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Why are you stating your opinion as if it is fact? How many people died in the US in 2019? Do you cry for them also? Do we avoid death? Never. Simple fact: Covid isn’t going anywhere. For the rest of your life. So people will continue to die from it. Forever. You can lockdown all you want. You can open up in phases. Nothing Is going to prevent players from contracting it today, or ten years from now. So my question to you is, are you willing to ban football/sports forever? Because your preaching isn’t going stop Covid from infecting athletes, or anybody else. Forever. So what are going to do Einstein? Stop living? Suit yourself. In other words speak for yourself and get off your sermon podium. I’m sick of it already. And if you think they’ll come up with a vaccine, comment when they get one for SARS , MERS, Ebola and HIV. Better yet, invent something like Alka Seltzer plus for a virus that has all four characteristics and make yourself wealthy. I wait with baited breath
First of all, Michigan routed Notre Dame at home. Georgia didn’t. Florida is more 15-20 if even. You can’t hide in the South anymore and claim you’re better. Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Washington...they all travel the nation. When Arkansas loses at home to UNLV, you are not going to tell me the SEC is competitive. Florida and Notre Dame are seriously inflated teams. While Georgia clearly is top 5-7, that schedule is suspect. LSU? Number two till they prove they can play a balanced team like Ohio State (nobody in the SEC is...not even Auburn who is the closest). Yes Ohio State has a suspect schedule too. Nobody like horrible Arkansas is dropping 21 on the Buckeyes. We ALL know that. That said, I think the committee is pretty close to correct. I’m not giving the SEC real props till they start traveling outside of Dixie. Has Florida EVER played a non SEC team out of state during the regular season? Enough said. Southern football is only good in the South. That doesn’t cut it ( I still enjoy watching it though).