keep it functioning at an elite level which he's done. Michigan should be happy but not arrogant.
You me and this glass of Van Winkle agree with you lol.
Agree. I want to see Cincinnati get in to stir up the pot. If Oklahoma State wins next week it will be a forgone conclusion that they will be the first team out even with a win over Houston.
He's a really good player just not top tier. If he finds the right team at next level he can contribute but he's not gonna be your every down back. I would've loved to see him suit up for Arkansas but he wouldn't get the Maxwell.
Utah gets beat 2 out of 3 by most in the Top 25. Shows why we need to tighten up on who votes for the media and Footbal personalities that vote on Awards like the Maxwell.
Wouldn't expect any less. This guy is a moron.
Agree, Alabama goes on to win the Nation Championship every year if they swapped.