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Getting in some bong reps outside of practice. I like the initiative.
Bye Week Champions did too many field goal reps and not enough touchdown reps.
You don't win against 10-win teams with two interceptions and three fumbles in the red zone. Carolina fought hard, but their mistakes cost them.
Hard to be happy about this. Too many sacks allowed, far too many turnovers.
Michigan and Washington lost too, which means Clemson is probably back in....
I'd say you guys had a good day, being the most penalized team in the SEC and all. What calls in particular were you concerned about?
I can't justify the Florida or Tennessee being 15 point favorites. I doubt the lines stay that way as the week progresses.
It's not intriguing, it's embarrassing. I don't know what the East needs to do, but they need to do something. It just looks like Kindergartners fighting other Kindergartners week in and week out. If we don't have more than a few teams emerge, the East isn't going to see the SEC Championship for another decade.
Heupel is doing a good job for his first year at Missouri, especially considering that he inherited an offense that was literally stagnant. Missouri's defense looks so much better when Odom is running it. I think Missouri really pieces it together in the off season. Looking forward to next year's Battle of Columbia.
You see my point though, right? They talked about the Ohio State - Nebraska game, and even failed to post a clip from the actual game. And yet they couldn't get ONE sad fan from an SEC match up?
I don't see it. Clemson has gotten extremely lucky twice. They could just as easily be 7 - 2 right now.
You post sad fans outside of the conference, but don't include any from the Carolina - Missouri game? Are you kidding?
He is going to remember that touchdown for the rest of his life. I love seeing these stories.
You beat me to it. What the hell has this guy been smoking?
I just spit my drink out. LOL
I think it's a closer match up than what these edges are leading us to believe.
Interesting. Coach Jones put Muscjamp in his place alright...
How many rushing yards did UT put up on us last night? Man, all those edges, and no W....
Oh my god. I just remembered. Where is ESEC??
Not only did he press send, but he put the same comment on two articles... He had a chance, and hit send twice.
Wow... I don't think anyone is equipped to respond to this. Let's hope your team wins all of the games it's supposed to.
Nothing is sweeter than Voluntears. See what I did there?
Rough ones happen to every team. I'm a Carolina fan living in Athens, GA. Tell me about it... lol
Whose crying now? Let those Voluntears roll.