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Rooting for Kentucky in football is sorta like pulling for the turkey at Thanksgiving.
Recent Comments
Wonder how great that Florida win is going to be if the Gators lose to Tennessee? Never mind, we beat a team for the first time in 31 years so it has to be the greatest win in modern UK football history. Heck, maybe we should start the AF (After Florida) era. Period!
Hey, Passionate Benny rambled for 75 yards against Murray State, a Division Two school. And in your memory can you remember a more humble player at UK?
Gotta love the name calling, classifying of other posters, etc. Maturity abounds here. Say what you want, let other post their opinion and leave it at that. I haven't seen any Einsteins on here so I doubt your opinion is going to change any mind sets.
I have to admit its heart warming to see so many of you worrying about me. AND if it was just the Kentucky coaches having a little fun against Murray State, an instate division two school, leading three touchdowns, I would be surprised to see a few schools left on the schedule run up the score to show the fans they like to have fun also. I imagine the Cats scheduling Centre College in a few years so the Cat coaches can test any new trick plays they can have fun with. Wonder if Georgia might have a trick play or two if they're up 40 in the third quarter?
Did yo notice the Cats are opening with a doubleheader against MAC conference baby seals? Hey, find a league you can compete with and load up against them! BUT with 'OUR versuon of Stoops'probably leaving to take the Michigan job, and us having Eddie Gran as our new coach it will take us,at least a few games to get into championship mode.
When you currently have played the demanding schedule the Cats have, 168th in the Sagarin Ratings, having to use a gimmick play to feel comfortable against a Division Two school while only up 3 touchdowns against them, well, I think a win against State would seal coach of the year for 'our version of Stoops', a Heisman for Passionate Benny and of course an O'Brien award for Touchdown Terry. A loss to MSU would mean absolutely nothing. It's Kentucky folks! We beat Florida. Unrated Florida. BUT for the first time in 31 years). So if we win fantastic. If we lose well, Mid Night Madness is just around the corner.
How come the Passionate One only ran the ball five times against Murray State? Oh, I forgot, in the 3rd quarter, up only three touchdowns we had to go to a gimmick play. Heck, when you pay a small fortune to a Division Two school, who is winless for the season, a trick play to embarass them is certainly warranted. Yes sir, if Murray State ever gets the opportunity to run up the score on Kentucky they should certainly so so. Wonder when the Cats are going to grow the hanger downs and schedule Western Kentucky again?
After reading in the Lexington Herald how bully we arein the offensive and defensive lines I Don't think we will any problem with any one in college football. (In the Sagarin Rankings we are currently 168th in strenght of schedule).
Benny is a legend in his own mind. I agree, STOP the trash talk and prove how great you are on the field. Seventy five yards in five carries against a Division Two team ain't going to win the Heisman. BUT let's not forget how PASSIONATE he is.
With our bullies in the line on both sides of the ball, a Jeisman candidate at running back, a Davie O'Brien candidate at QB, its not who can the Cats beat, its who can beat them! (Currently we have played the,158 toughest schedulw in college football)
If you have to blow your own horn, well, maybe you need to shut up and prove how great you are on the field first. BUT we did beat a team for the first time in 31 years. (Don't forget that, ever).
Now if we could drop the Mississippi State game and schedule Centre, He would be happier than a big in slop! It Ain't bad when you can beat a winless MAC team,an OVC team, also winless, and finally a school who beat you 31 straight years. I just hate the idea of some other Power 5 school stealing 'pur version of Stoops'and his staff from us. Don't you?
Ain't everyday you can open the trick play bag against an OVC team.
When Bama was up only 49-7 over Mississippi, early in the third quarter, lined up on field goal formation, I thoughtfoesure it was a fake, so the coy of run a gimmick play. But silly them, they actually kick the field goal. They will never be as great as Kentucky with that attitude.
You're up three touchdowns, in the second half, and you call a fea flicker to score. If you need a gimmick play to run up the score on an OVC school, a member of the FCS, you are certainly a too 25 team. No doubt. But we BEAT Florida, for the first time in over three decades. We"re great!
I doubt there will EVER be another article written about Kentucky football that fails to mention the win that stopped the infamous 31 gain losing streak. Over three decades of losses and now we've experienced the greatest victory in modern UK footbal history.
