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So if you're son was wrongfully accused of sexual assault and therefore exonerated by the police and had all charges dropped, you would still be okay with the school admin. expelling him?
From one Tiger fan to another, please stop talking.
"We look like a good ACC team" Best comment.
You bob for apples in the toilet, and you like it.
Couldn't agree more... Not just Fournette, but the team as a whole is ahead of schedule.
Could SDS be any more up Alabama’s butt?" Agreed. Is this guy suggesting that Bama found their groove after the UT game?
Not pointless, because the point is that Harris did what was asked of him and LSU won the game. He threw 14 times, because they only needed to throw 14 times. In terms of total QBR, Harris is in the Top 20 in the country. I guess Fournette gets the credit for that as well?
To every Florida Fan on this thread.... 35-28 180 yards and 2 TDs Bye Felicia...
And how could anyone possibly put Alabama in the "Underrated" column??? They were were ranked 3rd in the pre-season. Is 3rd underrating The Great Bama?? As a matter of fact, Bama has been pre-season Top 5 every year since 2009. Even when they lose at home to an "Overrated" (to use your words, Barnes) Ole Miss team and give up 5 turnovers, it's still just a hiccup.
Iowa definitely beat NW 40-10... I mean I'm not sportswriter or anything, but I DO know how to work the Google Machine and find the right score of a game that happened last week.
Michigan fan looks like he just found out that mom yard-saled all his Pokemon cards...
I think Cam Newton stole the computer before it could pick the UF/LSU game...
Sure Florida beat Mizzou and Ole Miss and "AT THE TIME" they were ranked top 2 defenses. But, "AT THE END OF THE YEAR" when it actually matters, they won't be ranked the best 2 defenses.
PS. LF7 only has 9 more carries than Chubb and 140 more yards than Chubb. And played one less game.
+200 yards in 3 games in a row is impressive no matter who it's against.
UT_King "I don't always make inappropriate, unprovoked comments. But when I do, I make myself look like a complete a**hole."