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All of a sudden auburn fans everywhere are experts on defense. But soon the reality will roll in like a tide - that all their improvement was just a mirage of bad opponents. And I really am looking forward to the inevitable meltdown as Kevin Steele does what Kevin Steele does and slowly falls apart over the next three years.
You should try living in Alabama with them. They vanish for weeks on end. Like groundhogs. A month before the season starts there's auburn flags everywhere. Then as usual they begin losing. And the flags completely disappear. You can't find one of their fans. Then they beat an LSU team with no offense and roll up 700 yards against some directional school and all of a sudden they're everywhere talking about how gus is an offensive genius and how this year their defense is for real. And to the commenter way above that says he guarantees that nobody has ever taken abuse at jerdan hair I guarantee he's wrong. auburn fans are completely classless - especially when they lose - which means they're pretty much classless all the time.
We were given a do over because it was obvious to anyone who watched the first game who was the better team. And we proved it in the championship game. Y'all remember how they were saying that LSU team was the greatest college football team of all time? I do. But only because I knew what a sham it was. Nobody else remembers the "greatness" of that team. Because everyone saw them not even be able to cross the 50 yard line against the National Champions. How's your program been since then? Good? Surely you've recovered and won some championships by now. And I'm positive you've beaten Alabama and Coach Nick Saban several times too since then. Right? Guys?
So yeah our football team sucks. But have you seen our video screen? I don't know if you heard but it's the beggest evah. We comin to turn on our video screen!!
Only aubren would release a hype video and call it "Ready or not". I'm thinking not. Pathetic.
And turnovers. Don't forget those. He leads the SEC in interceptions. But for an overachiever like Dobby that's not good enough. He had to throw in seven fumbles as well.
That tired excuse was around right after the game. However, if the ball had stayed behind the line of scrimmage after being blocked it would've been a live ball and thus a foul. Since the ball went past the line after being blocked it could not have been returned - because the second it went past the line it was a dead ball. Therefore, Cody removing his helmet could have been a penalty - but it would have been Alabama ball and the 15 yards would have been assessed. So either way, they don't get another shot.
Blake Sims > Josh Dobbs. It's not even close. Sims was the far better passer and was more elusive. I remember how much Tennessee fans loved Lane Kiffin. They were head over heels in love with him - like starry eyed teenagers. Then he had an opportunity for a much better job in a much nicer city. And like all spurned exes they still are bitter. He's not just a good offensive coach - he's a top 5 in the game offensive coach. You mention Blake Sims - you should. Coach Kiffin turned him into a great QB - fit the offense to his strengths. And if memory serves lit Tennessee up over and over with Blake Sims as QB - I mean it was ugly. All those garbage truck workers leaving Kneel Land stadium at halftime. All their players kneeling before mighty Alabama. In their proper place.
LSU will. Why would a guy like Herman take the LSU job when he will have his pick of jobs where he won't have to compete with Saban every year and could live in say Los Angeles vs. Baton Rouge? Doesn't make sense. LSU will end up with a coordinator - which is fine. Anybody that has even a little bit of ingenuity on offense can be successful at LSU bc of the talent level in Louisiana and because Nick Saban turned LSU into a nationally recognized program.
A hilarious conversation by fans of two teams that are fighting to stay out of the cellar. What would auburn and LSU fans know about offense? auburn can't even score a touchdown with their "offensive genius" and LSU still hasn't discovered the forward pass. Lane Kiffin would be FAR SUPERIOR to gus malzahn who is an absolute pathetic disaster as a head coach now that Gene Chizik's players have gone and LSU doesn't want Kiffin but has left their offense in the hands of Les Miles and even worse Cam Cameron - a guy who was so useless as the Dolphins head coach that their fans wore bags over their heads - for years. LMAO at LSU and auburn fans expertise. Roll Tide.
HA! No. You don't. Maybe FCS playoff talent. The WR couldn't start for anyone but auburn. They certainly couldn't start for A&M, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss - shall we continue? And then there's the QB's. Could any of them start for Vandy? Nope. How about Kentucky? Nope. South Carolina? Nope. And those are just the teams that are auburns equal in the SEC - not even counting all the programs that are far superior to auburn. But maybe that's the problem with auburn. Talent evaluation - from the coaches and the fans. The shine is wearing off of Jeremy Johnson's Heisman...
I think that chart is somewhat misleading - and not in the way everyone else is saying. Ole Miss calls plays to get the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible all the time. And still they've given up that much pressure - so their line is actually worse than that chart makes it seem. When they dropped back to pass on slow developing plays against Alabama we sacked swag pretty much every time. So wisely they didn't do that much - preferring instead to just fling the ball quickly downfield at our one on one corners - which worked. A lot. But the crazy thing is that on most (Evan Engram wide open not included) plays we had very good coverage - it's just that swag placed the ball absolutely perfectly. He is one helluva QB - one I will be very happy to see move on - if given time there's not a defense in the country that can hold up against his accuracy. But of course he also does his swag thing and fumbles or throws a pick.
I'm just really happy to see someone use "row to hoe" properly. The last 10,000 times I've seen someone use it it is always "road to hoe". Never could figure out why people would thing that someone would want to hoe a road. Anyway. Nice work. Roll Tide.
I'm a Broncos fan. Have been forever. But I still follow all of our former players and root for them
Yeah I saw that plaque when I went out to the Rose Bowl. Unfortunately the rest of the trip didn't work out so well. Freddie Milons sure returned the hell out of that first punt of the year though.
Maybe we won't win more than the SEC. But consider this. If we win the SEC - again - in this one season we will have accomplished more than ole miss has in the last 50 seasons. And try not to get too wound up in thinking about revenge next year when all of your best players are gone - and no new ones are coming because the NCAA finally figured out what everyone else has known - that when ole miss is competitive with teams like Alabama and LSU (you know, championship level programs) the only way it could be happening is if they are cheating massively. Going to be hilarious to watch the ole miss fanbase fall apart and slink back to their holes once their program returns to its rightful place - at the bottom of the SEC. And I can't wait to watch teams shred the Land Shart defense once they can't buy players anymore. Then Freeze will leave and you'll spend the next three decades talking about how you once beat Alabama two years in a row. Put that in your pipe and smoke it to help soothe that butthurt.