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Gumps know they would've lost so there's no need. LSU had a defense that would've had more of an impact limiting Smith but him and Harrid still would've had a field day cause their an offense I doubt we'll see again anytime soon.
Congrtas Tracy glad to see it all worked out for you buddy.
That wasn't for you Guinny lol. So you would accept being a middle of the pack SEC football team as your calling card? Cuonzo has the basketball team in a better place right now than Eli has his and all Tiger fans do is trash him. Maybe mizzou will be a trophy case this decade and put those participation trophys on there.
A blockhead who actually has a degree from your Missouri and gives to his alum unlike yourself.
Bouches you comment on every team's forum from multiple profiles and Arkansa has beaten Missouri more than 70% of the time in all sports excluding football. Yea sounds like your really dominant.
Cocky I didn't feel the guy that's for gay fratboy wannabes like yourself. I do know thaf business moves quick and if someone values him more so be it. Don't be bitter like the toddler you are kid.
Triggered much? Tracy Rocker is a first class type of guy and is only leaving to go home also I've met the guy at a football camp for my kid. Muschamp isn't one I run to defend but his success in football as a player and coach trumps anything dipsh!t there could ever hope to achieve. Truth is just a delusional gator fan that's upset with the size of his manhood.
I swear I'd give you a $100 to go 1 week without blaming Barry Odom for the reason your life is so miserable.
He reeked of loser? Yea no, Muschamp may not have gotten the results some wanted but your the looser here compared to him.
He wants his participation trophy. Everybody is way too soft these days lol.
Alabama will win one or the other not both. Their depth will ne tested against Arkansas and Kentucky is a whole new team now with Both playing.
Delusional, it was never Odom's fault your school lost respect in those high schools. It was the fact they berated Michael Sam so much nobody wanted anything to do with Missouri.
Cry? Who the hell said anything of the sort. Mizzou won the game far and sqaure for the past 5 years and I'll acknowledge that unlike the others lol. Stop being a sourpuss and tell me who's gonna be your DC? I've talked to a couple of my friends up tgere but they say nobody really has a feel for who or what he's looking for.
Wolfman, you've never had a job affiliated with the NFL id that's what you were implying.
I was thinking Walters would've got another season but like you said about the circumstances at hand I see why it went the way it did. I hear some people saying he was forced out but I highly doubt that cause Drink seems like he would've run it back with him at DC one more time before deciding to cut him loose. No matter who he chooses I agree it wont be someone that would be so bold as too challenge his direction of where he want his defense to look like.
Booches you lost me. All I know is Henry was the right choice for Heisman.
Were talking about Henry being better than McCaffrey. There go spinning conversations like usual.
Gus screwed the pooch bringing in Morris. The single handily worst coach I've ever seen when it comes to development of players period. He's a hell of a recruiter and the kids relate with him but his time at Clempson get too much praise. His personal bias and inability to adapt offense and approach will always be his downfall.
The position of needing a solid DC so there's no wasted time with great players AU has on defense. I'm looking forward to what hus identity will be. P.S. Is this a home run hire for you? I was expecting someone that would have more a wow factor.
Booches, it matters who you put those yards on. Nobody is gonna recognize his performances against some of those powder puff schools compared to the stalwart defense's Henry destroyed during his career.
Booches, it looks sad when you make multiple profiles to agree with yourself.
Should thank that ref about that unsportsmanlike penalty and gave you the edge in momentum. Automatic win? No no my friend you've padded your stats against the worst coach ever in the SEC though I am glad this is actually on it's way to being a rivalry. P.S. who should be your DC? I think he's gonna bring in someone nobody saw coming?