BSE from the University of South Carolina. Getting a PhD at the University of Florida. Hell, maybe I'll do a postdoc at another SEC school to keep the tour going.

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I get it. Because it's the Egg Bowl. Hahaha sorry couldn't help it.
Thank you for some sense. I was shocked by this hire, but you succinctly said what needed to be said. The deal is done and there is nothing we can do about it. Time to sit back and watch and hope Ray was right.
I live in Gainesville now, and it ain't exactly the small town it used to be. Most jobs here are, granted, through the university. Most jobs outside of the university are still not great, but there are plenty of law, realty, banking/investment, tech start-ups, teaching locally, etc. that pay well and are stable. Outside of that, pretty sure a UF degree has much better recognition nationally as compared to one from FSU, so most grads don't need to stay in Gainesville and can go where they want to. And essentially saying Tallahassee is a preeminent city in Florida on par with Tampa and others is a joke. In short, sorry FSU, but you are the villains of the college sports world and everyone else dislikes, if not despises, you. Embrace the villain role and keep up those top-notch programs in music, criminology, and being a clown.
Well that didn't take too long. As someone who watched the protests and flag issue in Columbia, SC recently, I hope everything gets resolved peacefully and with both sides working together for a better future instead of slinging dirt and hate at each other. Praying for y'all Mizzou.
"PS--he's white." => I couldn't find anything wrong with his argument so let's use his race to invalidate his claims. Personally, I think the athletes can voice support for the hunger strike and movement, as the transpired events call for something to be done. The support of the athletes of the largest sport on campus is huge. But at the end of the day, they signed a commitment to the university and are receiving some (arguably not enough) compensation for it. The coaches and some of the players are OK with it, but should they strike? Can they strike? I just want a healthy discussion, not a dirt-slingin' fest.
Well, I'm pretty sure it is the only ranked matchup next week. Although Southern Cal-Cal, FL-GA, and even Stanford-WSU will probably be better games....
I want him. Don't listen to Vehemon's vehement protests.
Y'all have literally driven me to tears. I cannot accurately express how thankful I am for these two very generous programs. I have never seen so many friends' lives turn upside down so quickly, and y'all's contributions and prayers are definitely helping us get through this. Definitely not the worst disaster in recent memory, but we are still pretty shaken. This is what makes it so great to play football on Saturdays down South. Peace, love, SEC football, and God bless y'all. In other news, that's my group of friends and I that paint up most games! I graduated in the spring, so the torch has been passed, but still cool to be in the article picture.
I would like to sincerely apologize for that on behalf of the students who are embarrassed when our fellow students do that chant. We weren't doing it my freshman year (2011), it started to pick up in 2012, and ever since then we do it way too much. Granted, I just graduated and haven't been to any home games (well, home game) so far this year, so hopefully they turned over a new leaf? (Yeah right.) Or maybe last season and the beginning of this season have humbled them a little (nice win btw y'all throttled us). As far as Sandstorm goes, sorry that's not going away anytime soon.
Couldn't have said it better myself. That being said, these were both two teams searching for a new identity in a new season after disappointing seasons, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Our defense held onto a 4th quarter lead (unlike last year), and the offense was OK and surprisingly run heavy. Saw some things I liked, saw plenty of things I didn't. Time will tell, but looking at this group, I hope we can go bowling.
Thanks! Sloppy game, but for once our defense was mildly effective in the 4th quarter. Don't know if Mitch is the long term answer. He looked like a nervous kitten for much of the game.
Did anyone else notice that Durham, NC lists NCCU and NOT Duke? Suspiscious....
Luke Joeckel was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars.
BOOM! I understand the safety issues nowadays, but good ol' smashmouth hard-hitting football is so much more fun to watch. If only he aimed a little lower and/or lead with his shoulder...
He might just be the SEC's leading's just behind a much-maligned South Carolina defense his good overall performance has been hidden behind an at best mediocre team.
Davis was no longer a football player at the University of South Carolina when the crime was committed. The football program could not punish him for the incident because he was no longer a part of the program, as his scholarship had not been renewed. He played sparingly while on the team. Sure, this provides an example of a former USC football player assaulting somebody, but it does not support the original claim that Spurrier doesn't discipline his players for criminal activity.