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Munching on popcorn, thinking to myself this should be entertaining. Bring on the comments. LOL
98, Gators held Mizzou to 10 points. the other 7 was a pick 6. That's not on the gator D
It's a throwback to the 60's, cleats were only black back then.
6 mil infected out of 400 mil citizens is 1.5%. Not sure what math you used to get 6%
No he means the 1979 logo that has a U over a F with the state and gator in the middle
No he's not rated a 4 star anywhere I can find. 247 composite is 3 stars.
Wondering how when Beckwith was projected to UF he was a 3 star and now, in this article, since he signed with UT he's a 4 star.