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I don't know what to think about DVH and his recruiting methods. You would think we'd be getting the same classes when Vitello was here with our success. Everyone says he's this big prick but he's just that passionate and the results are there to see. I met the man at a dinner for donor's one time and he's really a likeable guy. He has a real eye for talent and is second to none when scouting pitchers. DVH is great but how he lets the pitching coach run off to the Twins and now is at LSU is beyond me lol. I know juco players have worked out lately for us but next year we'll be middle of pack with our current haul.
Arkansad wins a tournament game in back to back years this century? South Carolina Women's Basketball Championship? God Conor your stuff ain't worth reading anymore guy.
Bacon it's ok to agree to disagree and not insult others. That's why I don't drink and post anymore lol.
Like always I don't know where you read this. Obviously Odom thinks the juice is worth the squeeze and we'll get a decent player that with development can do good for us.
Texas and Oklahoma brings Men's and Women's basketball, T&F, Baseball Softball, Gymnastics, Swimming you name it. Notre Dame brings what Women's Basketball and underachieving football team. Their a 8-4 or 9-3 team on average. Their automatically a middle tiered school when it comes to success across all sports.
CovingtonDawg Louisville is a elite basketball school and good Baseball and would give us a great rival for Kentucky. Okie State just built one of the best baseball stadiums in country and and continues to grow like Arkansas in basketball. Makes more sense when it comes to scheduling. Who the heck wants to be subjected to ND bossing everyone around so they can have primetime football games and just push to get their way. Texas knows Alabama and Georgia are where they want to be and dont have the arrogance like the Irish which brings their brand and no superior competition to the SEC.
No way. I'd like others before ND like Oklahoma State, Louisville or North Carolina before them. What teams would you go after?
Seniority complex like Texas but scheduling with Oklahoma and Texas is nothing like trying to figure out how to get to Notre Dame for all Sports that we'd be competing in across the board.
Sorry I was a little misleading implying the Fighting Irish. I still believe my statement sticks. Wolf lacks any credibility as a coach. I believe any help is good help at this point.
No thank you. Notre Dame can go to ACC where they belong. Nobody wants that logistical nightmare scheduling with those people. They do whats best for themselves never the conference.
Leghumper where do you see all this. Arkansas was on him early and yes it's a full ride. Maybe the kid saw is take 2 LB commits last week and now he's rethinking. Of course most would like to represent their home state but there is no truth to what you say.
Former Notre Dame Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach is not inexperienced. This guy has more experience than anyone on this website lol. Come on Wolf.
Good get. Johnson has proved he can develop talent. With LSU's stacked class this team will be awful salty on the mound.
Cherry picking a whole different sport to justify makes you look like a dufus kid.
Everyone here wasn't expecting Morris. Forreal why not throw McEntire or the guy you've been happy with all year. Good Game Rebs. Really glad I got to see these two teams play. Hopefully Hogs beat Auburn and we can do this thing again.
Thanks ESAD. Still can't believe how small this ballpark is. The wall in right center looks like a wave but has interesting seating opportunities like in the left field wall.
I’ve seen you be a punk, a sore loser, a babbling fool, a cherry picking justifier. I mean take your pick. Obviously you have no life and live to post on this forum. Trolling is one thing but to think you sign in everyday to talk filth to people shows your character.
A couple of people were there early in line but I bought mine on the secondary market. Dont want to say what I paid but it was worth it. There were easily more there than was expected. North Carolina fans were inviting and classy. Great game all around.
If you're first reaction is pathetic justice system thaen your probable a detached ignorant. Law will always bend for the rich, powerful, highly influential, or good ole boys in the south. So no suprise some gubber with money to plea down to a lesser charge.
Hindsight is 20/20. Nobody saw that coming. Everyone needs to wait till after the next game. Tennessee is still the most potent team in Baseball right now and has the ability to turn the switch on at any moment.
You're throwing rocks at a glass house here. Seen you act like a hillbilly on here plenty of times.
Connor bad take all the way around. You should know the SEC will get it done again this year. Go Hawgs Go Dawgs.
I can see you just cherry pick what you like. It's ok you don't understand baseball and you weren't there. Plenty of people said this guy has no idea where the zone is and were several WTF is this guy seeing moments from me and my Alabama brothern sitting right next to me.