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20 - The Holder is by the kicker Still 2-tons of humanity fighting on the line.
Good thing I know of whom you speak. For a minute there you had me convinced you were speaking of a politician.
It's reported that Condredge Holloway threw an absolute chit show upon hearing about the Schiano news. God bless him. VFL.
If so, there goes half the fan base.
There was a Boomer Sooner wagon sign with spinning wheels. The wheels fell off at the very end!!
They're starting to come out of the woodworks.
Welcome to the internet, where even if you are a saint, you're still going to visit the devil.
Take away the freak fumble return and the punt return that should have been called back, and it would've been worse for Georgia.
I'm sure lining up in the neutral zone every play made up for him being "only 50%".
He wouldn't have the time to create the necessary bonds one must make with such creatures. He wouldn't be able to gain the animals respect.
It makes sense if he is a Texas Rangers fan, maybe?
Peyton Manning and Lil John are now being named in the lawsuit. It's a shame these people are using something so serious just for them to get some cash.
This guy has to be getting paid in order to act this stupid. He's trolling hard.
Reply was meant for Larry.
I recall KMac having a nice game against Ga, along with Tuttle. Well, until Kublanow took a cheap shot at his legs.
There's a reason why they're working for Fox Sports.
That's what you would call a slap to the face.
When did Mississippians invent their own dialect?
Toledo is a more quality loss than Arkansas, and I mean nothing bad by that. They're probably the the 2nd best Group of 5 team out there.
You would think Team Armor would have been able to put together a serviceable OLine.
I wish someone had a 100-yard pick six this bowl season.
Tennessee players tend to get screwed regarding the Heisman it seems.