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I was just curious as to how LSU players and/or coaches got well from co-vid in a week. They had too many sick last week to play Alabama but this week they are miraculously healed. I certainly hope they don't cancel this game and only postpone it. I would like to see how tough and bad LSU is this year against Bama.
Bama fans does this call at the end of the Arkansas game remind you of anything from last year? Auburn is going to get all the breaks when they are not nearly as good as they think. Why don't they have to follow the same rules as every other team?
Perhaps he did not get to say goodbye so that he would not follow in the path of his new boss. It's my understanding that kirby took a picture of the recruitment board when he left to go to Georgia. Thank you Kirby smart.
Orgeron is definitely a good coach with very good personnel. However, he needs to win with class and humility and respect for his opponent. Winning a game isn't everything because being a good role model for his players and for his league is more important. At least it should be more important. I recognize that that's not how things work. It's all about money and it's all about winning. How about the way one shapes the life and maturity of a player?
Perhaps Coach o needs to practice the same rules. He has proven himself to be a terrible winner with no humility and total disrespect for their opponent
little o from LSU....this I what class and being accountable looks like. RTR always #1 in our hearts!
That is really nice for Burrow to say after he held up his big "L" sign in the middle of Bryant-Denny stadium. The very first sentence in this article is wrong. I saw no signs in the videos that I saw that LSU handled this win with any class. Beginning with their coach all the way down. However, I can applaud Burrow 4 his complimentary attitude. Maybe everybody just got caught up in the excitement of the moment. If my team beat Alabama I would be excited too.
Using poor grammar to criticize makes you look like a "douche. bag.". Use "an" when the next word begins with a vowel (see your first full sentence as "an" example). Nick would prefer no one show up for press conferences. He hates them, especially when he is asked the same question over and over and over. Perhaps you should be addressing the "pressers" instead of a coach who puts his team first! RTR BTW.....I went to school at Alabama where I learned basic grammar.
I totally agree that the A & M player should get something too. I must admit if someone grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me on the ground I'd be pretty ticked. All Smith was doing was defending himself but it's always the second guy who gets called for the penalty. I agree with Saban that it should have been offsetting penalties.
I agree with Darthtider. I'm a Bama fan win or lose and some opponent's fans make me furious sometimes, but we cannot condone this behavior. There are times when a few bad Bama fans embarrass me. Please remember that 1 bad tider is not what most of us are. RTR!!
Is Finebaum an idiot all the time or only in public so everyone knows?
I’ll just say that there is a reason Greg McElroy isn’t playing in the NFL or coaching anywhere! Let’s compare his career with Nick Saban and what have you got! You have a washed up quarterback who now thinks he knows everything about football versus the most successful coach in football.
But they aren’t badgered by media with the same question over and over. Neither of those 2 are always tactful either.
Everyone has to remember that he has been asked this question for months! He has respectfully answered it many times and requested not to be asked about it. It did no good so you say it so folks will understand. It’s kinda like the way you do your kid when he keeps doing the same thing over and over after you told them to stop. I saw it as protecting the privacy and respecting these 2 players. RTR!!
This guy is an a**hole! He knows nothing about Nick Saban! Just like another damn yankee who does know when to shut his mouth. He’s a football coach dumb a** not a politician. At least he minds his own business instead of running that mouth!!!
Well back when I was 6 my cousin pushed me and I stubbed my toe. This is about the same level as this story!
I'm sorry wayne77 but your response loses great credibility for me. While I respect your opinion, even though I disagree with it, I do not appreciate the sarcasm. Also, a man with your knowledge should be skilled in basic grammatical rules such as using complete sentences, the proper use of words (there vs. their), and spelling. It is easy for us to be critical of others if we do not have all the facts. RTR!!
Don't care who surpasses whom or who does not. We'll take either or both any day! RTR!!!
I am a Bama fan to the core but out of curiosity watched Bielema's press conference. I was so impressed with him....he is a class act!! He obviously has a passion for his players and what they are trying to accomplish. He seems to behave with integrity and presents a positive attitude. Arkansas is fortunate to have him. Thank you Coach for your investment in young folks and their lives!!