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Rooting for Kentucky in football is sorta like pulling for the turkey at Thanksgiving. I tried to discuss topics with some of the people on here but they chose to make personal attacks. Considering most of the comments on here are made by the same individuals using difference screen names, so why waste the time responding. Please continue your comments, I love having a following, even those who don't know sh-t from apple butter what they are talking about, but if it makes them feel better, go for it.
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With Gran and Hinshaw tutoring him, is there any doubt about his 'upside'. Look what they did with Stephen Johnson in only two years.
Maybe we need to get an AD who will actually have a coaching search. We don't have a problems spending millions, like 7 0r 8 million to play a basketball coach so why do we short change the football program? Why not hire a coaching search firm, who has contacts with the agents of football coaches, and see who might actually want to take on the challenge of coaching in the SEC? We have no idea if a successful coach, you know, winning coach, who might want to come to Lexington, bring a successful staff, who might have recruiting connections in Florida, Texas, and other states where the best high school football is played. Considering who the athletic director is, it might be a long shot but surely with 78 teams going to be going to a bowl, with somewhat successful head coaches, and staffs, contacting a coaching search firm MIGHT actually see would, at least under the cover of darkness, might consider coming to Lexington. Or we can continue with excuses, an absolutely terrible offensive coordinator, and quarterback coach, see if he rest of the SEC EAST is going to continue to struggle for five or six years. One way we can see how good are coach and his staff is wait and see how many want to turn the future of their program over to them. I bet 'our version of Stoops'' phone is ringing off the hook.
And all this time I thought the head coach was SUSPOSE to take charge and show leadership. What you can learn from some of the geniuses on here!
Maybe when 'our version of Stoops' leaves after winning the SEC Championship, you know, next year or so, Miles might call first and get the Kentucky job.
I'm so confused. One of my admirers said Georgia wasn't 'great' just 'good'. I asked him where he would label Kentucky if Georgia is just 'good' No response from him. Now a team who was laughed at for barely beating Charlotte, and I would think might be not listed as much better than 'average' beats us by 17. Wonder where that leaves Kentucky now? Thank goodness Miracle Mitch had the foresight to schedule Middle Tennessee instead of Charlotte. Oh, and by the way, my health is quite good!
Look at the following I have! Georgia, you know, that team we were going to beat to win the SEC EAST embarrased us. The other school we've beat recently, Vanderbilt,a come from behind win for the Cats, Missouri, on an extra play that was awarded on a ball that was unwatchable, with the self pronounced best running back in the nation going for less than a hundred yards in three of the last four games, BUT getting a banner honoring his outstanding performances and ranking 79th in the country in yards per carry. We are having a good year. One of your group said Georgia isn't a great team, just good. He never responded when I asked if Georgia was just 'good'where's that put the Cats? He never answered.
Not necessarily these two schools, but hasn't the uniform changes for games be the MOST exciting events of the season! I wonder if the bookies in Las Vegas wait until these announcements to set the odds? Heck, I bet some schools have combinations set up through 2020.
So NC State losing to Wake Forest makes Kentucky better than them? Sure, yep, right. OR maybe Kentucky would get beat by both NC State and WAKE FOREST! After seeing all the Kentucky fans on here telling everyone how they were going to beat Georgia, yea, let's hope we get to play North Carolina State in a bowl. (we have a fantastic bowl record under our super coach, 'our version of Stoops'.
WOW! Imagine Kentucky playing last year's national champions in a bowl. UCF and the Cats in the Peach Bowl.
I thought I read a compassion to Snell in the article. Guess not.
Kentucky football has banners of Snell, Allen and others hanging in downtown New York City. Kentucky's all American corner?, was taken out of the play by one blocker. We gave up when we didn't score they flat, laid down. Got it now?
I'm surprise the BBN hasn't sent death threats to the officials yet. That is the usual response to a loss. Is the fan base agreeing putting players in the NBA is more important than winning? Heck, why not!
