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They truly disrespected Texas a&m like that. What a joke.
I know this is going to get lost some comments but savings going to get a new analyst for his staff. ALLEGEDLY
I've said this before and I'll say it again day Gary Danielson retires, the entire sec family is going to party.
I remember them showing Tyrone prothro's leg snapping and they showed that replay a lot.
Easy article. Just throw a whole bunch of hate twitter post on the Public Enemy #1 in the SEC. I don't know a single person that like him. Want to play good drinking game anytime you say something you don't like take a shot.
Good thing I always sync it up with my radio. Retire Gary. Please for everybody in the SEC sake retire.
Uncle Vern was not the problem it was Gary. I'm much rather shoot a ma deuce with no ear protection then listen to Gary
Man that seems like ages ago. May the best win.
I hope you get better coach. I love the support that he gets better from my "enemies". The SEC has the best fan base and most caring fan base.