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Position coaches being the issue is a real possibility, probably more likely than what I was thinking: that Briles told his players he was leaving at some point. This was bad. It feels like somebody has lost their players and I'm not sure it was the defensive side. They actually played better than our offense. But it was seriously probably a position coach.
I would go so far, somewhat poetically, that Petrino would have lost. He could build an offense but his defense was never solid. As much as I dislike the man, he has been quite possibly the best offensive mind in football for nearly 20 years. He knows how to make 5 yards into 20 and 20 into a TD and he teaches that to his players. I came very close to talking noise on A&M this week, but I'm not sure you can ever discount the man and his influence.
Don't buy players? No problem! Terrible hire! Big problem! Peed on money. It is clear.
@ESAD Yeah, come 2013-14 it became obvious that the cupboard was a bit bare at WR. He had some stuff in place, but he left us hanging pretty bad. But, he did what he had always done: coach 3-4 years and leave.
At the time, Bret was a good hire. He had done well getting players to play above their rating at Wisconsin. The extension and buyout was of course ridiculous, but I'm not mad that we hired him. I'm mad that we kept him.
Not to mention that when he left, all he did was tape a note to the locker room door. He didn't even man up with his players or the organization.
I would be more grateful for Petrino putting us on the map if he didn't leave Fayetteville on schedule with every other school he ever coached prior. 4 years. A lot was said about how he left the Falcons, but he left Louisville for Atlanta the same way. He has never graciously left a program and even if he regretted losing the Razorback job, he should have conducted himself with more character during the investigation. For all the good he did us those 2 years, he's the lowest quality man and we're better for having fired him.
This bounced out to the main thread for some reason, so enjoy it as a reply instead: You keep losing games like this or get blown out a few times, that number one class is going to start reopening their recruitment. It won’t stick around just to finish 8-4 and miss the Playoff again.
You keep losing games like this or get blown out a few times, that number one class is going to start reopening their recruitment. It won't stick around just to finish 8-4 and miss the Playoff again.
I'm about as big a fan as anyone, but the Hogs probably shouldn't crack the top 10 just yet. Maybe top 15, but 8 just feels like pandering.
Geez. With fans like this, who needs Kentucky?
An intelligent person would point out that these coaches who don't have success after Auburn were still hired at Auburn. That's bad decision making on the board/boosters. Sounds like the article was spot on.
The cap opened up free agency. If players income was going to be restricted in City A, then their agents were going to negotiate shorter contracts or free agent clauses that would take effect after a few years. I will always stand by NIL because it allows students to make money even though they're on scholarship, something that only athletes were heavily restricted on. With that said NIL, and to a greater extent the portal and 1 free transfer, will bring more parity to college football. There will be more teams competing for those transfers and recruiting could get somewhat easier. With more teams being competitive, it will inevitably lead to a larger playoff with the dreaded "qualifiers". It'll be more in line with a spirit of competition and less determined by 100 something media voters.
Long wasn't a bad AD. He just didn't really fit in Fayetteville. As far as Petrino went, he waited until he was 100% caught before being honest with Long. He probably should have gotten fined and suspended rather than fired, but Petrino was/is completely unethical so I don't really blame Long for firing him.
My favorite part of this article is knowing that we were the "1" in their 4-1 start. WPS
The general fanbase is fine. We've had an extremely toxic segment for a loooong time, though. Most of us recognize where we are, but there's that large percent that's probably also angry that we didn't score in the second half. We've progressed though, since not that long ago (but pre-Morris) they would already be casting doubt on Pittman.
Of course. We're not known for accepting anything less than perfection, regardless of reality.
Completely different player at that. I didnt even notice because he kept talking about the receiver who *would* have been legal, but he never noticed it wasn't #0
That's ok. Florida State obviously isn't Ohio Valley Conference ready.
Yeah, the way I see it is we at least got our footing back under us. Morris would have absolutely lost that game and blamed it on a lack of talent. We're starting a soph at qb. It's gonna be a wild year, so we may as well buckle up and enjoy the ride.