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I have no idea of what DJ has been doing of late but this would be a great fit for both DJ and the Hogs. Why not? He was the 2010 John Mackey award winner for starters and that means he was the best tight end in college football that year. He has NFL experience and has been around plenty of coaches so likely to have picked up on some coaching skill there. But best of all what an exciting man to have around our team and exude confidence in our TEs and O-line!!!! Go Hogs Woo Pig Sooie and Yessir - hire DJ Williams
I agree Liamk. The best options are Georgia Tech and Memphis. First of all GA Tech was a founding member of the SEC and would make a great homecoming. GA Bulldogs won't like that much but that's life just as Arkansas didn't like MO coming into the SEC and then losing our annual game slot with LSU to the Aggies. As I said that's life. The other team that makes a lot of sense is Memphis. However, there needs to be a realignment and that means MO goes west and Auburn heads East. This would make for better competition and we all know it. Other teams to consider are Miami who would be a better fit for the SEC than FSU as others wish. A NC team would be ideal and NC State or Wake Forest would be the most likely but pulling an NC team would be hard.
Fayetteville Arkansas is definitely a "southern" city. Just go there, talk to the people and especially the women and you will hear that southern charm immediately. And then if you want to get picky about who's "southern" then learn about the blood shed at Pea Ridge (in Leetown and Bentonville, AR). All Arkansans very much consider themselves as "southern". It truly is Missouri that does not fit the Southern or southeastern mold and I believe was a huge mistake to bring them into the SEC.
what is still overlooked is how the Auburn player clearly and intentionally holds an Arkansas player from retrieving the ball .... I need to review again to name the players. This should have been picked up in the replay booth as well as the OL from AU clearly thought that the ball was loose and the game was still in play thus holding the AR player back from retrieving it. Either way we got hosed again and AU sneaks away with their tail between their legs with a W*. It was a well fought game in bad conditions - go hogs - beat Ole Miss
On current form, Auburn is a winnable game for us this week.
Fisher will not last long in Aggieland
if you had watched AR v GA you saw a strong AR defense that eventually ran out of breath and they then improved to shut down the air raid offense of MS State. That was no fluke. Looking forward the signs are that AR will continue to improve and I suppose we will see on Saturday when the have Auburn @ home. That is a winnable game for Arkansas on current form for both teams and Odom knows what Gus and Chad Morris will throw at them. Hogs will work hard to show Morris how they have improved
Laura has it right. The Hogs can only go up and with these talented and dedicated coaches they will surprise many who might look past them
The Razorbacks gave LSU a better game at your Death Valley than any other team last year yet not really reflected on the scoreboard that evening. I was there and many LSU alum agreed
Well look at it this way. If the SEC does go it alone there will be some fine football played and watched by the fans albeit possibly just from our living rooms. With no cupcake teams from other leagues to play these games would be great to watch, if not better, and also show the SEC commissioner that we should drop 2 of the 4 out of conference games off our schedules. Woo Pig Sooie.....Go Hogs.
get a special teams coach who can recruit us an Aussie punter
Replace Chavis with Charlie Strong would be the best news to come to Arkansas fans for the holidays
The Borderline Battle Rivalry or whatever you want to call it is a BS rivalry put together by the SEC and is not seen by Arkansans as a real rivalry at all. Arkansas has played LSU on the last game of the season for years but TX A&M wanted that game when they entered the league and the SEC bowed to them. Even the South Carolina annual game was a rivalry of sorts as we were sister teams that entered the SEC together. Aggies should be playing Mizzou ........ not us.
Jerry Jones may be an alum and he did put up $millions for part of the new football center and, he hasn't put in a decent coach at Dallas Cowboys of late.
Why have a shoe for Tennessee and not Arkansas? Of Collegiate Licensed product sales Arkansas outsells Tennessee and many other major schools. Razorbacks are steady number 4 in the SEC and consistently in the top 15 of collegiate product sales in the nation. Yes that'll surprise a lot of people but it is what it is. Little podunk Arkansas eh? Maybe Nike needs to look outside of school size for potential sales here.