Rooting for Kentucky in football is sorta like pulling for the turkey at Thanksgiving.
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I'm so happy for him! Again, another player who came, stayed the minimum and left without mentioning his disappointed of not winning a national championship. But Cal is proud. He's such a great humanitarian by helping these guys fulfill their dreams. I see him as the male Mother Theresa, don't you? I better she could win more championships with seven NO. 1 recruiting classes too!
Damn, the guy looks a lot like Mitch Barnhart! We certainly need more recruiters. We do have one of the highest paid coaching staffs in the country. Wasn't it ranked 16th last year in salary? And with the head coach happier than a pig in slop with the continuity of the staff, shouldn't we expect the same? Wonder who is going to be in charge of making sure we have 11 on the field this year? Kentucky Football - nothing expected, therefore no disappointments!
Well, at least he didn't mention how disappointed he was in not winning a national championship. That would have made it almost unbearable to read. Thanks for stopping by to fulfill your ambitions.
I doubt we will need them. But good luck guys. Ah, Kentucky Football. A minor sport on campus that readily fills in till Mid Night Madness.
Sorry, I meant to say Louisville or WESTERN Kentucky. This year we play MURRAY STATE of the OVC, Central Michigan to open and some directional school from Tennessee. Good stuff, huh?
Non conference Kentucky plays three baby deals and Louisville. How often has 'our version Of Stoops' beat FSC teams since he arrived? Yep, once. So what three teams in the SEC can they beat? Vanderbilt, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Miss State, Florida, and Georgia fill out their conference schedule. Any of those schools lose to Kentucky and there probably will be a coaching change. BUT at Kentucky, nine losses wouldn't cause the AD to have a concern. We are really passionate about our football in Lexington.
36,000 plus? Yea, right. The whole place only holds 62,000 at the most. BUT it is Kentucky football, so I guess you can believe everything said is fact. Now is time for the raises to 'our version of Stoops' and his outstanding staff, Cal, and his and heck, throw in another million for Miracle Mitch.
With Gran and Hinshaw coaching the quarterbacks, and unable to this point to develop one of their own recruits, I bet we will again be amazed just what the JUCO system can or can not, develop for them. We've had excuses for a failing offense since this dynamic duo arrived at Lexington so I bet they can come up with a few more. Can you imagine a Power Five team, only able to score one throwing touchdown in the last SEVEN games? Maybe we aren't playing them enough. Yea, that's it. And 'our version of Stoops' loves to brag about the continuity of his coaching staff!
The kid has his chance. Two years at the Calipari's NBA Proud Camp, and if you don't show a chance at making its, bye, see ya, got to use you scholarship for someone more promising. Yea, that's the way college basketball serves the student/athlete. Kentucky grads should be proud of what their school has become.
Is he as good as Knox? The CALIPARI finished in the sweet sixteen with the numbenumber two ranked recruiting class. In his nine seasons at Lexington he has had SEVEN No. 1 recruiting classes. One championship. So before you go bet the kids college fund on winning it next year, think about it.
Kentucky has Passionate Benny returning, another JUCO quarterback, Gran and Hinshaw just can't seem to develop one of their own recruits, so with only 41 straight losses to Florida, heck, why not score another point or two? Passionate Benny finished 82nd in yards per carry so the other backs should be well rested if he goes down.
How that the real season is at hand. Let's look at the results. With a No. 2 recruiting class the Cats got to the Sweet Sixteen. 'bout right. In nine years the Great One has had SEVEN No. 1 recruiting classes. One national championship. Other schools with No 1 recruiting classes are Duke with two, and two national championships. Connecticut two championships, no NO.1 classes. Villanova two championships, same as Connecticut on recruiting classes. North Carolina, one championship, no NO.1 classes. Same with Louisville. But since the team at Kentucky is now NBA Proud, and that is the focus, should we really be concerned about championships? Knox wasn't. He said he came for the purpose he got. What purpose did the Great One come for? Certainly not to develop a program.
Eddie Gran - Kentucky Orchestrated ONE TOUCHDOWN pass in last seven games. Outstanding running back PASSIONATE Benny Snell, was 82nd in yards per carry. (run a guy enough and he can get a lot of yards). But hey, at Kentucky its all about Cal's NBAProud basketball team, don't say program and football is some where down around Rifle and Cheerleading.