Wonder if coaching should be considered? Naw, since we don't strive to win the National Championship anymore, as long as we can get players ready for the NBA draft, who cares? Until we play North Carolina, we have a schedule that should be playing Morehead.
Wasn't there question about some type of testing at Memphis when The Great Cal was coaching there? The testing was prior to the season so he could enter the University, like during the summer. Are we do believe The Great One didn't have in place a check and re-check system to assure only the honorable entered the program? How did that work out for the program and the school? A vacated season, a banner removed and the coach ends up at a school who has only six major basketball violations on file with the NCAA. Sorry BBN, I believe I will wait before I announce we pure as the driven snow. Now you trolls, first time I've ever used that word, pile one. Oh the following of TROLLS at gathered. Thanks.
The video appears A&M wanted to score. BUT does this young man have banners hanging in New York City? So there! It took A&M two plays to go 25 yards in the overtime.
I didn't know Texas A&M was the 5th place team in the nation.
Kentucky doesn't cheat. Never have and never will. (check the NCAA for violations). And why would we have to cheat? Aren't we running a draft service for the NBA? It might be different if we were actually trying to win a championship, but those days are gone.
Look at my post and then the one that follows. See anything different in the screen name? Check the No. 1. I doubt you will, but hey, as long as you wish to follow me, using the various screen names you have, heck, I'm becoming a legend on here. Please continue.
If you can't be one of 78 teams in the country who gets to a bowl, then maybe you need to evaluate the hiring process, who the AD picked to coach and who is on the staff. Some of those teams that aren't living up to expectations have new coaches, with new staffs, trying to develop players they didn't recruit. It takes time to teach new schemes get the players to fit those positions. Texas A&M is not exactly tearing up the SEC WEST but they brought in the coaches who have done an better than average job. And contrary to some AD's thinking, hiring an established, winning coach, with staff, who wants to take on the challenge. Heck, some event use professional coaching search firms instead of waiting to see who calls first.
Well, with us beating the world every year from now on, let's tear down the recruiting deck, add 40 thousand seats, and battle the big boys. Instead of our double up on the MAC conference next year let's pick up Ohio State and Michigan. And swap Mississippi State as our every year game from the WEST and demand we can play Alabama. And of course doubt 'our version of Stoops'salary and give him a lifetime contract.
Why in the world would anyone turn down Kentucky to play at LSU?
Let's hope there's a bunch of low star all americans in the latest recruiting class. We are only out recruiting Vanderbilt in the SEC in stars per player. But that new recruiting deck is going to make up the difference in the SEC. Maybe we need more billboards in Ohio. (bet they're cheaper than in New York City).
sorry, quit around her after the Georgia game. Guess we'll have to wait on renaming the stadium after 'our version of Stoops' and Miracle Mitch. Hopefully Benny is just resting up for his Heisman run. Three of the last four games he's rushed for less that 100 yards. BUT he is 72nd in the country in yards per carry. How going into three games against terrible teams, don't you think we need more billboards in New York City? And again, sorry to inform everyone, my health is quite good.
Yeah, he certainly hit the button on the nose in comparing Benny Snell to Hershel Walker too.
Surely there is no one left on the regular season schedule the Cats will lose to. And if he predictions are correct, they will meet last year's national champions, UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, in a bowl. Wow!
All of a sudden all the BBN has become Alabama fans. We got our butt handed to us, and to think we could beat Georgia, Alabama OR LSU is foolish. We need to stay happy we're in the weaker division in the conference. And hope the schools like Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida continue to play like a fish out of water. Be happy!
Wonder how long those billboards in NYC were rented for? If you read the Lexingtont Herald today it sorta hard to figure out which team won. BUT the lead writer, Jen Smith, tells us we would have beat them if we didn't have two linebackers playing with casts. And with all our outstanding recruiting classes, you would think there might be at least a half dozen linebackers to fill in. Yea, sure, let's got with that excuse. Wonder what was the Cat's offensive line's excuse?
Hey, where's the Kentucky Wildcats? Just because we didn't beat Georgia, which only LSU has, all of a sudden we're forgotten. We beat three of those teams in your poll.