Rooting for Kentucky in football is sorta like pulling for the turkey at Thanksgiving. I tried to discuss topics with some of the people on here but they chose to make personal attacks. Considering most of the comments on here are made by the same individuals using difference screen names, so why waste the time responding. Please continue your comments, I love having a following, even those who don't know sh-t from apple butter what they are talking about, but if it makes them feel better, go for it.

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If you or anyone thinks Tennessee didn't out match Kentucky didn't see the final score. You can run up and down the field but unless you cross the goal in it's hard to score points. And with our kicker missing an extra point, going for a field goal was out of the question. Tennessee could and did make adjustments at halftime. Kentucky? These is an opening in Fayetteville, Tyson Chicken and Walmart have alot if money to hire a new coach, think 'our version of Stoops' is on the short list? Gawd, I hope so.
We're probably still going to be one of the Great Eighty teams that are going to a bowl. Isn't that how we measure success in Lexington? And we know the head coach and staff are going to get NICE raises don't we? So what do we really have to complain about. We've already pronounced one of our players a certain All American. We should win this weekend. And the following weekend for sure. Louisville was so bad last year we laughed our way to a win. So 7-5 is possible. Three conference wins. Four non conference wins. Whata think Bronco? Kentucky football: nothing expected therefore no disappointments. (and we can always point back to the great season of '18).
Well, at least we're in sixth place in the EAST in the conference, AND playing the 7th place team this weekend. Oughta be barn burner!
How many of you wanted to fire Gran st halftime? Tennessee adjusted at halftime. ALSO, they threw the ball. Game over. But, soon, raises around. Ain't Mitch the greatest?
lol, and all he's done to develop of high school recruits at quarterback. Tennessee exposed our running game.
Maybe FSU should hire the coach at Western Kentucky. Plain to see why we don't want to play the Hilltoppers. Kentucky beats the Hogs by 4 in Lexington. 24-20. Western wins by 26 in Fayetteville and scores 45 on them. And to believe we have the great Eddie Gran calling the plays.
Now us Kentucky fans understand why the Cats won't play the Hilltoppers. Kentucky 24-Arkansas 20 In Lexington. Western Kentucky 45-Arkansas 19 in Fayetteville. Yep, Mitch, you're actually dodging teams extremely well.
Well, we will never know will we? Our AD won't hire a coaching search firm, who would contact coaches' agents to see who might be interested in coaching in the SEC. I would love to see the job offered to Mike Leach. Georgia seems to doing well with an Alabama assistant. Same is Florida. If 'our version of Stoops' leaves and they offer the job to Eddie Gran we will need to Join the MAC to have a chance at a winning record.
You're not referring to the quarterback development at Kentucky are you? He IS great for Kentucky. And Kentucky is certainly great for him. If he leaves he will meet the real world, maybe an AD who wants to be competitive with other conference schools, not just win a little over a third of the ACC games. Heck, will find a more forgiving fan base at FSU than in the Bluegrass? Will they think 101st in total offense is acceptable. 118th in passing? If they will promise him that's acceptable, and he thinks the ACC is better than the SEC to coach in, by all means let's give him a resounding sendoff.
Would he get s better deal from Florida State? Could he find another school who would give him a six year contract with a half million dollar raise each year when you have won just over a third of his conference games? As long as Miracle Mich is at Kentucky he should never leave. Heck, he coaches in the top football conference in the nation. And soon will be the highest paid coach in the country if he stays 10 years more. Can FSU offer that security?
Would he get s better deal from Florida State? Could he find another school who would give him a six year contract with a half million dollar raise each year when you have won just over a third of his conference games? As long as Miracle Mich is at Kentucky he should never leave. Heck, he coaches in the top football conference in the nation. And soon will be the highest paid coach in the country if he stays 10 years more. Can FSU offer that security?
Those of us old enough to remember when this game actually meant something can see how this series has deteriorated. With the Louisville basketball game being ordered by the politicians and the fans thinking we would beat down their football team every year, we found the perfect replacement. Thank good for the annual series with Vanderbilt. (except in baseball. We prefer teams from the Ohio Valley Conference. Thanks Mitch!) The old beer barrel was to represent a vessel the moonshiners would store their production in.
I think one thing we all overlooked if 'Our version of Stoops' will still get to play little brother frequently. And it would mean it has 'worth's. A conference game. AMD of course he will still get to play Florida. Imagine the crowds those two Mid American teams will draw to Tallahassee!
Imagine if Gran and Hinshaw had actually developed one of their high school recruits we would have never seen how great Bowden is. Who says they aren't then best combo in the country?