And you saw the results yesterday! Kentucky's offense, with Passionate Benny, the country's 82nd ranked pusher in yards per carry, rank and passed the defense silly. Think about that. Kentucky's OFFENSE destroyed the Cats' defense. Let's hope a whole new flock of JUCOs show up to play defense before we play a directional Michigan this fall.
I doubt there will EVER be another Kentucky 'run through' who showed more desire to get to the NBA than Knox. At least he didn't waste another season in that effort. With Calipari's Travel Bureau we're darn luck to get these guys to stay long enough to reap their rewards. I think their should be a statue of Cal and Knox, smiling widely, and holding a NBA contract. 'And that's what it's all about'. (well, and of course the hokey pokey.)
Can you name another Power 5 school who has lost to a conference opponent for 41 years in a row as UK has to Florida?
If we had an athletic director at Kentucky he'd fire that piece of ---- we have at Lexington and hire you in a minute. That's going to be the only way we will ever be the Gators. But, then, ever conference needs a joke of a program.
Passionate Benny Snell ranked 82nd in yards per carry last year.
Committed! Start the signing period today. That list of team begging for his talents is impressive. I was impressed when Matt Elem shunned Alabama to sign with the Cats. Until this young man signs, I believe we'll have to rid the shoulders of 'Passionate' Benny. Did you see Benny didn't scrimmage yesterday? The 'talk' was they wanted to look at other running backs. (you and I know they didn't want Snell hurting any of the Cat's defensive players' so let's play along with the young men statement). Soon, it will be time for Miracle Mitch to hand out raises. With all those teams trying to snatch 'our version of Stoops' and his staff away, we may have to down size the stadium again to increase attendance so we can fund those raises.
Maybe, just maybe, Saturday Down South can give Joe Cox some relief sometime around the Florida football game and actually post football articles. Yes, its wonderful Kentucky dominates the SEC in basketball. With only eight 5 stars on the team this year they drew the dread five seed, and the great recruiter again failed to coach those 5 stars to a finals. But without sending them to the NBA, each and everyone, the Great One has failed in his promise to get them out after one year. But with Miracle Mitch about to open the purse stings, what for raises all around, and the funding for a coach to count the number of players on defense.
Did ya see the BBN made Sports Illustrated? That's quite an honor.
You all still practicing? Guess the practices are do secret even the local pep rag, the Herald, can't get an article in side ways with all the positive basketball news. Maybe next year.
And that's in the Southeastern Conference. Hey, Twelve out of FOURTEEN ain't bad. More raises all around.
While in minor sports at UK. KENTUCKY is holding onto 12th place in Rivals 2019 Football Recruiting.
o,h, but the game is way too early for Cal's Kittens! We need to play the last game of the season, you know, after that worthless conference tournament. To think the Kittens will be up to 40 minutes of basketball in the first game, well that's just cruel.
The last time I checked I didn't see anymore basketball games on either Duke's or Kentucky's basketball schedule this year. But, hey, I understand their isn't much football news for either of those schools. BUT, if you wish to continue to post about The GREAT ONE maybe you might want to find a site where you can worship him year round. Some time, hopefully, in a decade or so, there will be some news concerning the Cat's football team to push Calipari's Travel Circus off this site.
Excuses. But hey, they have to fill these slots with something. Kentucky had a final four path given to them. But we were YOUNG. And that excuse falls to who? Who choses players for a one year run, uses the excuse of youth, placed in the wrong region, terribly tough teams to compete against, and of course, terrible officiating, and his seeding, more than any other coach in the country? Yep, that's the guy.
I bet Cincinnati and Xavier would like to play HOME AND HOME with Kentucky also. So would Indiana. But with the Portland States and Houston Baptists filling the schedule, I doubt we could arrange to play Memphis. And expose our Kittens, oh, they are so young, to a team who could actually be better than Transylvania? Not at the prices we have to pay to see those non conference games at home!
Same number of championships as Joe B. Rick and the Great One. Never about him. Same as with Joe B.. No one needed to worry about a pending investigation, whether putting players in the NBA was as satisfying as winning a national championship, or him whining about his seeding, the region, or who he had to play. And damn, it he didn't recruit Kentucky kids. He coached basketball. Period.