The Florida,win has to be the greatest in modern UK football history. I think they should have a helmet sticker with the number '31'in a red circle with a red bar running through the number. Heck, have bumper stickers made of the same. It seems its going to be mentioned in all articles the rest of the year. It was a great win. And with the local writers in Lexington talking about our bully of offense and defense line, over powering other teams, how could we lose again this season? I was hoping how great we are wouldn't get out until after we play Georgia but after this weekend's massacre of a 'baby seal' I suspect it will be in all the news outlets. Get that bumper sticker!
After the Florida win, which surely places us in the top 1/3 of the teams in the SEC, you know, no lower than say 5th, should we look to bettering our non conference schedule with another Power Five team? Does playing two teams from the MAC next year stir your cockles? With us apparently now on the level of Notre Dame, according to the bowl projections, should we still be fearful of Big Ten, ACC, or Big12 teams? I say NOT!
The Cats played an outstanding game on both sides of the ball. Florida is still not the Gators of old. All the AP poll still has then th the top twenty five. Wonder 2hen Miracle Mitch will announce the lifetime contract for 'our version of Stoops'? If the Cats beat'baby seal No 2' O can't see anyway they can kee p them out of the Top 25. And special thanks to those who take the time to request my comments. And especially those who are so concerned about my health.
After next week, a pivotal game against Murray State, and an assured win, how could they possibly keep the Cats out of the Top 10?
Florida is going to need some help this season. OR Kentucky is going to be in the Playoffs. Which do you think?
Probably the greatest win since Kentucky beat Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. I don't think I've seen a better Kentucky team in, well, 31 years. I think everyone should save their money for a major bowl on New Year's day. Seriously, Kentucky played very well. Just think.31 more wins against the Gators and we can forget all about Florida's streak. The real question is if we can keep 'our version of Stoops' at Lexington. Whata think?
I'm beginning to think the winner of this game is going to win the SEC East. But if Florida manages to pull it out, starting next year I think the game at Lexington should start with either an unnecessary roughness or bullying penalty against the Gators. If the Gators lose it will be a major upset and will be noted as such for the whole season. If the Cats lose, well, we play MURRAY STATE next week and we have a one game winning streak.
Why should 'our version of Stoops' be worried about anything? I would say, behind Saban he is the only coach in the SEC would not be fired for going 2-10. (We play Murray State next week). Short of a major NCAA investigation I don't believe he could be removed short of passing away. Kentucky may beat Florida. If they do, watch for a two million dollar raise immediately.
Improve? How can you improve when you shut down a power from the Mid American Conference and left them with a ranking of 118th in offense in the country? Can you imagine the fear the Gators have, and since they only threw five touchdown passes in the first quarter, And from what I saw Charleston Southern used all 11 defensive players on every one of those downs. If Kentucky wins, it will be the GREATEST WIN IN Kentucky's MODERN ERA. If they lose, there is always next year, or the next year, surely we'll beat the Gator three years. Wonder what Kentucky AD Barnhart has ready to reward 'our version of Stoops? Two million and a lifetime contract? Why not five million and he and Saban can sit around in the off season and discuss quarterback problems.
And why isn't Kentucky playing them? The fans could intermingle, discuss basketball, and be happier than a pig in slop. And wouldn't these games give a LITTLE credibility to be playing a Power Five conference team instead of the Mid American?
I don't think Kentucky's Wilson is that bad. he came to Lexington with a the potential and immediately was stuck with the tag of 'Touchdown Terry'. Now, let's get down to brass tacks. He is being coached by the Dynamic Duo of Gran and Hineshaw. The same two who had to play their injured JUCO produced quarterback last year in the latter part of the season and bowl game. That quarterback threw ONE touchdown pass in the final SEVEN games. In two seasons at Lexington, they had failed to develop a quarterback that could replace one that was injured. Now, the current QB, Wilson, is under the tutoring of said Duo. So, please go easy on the young man, he's saddled with enough already.
I remember reading similar articles over the last 20 or so years. Every season had reason Kentucky is due. How did that work out for us. Heck, they might beat Florida. And the mere fact they have lost to the Gators for over THREE decades alone shows how over due they are. Heck, we're so close to actually holding a football record in something, and with our Athletic Director having shown just how much football means to the athletic program overall, shouldn't we CONTINUE to be the laughing stock of SEC and hold on to the only record we have in football? Yes, Florida could lose. There current coach is 8-1 against the Cats. So is he due to lose? . Florida hasn't been the usual 'kick butt' program they have for a few years, but they saw they needed a change and went after a successful HEAD coach, with staff. So stop the 'due' crap and let's see what Athletic Director made the better decision in hiring their coaches. Sure Kentucky could win. You ready to 'bet the farm' on it?