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Dan has an ego problem. He is not going to be second guessed we see that with the QB situation. If he does not make some changes this year, with a DC. Will give me further reasons to doubt us to win the big one. Love the Gators but this is getting ridiculous. Oh and FJB!
He can stay in the Big 12 or 10 or 8 whatever there going to be called. Think he is overrated
So once every century Georgia fans are allowed to speak! They will find a way to mess this up trust me! your century is just about over.
Would love this upset! Dont think it will happen. Should be the game of the day
I feel the same way going into this game as I did against Kentucky which was not a good feeling (predicted the loss). LSU has a lot to play for. If they play for the coach, and we play stupid? My faith level of Mullens play calling is not very high
Tired of Dan thinking he is smarter then everyone else. I think his ego wanted to prove that he could put 300 yards rushing on this team. When that fell short, he did not have a game plan in place. He also is tired of everyone saying that AR should be #1, Why because it would make him look bad. We ran tons of swing plays when Bamas d closed down the middle. They knew Richardson was going to run, and what did he And in the SEC you do not sit and watch 2 mins go off the clock specially after you move the ball. Stupid play calling. He needs to get a play caller in there.
While I do think GA is one of the two or three top teams in the league, I agree. Still gotta make it to Atlanta and until bama is dethroned by someone nobody should be running there mouth.
Kinda like how Georgia almost won a championship last.....wait whens the last time they won a championship?
feel like I am back in high school with all the juvies that talk like they know football making comments on here.
I agree with that 100 percent. Thats why he didnt try to score going into the second. His "oh we got that mentality" showed. Unfortunately in the SEC you have to put the pedal down all 4 quarters. I am getting tired of him (Mullins) and Emory has no spark, he shows no enthusiasm. Time to move on
Fla gonna drop to LSU/GA and dare I say a FSU team that is going to find a spark to get bowl eligible! Hard for me to say that, but I also called the Kentucky loss all day long.
I agree I see us dropping two more easily with Jones in. His play calling sucks and I am about done with him.
Gator fans can sit here and make all the excuses they want to. We made very costly mistakes and they capitalized. We had poor game planning, and I feel we have a coach that get very bull headed and thinks about self before team. Kentucky won, we lost! Yes Mullen is good on capitalizing on players strengths, but he is not good on adjustments for offense when his master plan is not working.
Agree 100 percent. I also have problems with play calling. Mullen does not like to turn up the gas like other SEC teams do. You play 100 percent till the whistle blows. He should have pushed to score at the end of the second. Second, When you have a defense that is keyed on your run you change up and throw swing passes etc, to spread it out. Didnt do that at all. When richardson did come in, they knew he was going to run, why not let him throw some swing passes etc. I am sorry but I think Mullens arrogance is starting to show. Sometimes its like he is trying to prove his point. I think he wanted to put up 300 yards rushing on their D to prove a point and that did not happen. And he had no answer for that. This was a disappointing loss and he was 100 percent out coached.
What scares me is our history of inability to tackle in the middle. The first half of the last couple games has been horrific. And our history in Lexington is scary. I could see them getting ahead by a touchdown or two in the first half with big plays. I hate playing catch up ball. I am a little nervous about this one.
Yeah I think you guys are on a good rebuild. You will be a threat back in the SEC soon. And I def will root for you over the dogs anyday!
That shows you have no class even for a Georgia Fan. As fans of the game we should be happy for any athlete that plays out and does something like that!
Was hoping to see AR-15 play this week, thats why I am/was going to the game. Hope Emory doesnt fall back into his same ole tricks. I understand being laid back, but I think he is way to laid back sometimes. Sometimes as a quarterback you need to show some spark!