Rooting for Kentucky in football is sorta like pulling for the turkey at Thanksgiving. I tried to discuss topics with some of the people on here but they chose to make personal attacks. Considering most of the comments on here are made by the same individuals using difference screen names, so why waste the time responding. Please continue your comments, I love having a following, even those who don't know sh-t from apple butter what they are talking about, but if it makes them feel better, go for it.
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What? No EDDIE GRAN of Kentucky? He is working for the current SEC COACH OF THE YEAR, masterminded a ten win season, developed a running back who described himself the Best Running Back IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL FOR 2018, and he can't be a college head coach next year?
Consider this is the most important story in Kentucky football for the past three days. Let's talk about our baseball team. New stadium, losing season over all, and no SEC tournament. Yea, we had all those players going to the pros last year, and certainly no other school in the SEC lost any so that's why we finished tied to for last. Maybe this year some of the other schools will lose some players to the professional league and we won't and then we can get to the SEC tournament. Know how many times we've been to the CWS? Yea, that many. But our new stadium, smaller than 2/3s in the league when completed, has done the trick. Or maybe another raise for the coach. Thanks Mitch!
I thought for sure he would have come after little brother's OC, the fantastic Eddie Gran. Didn't Mumme have something to do with developing Tim Couch? I think he was a first 4ound draft choice as a QB in the NFL. Maybe Mumme doesn't want to return to college ball and we certainly wouldn't want him at UK in the OC position anyway. Too much excitement is bad for drawing fans.
You go to where you think you can get on the field.
This is a great addition. He certainly shouldn't be physically 'worn out' having appeared in two games and making one tackle. Experience like that is what we need.
The GREAT QUARTERBACK from the University of Kentucky is certain to be the next twelve. Or maybe the will forego the bounce pass teaching at this camp. He did finish 12th of 14 last season in the SEC stats.
KENTUCKY is becoming Quarterbak U! With a member on the BBN already describing Terry Wilson a GREAT QUARTERBACK, a possible transfer from Penn State, two slingers already on the staff, more coming in this fall as new recruits and now this young man who was a starter at Troy, the Dynamic Duo of Gran and Hinshaw will have us ready as never before! Their development of recruits, the starters they have snatched away from JUCOs and now possible TWO graduate transfers, Georgia and Florida should just go ahead and be happy with playing for 2nd place in the SEC EAST.
How many No. 1 recruiting classes does this make for Cal? He has 1 national championship which equals the same number of first round losses in the NIT.
Kentucky's pass offense was ranked 116th in the country last year and 14th in the SEC. Luckily we have our GREAT QUARTERBACK back.
I bet Tennessee fans like knowing they are classified in the same 'tier' as Tennessee-Martin. We were lucky we didn't play Tennessee-Martin last year after the results on the Tennessee game. Well, ain't we?
Well, he has had three years coaching at the college level. That's good. Probably not as good as a couple of years at a JUCO, followed by the Dynamic Duo of Gran and Hinshaw, but who do you want to transfer in, Payton Manning? The simple fact he can't crack the lineup at Penn State, had limited playing time, BUT he has actually be on the field during a REAL game is a plus if our current quarterback goes down. So, yea, we need him back.
With 'our version of Stoops' almost guaranteeing a 10 win season and them picked to finish FOURTY FIFTH in the country, can you imagine the records of the other 44 are going to achieve? We might need to add another 30 bowls so all the 'winners' can get the recognition they deserve. Who would have thought it would come to this!
Good news for US Cat fans. Let's hope he learned a lot at the quarterback camps and from his father.
Kentucky will be fine. There is no overall expectations at Lexington except to get to a bowl. Stoops couldn't have a season to bad enough to get on the 'hot seat'. He's ours. Mitch isn't going to hold a coaching search for anyone so let's all be happier than a pig in slop to have what we have. And of course, we now we own several teams in the conference now. Everyone in the Eastern Division except Georgia and Tennessee. So like some have suggested why not expect at least 10 wins again this season?
I've got YOUR attention don't I? And now you're slandering my family. Admitted liar.
Kentucky won a baseball game today! Couch burning scheduled for 9:00 p.m. Small couches only, we lost the series to Arkansas 2-1, BUT we with us now with SIX conference wins against 18 losses, I think we are preparing for that run to the College World Series. Over all? 23-24. See what that new stadium accomplished?
LSUABC, lol, I told you if you ever mentioned me in another post 'it would be open season. Not only you're an admitted liar now, which I don't accept, but you're still coming at me. You made it sound, in your test, I was the one who lied. And then you came after me in THAT post and now this. So, let's continue corresponding. You want to feel you are superior to me. That ain't going to happen.
LSUABC, of course you know more than Sports Illustrated! Most of you posts, like Jimbo Fisher's failure to get a 10 contract from LSU can be found somewhere. Were was it you found those facts? Or the one about NFL scout team players only able to make $129,000 a year? Explain that 'fact' to us. I knew you didn't have the guts to admit it. You were going to test me? You're still a liar. You said you were, but almost in an after thought. You are still slandering me about my Christianity, and other things you know nothing about, so it's still on. Do you really think I'm going to accept your 'admission' as you continue to slander me? So, AMAZE us some more. I'll be around. And of course, keep searching. (Maybe you can get a job working at SI since it appears you are the only true source of information in the country.)
You slam me in you 'admission you lied, calling me a fake Christian and Kentucky fan, then 'bury' the fact you lied about me. Yea, that's going to work. I see you haven't attempted to AMAZE us with more untruths today. Why not? Slamming me in you 'admission' isn't going to work. So let's just leave it the same. Keep searching!
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Why should I turn the other cheek to you? You're the one who told the lie and I'm suppose to accept your lie? Yea, that's going to happen. Keep lying.
And to think all you had to do was admit you never read a post by me where I said I was a Louisville fan. BUT, that would be admitting you had the guts to admit you made a mistake and are still lying about it. Keep searching!
Look who you picked up as another supporter. Lie down with dogs and then you wonder why you've got fleas. I am a Christian. I'll bring of God anytime I want. Keep calling me anything you want. And do you deny you got two discussions shut down because of your racist comments? It doesn't really surprise you won't admit you lied. It would take guts to do that. So, again, as I said GOD and I know who's telling the truth. Do you really think I'm going away? Keep searching. And of course, lying.
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How can I be lonely with the following I have? We, you,me, and God know why I'm following you. You can fool these 'geniuses' that have flocked to you but not me and the guy upstairs. SO, I really don't think its really me you need to be concerned with. Have you read the posts of your 'supporters'? Are they really what you want to hanging on your every post? Hey, maybe there are, sorry for you. So, what's you going to AMAZE us with today? I keep watching for you articles as one of the writers on here. Guess they saw you track record for racism, lying, and generally wanting some to agree with you. lol, well, check the intelligence of your followers, and be PROUD! Keep searching.
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Kirby, exactly. Many of those who performed to assist these QBs are gone. Some teams can reload, others are going to be hampered by lack of experience, immaturity, and the bottom line, lack of the ability of the players they're replacing.