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Double entendre, am I a serious poster or a troll? Mind made up yet?
"Speaking of coping how are you holding up after that 63-38 beat down not too good since you are still crying about it?" Thats funny cause I'm not a Tenn fan. Notice how I also mentioned AU vs Scar? Ill give you some help since I know that the 803 education is not great.... Im not a fan of Tenn, Aub, Clemson, or Scar. Keep guessing youll get there
"I prefer SC it Scar over USC anyway"..... things being a gamecock fan will teach you, how to cope.
AU vs Scar (again how do you lose a trademark when you were a school before Cali was a state..... perpetual losers) AU has 10 wins to Scar 3 wins.
UT vs Scar (cant say USC cause yall lost the trademark) history is UT 28 wins and Scar 11.
UT and SC isn't a rivalry game either. The cocks just have been a bottom feeder their whole existence and don't have a rival other than Clemson (due strictly to state line) so the SEC is trying to make ones for them. Didn't work with aTm and Mizzou and it wont work with UT and AU.
As someone who lives and works near WB. They need to fix the slums on Shop Rd and all the raggedy warehouses. Sure the new place will be nice but considering the dumb that is the Columbia Metro area, try spending a billion elsewhere first.....
You would be correct StLGator, he did get 3 years. He also got a huge extension that made UT have to go on a witch hunt to get out of his contract. As a UT fan, that was terrible. Hopefully the Gators have seen our mistakes and takes notes cause I dont wish that on any team
I loved how many clemson fans now support his "claim" that the burger comment was actually a compliment. No you got caught by Scar and now by Tenn and dont want it to hurt your holier than thou image.
A good head coach has at the very least a winning season in his first 3 years.....
*See "Jeremy Pruitt @ Tennessee" from 2018
Hate to see him go. I thought he was going to be good for us. Didn’t quite break the depth chart but as is the time, you only got 4/5 years to put yourself on film and he wasn’t doing that in Knox. Go get you some WM.
This has nothing to do with Grinch leaving as I saw before. I think most of this boils down to family as he has a sister that is going to Scar. Makes sense and hope he does well.
Loved how honest and self assured Coach Leach was. Just living life to the fullest. Prayers for Leach's wife and children/grandchildren.