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It is when you bash a 17 18 year old kid on his national ranking. Just curious if you gonna bash someone what your problem is with that kid, to me it would be jealousy. Because I know it was tough sitting on the bench when you were 8 and every one else was allowed to play.
TDOW please advise us of your high school ranking again
my bet would be equipment manager at the least or recorded video standing on top of the little square hut in BF georgia. If you were even that lucky. Or just sat behind the flut player. (no offense to the band)
Please enlighten us on your High school resume. I would like to know where you ranked coming out of high school.
So far his "off the field" actions have been impressive. Napier talks a good talk so I hope that will transition over. Even though Emory drives me crazy everytime he touches the ball, I do think he means well and has the potential. Kid went through alot of criticism. AR is a beast but good lord so far looks like a china figurine. Stubbs his toe and hes out for weeks. I still think Dan fabricated a lot of that. Emory was his guy and when the fan base began to grumble about "his decision" he bench AR. I hope that will all change. But so far great hire. Go Gators.
Would be nice to have game on a saturday night. I honestly think you would have more viewers. Yeah they will drag this out till after 12am on the east
I am really looking forward to the excuses or silence we will see tomorrow after Kirby chokes again!
You really need to spend a lot more energy and time praying on your knees that Kirby is not going to choke again. Come back when you have a natty, until then "no soup for you"
I think his heart is in the right place. And he was not a problem child off the field at all. Seems to have a good head on his shoulders with the exception of reading defenses and knowing when to let loose of the ball. I do not think anyone P5 or sec will pick him up. Maybe a DII school. If he stays he does need to be used as a swing back, wildcat etc.
I am really sorry that Georgia is going to embarrass the SEC east again and not finish the deal. Kirby will be Harbaughs B!@#$ after that game. Thanks again Georgia
He didn't get the nick name prime for nothing. I think this is all part of a show. Might have been planned the whole time. Maybe a finger to FSU? Or Prime is guiding the kid in how to make money while he can? This kid is making a couple mill as part of a TV deal I have heard. So he will get followed, puts prime in the spotlight as being some great recruiter, Prime will get offered a big job next year, and the kid will enter the portal. This is a business deal. I also do not think prime has 100 percent of this kids best interest at heart. I think he is teaching them how to make the most out of the situation, get theirs while they can, and benefits prime.
Dont think it will make a difference. Deon is going to have a big name school take a chance on him next year. Kid will then transfer to follow him.
100 percent beleive he wanted to get fired after last season. Saw the writing on the wall and knew this was going to be a train wreck. I think he thought he was going to pick up that NFL job last year. Didnt happen. Ftard. I had high hopes for him but he got stupid quick
Great emory wanted to improve on his stats! add a few more interceptions to his belt.
Yeah I dont call this a splash hire. His Defenses haven't been top tier.
Is Georgia fans even allowed to come out of there basements to speak yet. I mean dang, I'd at least think they would hide for a couple weeks.
Just want to thank Georgia in advance for embarrassing the SEC EAST and the SEC with your second @$$ whipping that you will get this season by that arrogant @ss Harbaugh. And PS I cant stand the big ten
Really surprised that any Georgia fans have room to speak! this is what sucks, I hate Michigan. Specifically Harbaugh, and I am pretty sure that Georgia is going to embarrass the SEC with that loss.
Georgia's five minutes of fame will be over soon. Lotta talk from a group that hasnt been able to put it together for over 41 years. I do believe they will win on Saturday, but the curse may rear its ugly head after that. Then it will be all over.
Dont agree with you there. I think Cincy would have all they could handle with most of the SEC teams that are at least 6-6. Dont think they could beat them.
His head is not in Florida. I think he is looking elsewhere for something else. If he drops one more out of these three he should be fired the next day. Will that happen, probably not. I hate to say this but unless he goes on his own accord he will still be there and we will loose even more recruits. I am actually scared that we will get embarrassed in the Swamp by a hungry FSU team that has a point to prove.
I agree. Scary part is the next two games after this one. If FSU beats Miami, and BC they will be hungry to get bowl eligible. Unless there is a drastic change, I think a hungry FSU team will beat us. If we drop one, just one of these games that should seal the deal with Dan. His play calling this year has been terrible. No matter what he says, his head is not in Florida. I bet he leaves to the NFL this year.
got some ties with some boosters. Word on the street is they ready to move on.
Bold prediction! If this spiral keeps going this way, and we drop the FSU game, will not end well for Dan.
In my opinion everything changed after the rumor started last year about the NFL. There is something going on with Mullen. Why would you not work on recruiting, makes no sense. I am ready for him to go. His play calling has been terrible, and there is no spark on this team. We will see no change in the team. The problem is him. Bold prediction? FSU in the swamp, the outcome??? I am really scared of that