Rooting for Kentucky in football is sorta like pulling for the turkey at Thanksgiving. I tried to discuss topics with some of the people on here but they chose to make personal attacks. Considering most of the comments on here are made by the same individuals using difference screen names, so why waste the time responding. Please continue your comments, I love having a following, even those who don't know sh-t from apple butter what they are talking about, but if it makes them feel better, go for it.
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Soon, KSR in Lexington is going to announce Auburn has contacted Eddie Gran of Kentucky, about the existing opening. Everybody wants the guy who managed the 104th offense in the country.
The news in Kentucky is the Bulldogs are going to come after Eddie Gran. PLEASE, take him, and of course his buddy, Hinshaw. The way he has developed quarterbacks at Kentucky should draw all the best high school players in the country. Look what he's done with the Wildcats. Check the NCAA statistics.
Name calling fits you and the rest. How about my age? Bathroom habits? Go play with your tinker toys and try not to respond to my posts. You and the other ----, nevermind.
We have found our niche with the powerful Mid American Conference and the OVC. And ain't nobody going to make us play anyone better. Wasn't the MAC 1-5 in bowl play. OVC is FCS. Again, how many times have we needed to play non Power Five teams to get to bowl eligibility? AND AGAIN, don't compare Kentucky football to Alabama's. It shows your stupidity. JUCO quarterbacks. And apparently high rated JUCO QBs. How much have they improved once they get to 'Eddie Gran's school of throwing it short'. Kentucky did play the 12th toughest schedule in the SEC this year. Not bad for a 14 team league. How many yards did next year's 'running committee' gain this year? And against who? Murray State and Middle Tennessee. Keep up the pep rally.
Is that the same Southern Mississippi that we LOST to a few years ago? I doubt we will see them on the schedule anytime soon.
Never mind, when your stupid enough to Kentucky football to Alabama, you have absolutely no credibility. A few years ago we HAD to beat the directional schools, OVC teams and teams recently named to the FBS to get to SIX wins. Or are you old enough to remember that long ago. Go play with your xbox. Bye.
Running back by committee guy, have you come up yet with the numbers on all those backs that will make up our backfield? There's no doubt they each carried the ball 150 or more times this year. And against the better teams. Are you going to attend Eddie Gran's Passing Clinic this spring? PLEASE come back so we all can rest easy over the winter.
And which one of those teams are going to be on Kentucky schedule any time soon? We won't play Indiana, Cincinnati, South Florida, certainly not Central Florida, or anyone else that will mess with the 'sacred six' game formula we have to get to a bowl. Did ya see Kentucky had the 12th worst ranked schedule in the 14 team SEC?
The mouse speaks! Not a one. But someone already told you that, right?
Where the argument that Mid American and Ohio Valley Conference teams and are just as good as Power Five teams? My father played at UK. Yours? Keep trying.
I love the statement about 'running back by committee'. Georgia has it a few yards ago, Alabama, every year, etc. And certainly Kentucky has had it over the last forty years or so with the exception of the last few. So, since it will be the by line of next year's team, how many yards did the 'committee' gain this year and on how many carries? It wasn't me who pronounced Benny was the 'best running back in the country'. I did point out his 'yards per carry' wasn't remarkable. And it still isn't. Aw, the passing game. 116th in the country. That means in the country in FBS there are 14 schools worst. Did you see someone placed Eddie Gran in the top five OCs in the country? Kentucky offense is 103 in the country, meaning there are 27 worst in ------ well you get the idea. And I don't use Google, I use Wikipedia, Kentucky Football Statistics, NCAA Statistics, and Sagarin Rankings among others. I know it useless to prove anything on here because facts mean nothing. Just like in the real life. So you all keep trying to disprove what I say, talk about my health, bathroom habits, me living in a nursing home, my wife's sexual desires, my multiple screen names, (I'm wearing your butts out trying to respond to me with one, and by all means please continue the pep rally! Yah, Yah!
I'll try again. The 1977 team played 11 games. All 11 games were against schools that are now in the Power Five conferences. Mid American and OVC aren't in the Power Five conference. Nor is the other 'bunny' we used to get to the ten wins. Understand now?
Why would I need multiple screen names? You guys can't keep up with me with my one. But, I'll admit it is fun seeing you try. Anyway, who is going to fill Benny's shoes? I will wait anxiously for your response. That is if you can actually talk football.
Now really, who has more followers on this site than me? And with nothing to say. But please continue to troll me. Maybe someday someone with thing you have something to say.
The 1977 played eleven games against what became Power Five schools. We might have to wait awhile till this team can make that claim. We do get to try to upgrade the Mid American next year with two games to open the season, but I doubt the OVC will be in the Power Five anytime soon. But who knows? Would you ever think Eddie Gran would be one of the top 5 OCs in the country? Me either.
