Rooting for Kentucky in football is sorta like pulling for the turkey at Thanksgiving. I tried to discuss topics with some of the people on here but they chose to make personal attacks. Considering most of the comments on here are made by the same individuals using difference screen names, so why waste the time responding. Please continue your comments, I love having a following, even those who don't know sh-t from apple butter what they are talking about, but if it makes them feel better, go for it.

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lol, when someone beats you eight straight times, it might be best to keep quiet about them. It doesn't matter who voted, it wouldn't change a thing in the prediction of who is going to win the SEC West.
this article brings us back to the usual posts we've received before media days. Watch for several on UK basketball now, not the current team but of former players. With 'our version of Stoops' almost guaranteeing at least 10 wins, Kash being declared the baddest ever, what else could their be to cover about Kentucky football? Well, opening with TWO outstanding teams from the MAC conference, but we don't like to brag about our schedule.
But if they hang NO.22 in the stadium, how will we know if its to honor Jared, or Wilson?
A Georgia source says he was offered a position coach job. BUT can you imagine Georgia with Eddie Gran running the offense? What about a former Kentucky quarterback allegedly battling for the starting job at Ohio State? At least that's what the head coach says. Not being able to break into the starting lineup at UK, he has to settle for Ohio State.
Gran. And all this time I thought he couldn't develop top tier quarterbacks! But with Georgia pleading for him to come to Athens, (yea, right), maybe Touchdown Terry Wilson, also know as the third best bounce passer on the Kentucky campus, listed behind two basketball players, might just win the Heisman this year. Good luck to Gunner Hoak and his endeavors at Columbus!
Imagine a former University of Kentucky quarterback going to Ohio State and getting more playing time than he could garner under Eddie
And the SEC wins for the 3 previous yeards? 'Average' is the key world. Heck try the previous 20 years. You'll see my point.
A lot of schools could learn from Coach Corbin. He's an asset to college athletics. His players are scholar/athletes. And LOVE THE WHISTLE!
Kentucky has more voter points than three of its opponents. 3-5 is about average against the conference. I know the writers were voting in the division separately so maybe the Cats are only ahead of Vandy! LOVE THE WHISTLE!
I can't believe you think Kentucky could finish last in the SEC EAST! Ain't you been reading about how our quarterback is going to be greatly improved? And how we are over the hump with Florida now, and every game is for the next 30 is going to be a toss up? And don't forget, we have the SEC COACH OF THE YEAR 2018. I bet ya if 'our version of Stoops' goes 0-8 in the conference, he's back again in 2020. And probably gets a raise. Right now its bragging time in Lexington. That doesn't come around but once every 40 or so years. So, out of the goodness of your heart, you need to remove that last sentence about Kentucky. When a mule wins the Kentucky Derby, they still put the blanket of roses on him don't they?
Good question. You all should go on and put it on permanent display some where. Most Kentucky fans have only seen it once or twice.
Hey, loosen up! This is a kid from Eastern Kentucky, getting some recognition. How many football players from the state of Kentucky, at an SEC school get to get on a stage, and brag about how bad they are? He's a Phil Steele 3rd team all SEC. Somebody had to go to Hoover. Do ya think they were going to bring Touchdown Terry Wilson? And the praise and bullsh-t we heard from 'our version of Stoops' about our offensive coordinater. EDDIE GRAN, NCAA total offense ranking - 92nd EDDIE GRAN, NCAA passing ranking. 115nd Yea, I can't believe Georgia didn't offer him the 'farm' to come to Athens. Anyway, back to Kash. Talk is cheap. And if he can't live up to his words, he will be just another kid from Kentucky who got to play at UK. I too, total agree, talk is cheap and there's nothing sweeter than making a braggart eat his words. Heck, let's go with potential All SEC third team until he shows us how good he is. AND he is a member of the UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY FISHING TEAM!
I love the 'whistle'! The best we can come back with at Kentucky is the bouncing of empty Bourbon bottles in Pigg-, sorry, Kroger Stadium. With Kentucky football, and now baseball selling naming rights to companies, corporations, etc. I think that puts us in a very special group. (the rumor was Mitch Barnhart, our AD, was going to ask the University of Florida if they wanted to call the former Commonwealth Stadium, THE NORTHERN SWAMP for a few million dollars.) But instead he sold the naming rights the KROGER, an OHIO company.
Yep, no problems in the Kentucky camp.
I can't believe he forgot to mention he's a member of the University of Kentucky Bass Fishing Team. He's told us how bad he is, now he needs to back up his words. We'll see. Game 1 Toledo Game 2 Eastern Michigan Heck, he should be on the potential All American teams after those two games. A good ole boy from Paintsville an All American! Yep, write it down.
Three game winning streak against the Vols! Actually for a Kentucky fan, that would be a pipe dream. Congratulations!
Connor O'Gara, when interviewing the Alabama players did you expect them to say, 'we're just not as good as Clemson'? Maybe my question should be, have you ever played on a quality team in any sport, in a championship, and lost? The team with less points aren't going to bow down and kiss anyone's ring. No championship quality team is going to think they weren't as good as the other team. Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser. No, you don't have to make an a-s out of yourself and smart mouth the opponent, but you look them in the eye, shake their hand, say 'nice game' and be thinking, 'let's play again and we'll kick your a-s'. Nick Saban didn't get to the level of being the best coach in college football by being a 'good loser'.
I total agree with him on all four points. Especially No.1. Play the ninth game. Give the fans something for there money. And the players a chance to play against quality competition. No one is going to win the Heisman for his performance against a 'baby seal'.
I thought for sure he was a 'lock' for Kentucky. I guess the depth and the new revised Touchdown Terry Wilson deterred him. Darn!
Why are YOU calling out others for stating THEIR opinion? Your obsession for posting has lowered you to the depths of the more ignorant on here. I thought you had some 'smarts' at one time but I guess when the truth came out about your lying, it unbalanced you. So keep slandering everyone who doesn't agree with you. Read you page of recent posts.
Maybe, just maybe, you should start plagiarizing other's articles? I feel for ya. How about an article on the best junior high football 'nicknames'?
Excuse me? LSUABC, you don't get bent out of shape? Get real, or do we need to go through the 'facts' again?
An alleged LSU fan concerned about Auburn. Who would have thought?
Is he going the wear the checkerboard colors of Secretariat? Wouldn't that be only fitting?
DUDE? How old are you? Ten? You don't need to respond. After reviewing your posts, I can see you're one of the geniuses who pop around, talking about other SEC teams, wanting to get someone to respond to you. I made the mistake of doing so. It won't happen again. Comment on your alleged favorite team, stay away from subjects you have no knowledge of. DUDE?
Good tournament. Wondee what it would cost for a couple to attend? Flights would vary, but tickets, hotel room, etc. might make it worth it for a true basketball van. The discussions between the various fans of other teams to learn their traditions, what they consider their best teams etc. would be fantastic.