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Long wasn't a bad AD. He just didn't really fit in Fayetteville. As far as Petrino went, he waited until he was 100% caught before being honest with Long. He probably should have gotten fined and suspended rather than fired, but Petrino was/is completely unethical so I don't really blame Long for firing him.
My favorite part of this article is knowing that we were the "1" in their 4-1 start. WPS
The general fanbase is fine. We've had an extremely toxic segment for a loooong time, though. Most of us recognize where we are, but there's that large percent that's probably also angry that we didn't score in the second half. We've progressed though, since not that long ago (but pre-Morris) they would already be casting doubt on Pittman.
Of course. We're not known for accepting anything less than perfection, regardless of reality.
Completely different player at that. I didnt even notice because he kept talking about the receiver who *would* have been legal, but he never noticed it wasn't #0
That's ok. Florida State obviously isn't Ohio Valley Conference ready.
Yeah, the way I see it is we at least got our footing back under us. Morris would have absolutely lost that game and blamed it on a lack of talent. We're starting a soph at qb. It's gonna be a wild year, so we may as well buckle up and enjoy the ride.