Ah, my fan called me out! And who trolls who? Tell be, who is going to be the mouth of the program next year? Will it be Wilson telling us QB Wilson announcing he is going to break all Kentucky passing records? OR Smoke and Rodriquez with their total of six rushes for the season? Certainly either one can go for 200 yards a game. And again, thanks for remembering me. And the trolling. Who shall you appear as next?
I just read that Eddie Gran, at Kentucky, is one of the top OC in the country. Certainly he was considered by Miami.
Hey, Tennessee fans, don't pick on those less knowledgable. He's not old enough to remember the long losing streak we had against the Vols. Nor the 31 straight losses to Florida. Our win streaks are against Ohio Valley Schools, Mid American Schools, and those who are just entering FBS status. He's young and thinks Kentucky football started when 'our version of Stoops' arrived in Lexington.
Kentucky would schedule any of those teams on that schedule. We're all about getting to that 'sacred sixth' win so we are bestest buddies with the Mid American, two games with them to open the season in 2019, Ohio Valley, and another yearly bunny, so we can get half way to a bowl before we have to try to sneak up on an SEC team. Louisville was terrible this year and hopefully it will take five or six years before they get back to par. Let them start with the Cats, who wouldn't schedule them in the first place, and go up the food chain.
Ah, my favorite follower, who called me out, responded. I posted facts. Something you definitely have a problem with. Dispute anything I said instead of hiding behind another worthless post. Better yet, stick with slamming people and discussing their health concerns, their age, and other slams against individuals. I've seen you called out on other teams' pages for your stupid posts, off point, and then you run and hide. Either talk football, facts and reality, if you're old enough, and quit making stupid posts. If you can't handle just where this team compares to other in Kentucky football history, try reading comic books.
Just waiting for my fans to comment on me! Outstanding season for a Cat team. Ten wins! (could have been eleven if we hadn't forgot to show up at Tennessee. But we know they ain't no good) The team they are comparing this season's fantastic team to, is the 10-1 team in 1977. Scheduling was a little different back then. Some how they played all 11 games against teams that are currently in Power Five conferences but would that really make a difference? I mean, really? And with Barnhart getting ready to reward 'our version of Stoops' a nice raise, more bonus money, and of course, a very nice buyout increase, just to make sure no one lures him away! (seen any any lurers gathering?). Anyone of you old enough to remember when we were swimming in 5-7 seasons and everyone foolishly wanted to see him improve someone else's program but Barnhart could find enough money to buy him out? Of course, since we're assured of winning at least 5 SEC games a season from here on out, we won't have a buyout again. Yep, we have experienced the greatest football team to wear the blue and white in Kentucky football history. And with us opening with TWO Mid American teams next year, I doubt we'll have to worry about playing 11 Power Five teams, don't you?
Kentucky beat Florida by 11 Florida beat Michigan by 26 Michigan beat Penn State by 35 SO, Kentucky should be a 72 point favorite. Ain't that the way it happens? Penn State needs to get back on the planes to avoid major embarrassment!
I totally agree with your assessment. Penn State goes to so many bowls, almost annually, this one isn't going to be one in their 'Greatest Games In Penn State Football'.
Prayers for a full and wonderful recovery. Football is going to be only a small portion of your life and there is so much more to enjoy.
Is this the same Smoke who had 4 total carries all against Louisville. AND The same Rodriquez that had 2 total carries all against Murray State?
Who is the winningest football coach in South Carolina history? Really? Spurrier? Who would have thought that after reading the comments here.
Heisman Trophy winner, National Championship winner, many time Coach of the Year in the SEC, (but this year we learned just exactly how hard it is to earn that), took over a South Carolina team that later embarrassed Alabama, beat Florida, and turned the program into 'creditable' for a period. But those accomplishments are every day now in Columbia.
Kentucky doesn't have a coaching staff that can develop a quarterback out of high school. The quarterback starters for the last three years have come from the JUCO route. It'll stay that way as long as we can hang onto the Dynamic Duo of Gran and Hinshaw.
Fuzzy, he's a legend in his own mind. Just ignore him, or do I other do, read his foolishness and feel sorry for him. Tennessee has embarrassed Kentucky for many years, as they did this year. The Vols recruiting class is quite remarkable considering a new coach this year, a new staff, and developing their program.
I just read on Ke that Kentucky really focused on the state of Georgia on this year's recruiting since that's the way to beat Georgia. Heck, we've scared off Ohio State to the point they won't schedule us so this must work! Next is the state of Florida. No, wait, we own them now after beating them finally after 32 years.