Did every one see the Cats moved up in the SEC Power Rankings? Heck, and that was after an open date. Just think if we could have 11 more open dates we would be NO.1 in the conference. And don't we all love the explosive 'three yards and a bluster of rubber granulars'? See the results of this offense. (two Power 5 wins).
You mean like it has ended the domination of Florida, and Georgia over Kentucky. The guy is 17 and 36 in the conference. Please tell us the schools he has ended the domination of.
I agree. Two if the four wins are over Mid American Conference teams and the solid win over Arkansas should be enough to scare off any SEC opponent. I bet Alabama is glad they don't have to play us this year in Lexington.
So is Smith going to play? Ah, the tension mounts among Car dans. Do you return Bowden to wide receiver or do they continue to let him continue his quest to be an All American? Does 'our version of Stoops' risk the ire of the BBN by starting Smith? We all know he's not going to get fired if we lose, so why not let Bowden play his natural position? No coaching mistakes could cause the coach's removal. Ah, Kentucky football, nothing expected therefore no disapointments.
the stench of all those national championships. The stench of all those All Americans. Terrible. I wish we had that problem at Kentucky. And LSU does too.
Didn't I say he was the best Kentucky player on offense? I don't think he is the best quarterback in the SEC much less the country. Or the best receiver. We are experiencing a hybrid offense right now. He is completing somewhere around 40 percent of his passes. AND he wouldn't be playing quarterback, receiver, etc. if the staff had developed the high school recruits they have. I hope Bowden gets the National Player of the YEAR! We are all tickled to death to have someone mentioned for anything, aren't we? And I bet you're one of those who fall in the category of most BBN fans. You know, its Kentucky Football, nothing expected, therefore no disappointments. Why should we expect to be better? Bowden is a good player. Heck, let's say an All American. Again, he is playing whatever because we have no one else.
Other than Florida State, what other schools have come calling? Even after last year's fantastic season. 'Our version of Stoops' was the defensive coordinator there for three years, using Mickey Andrews' recruits. Right now his record against the SEC is 19-36. (I believe that stat was left out of this article). Currently we have beat two Power 5 schools this season. Lost to four. Those to wins include a game against Arkansas. That's something to brag about isn't it? He's not going anywhere. He is a top twenty coach in salary right now with guaranteed salary increases thru the next five seasons. Wouldn't you like to have a similar situation? No win total required. Miracle Mitch would rather have a heart transplant than hold a coaching search. He's at Kentucky at least until we get an athletic director who wants to compete with other teams in the conference. ( right now we are 10th in the total conference in wins, and SIXTH among the seven members in the SEC EAST. Now, that's good enough for Kentucky standards. Plenty good enough. I imagine there will be some coaches fired in the SEC this season with a better win loss record that him. It's Kentucky Football- nothing expected, therefore no disappointments.
He's the best offensive player on the Kentucky team. Actually the only offensive threat. And he has lead us to victories ove Arkansa and Missouri. Our ONLY wins over Power 5 schools. So let's say he's All American, which would mean he would be automatically All SEC. So wouldn't that make Eddie Gran Offensive Coordinator of the year for moving him to quarterback? Now this is the same Eddie Gran who's total offense is 101st out of 130 in FBS football. Gran's passing offense is 118 out of the same 130. And if we give Gran Offensive Coordinator of the year wouldn't we have to recognize 'our version of Stoops' as at least SEC Coach of the Year? I'm all for Bowden getting all the recognition he deserves. Somehow I don't think a school who has played 9 games, six against Power 5 schools, losing 4 is going to have either the Offensive Coordinator of the year or Coach of the Year. What do you think Conner? Bowden is doing great for himself.
I certainly would hate for us to lose him. Imagine what Mitch will do. No coaching search for sure. And who is already on campus to continue the success? DA, DA! Edward Gran, and his trusty side kick, Hinshaw. With the 101 total offense in the country and 118 ranked in passing, heck, we're set. And start him off at least where 'our version of Stoops' is now. We want every one to know 'quality' when we see it.
Florida State has already screwed up the whole thing. They are going to hire a coaching search firm to help in the process. They will probably come up with the Baylor coach or heck, some guy like Mike Leach. We certainly wouldn't want Leach would we? Heck, can't you see Leach and Barnhart together? Wouldn't that be a 'hoot'? I think 'our version of Stoops' is holding out for the Michigan or maybe the Noyre Fame job. Everybody wants the coach whose team is currently in 5th place in the SEC EAST.
Yeah, considering Kentucky total offense is 101 in the NCAA stats and 118 in passing offense. I think they should make it a condition of his contact at FSU he has to bring Eddie Gran with him. Mitch will grumble because he will want to keep Gran as his new head coach so he doesn't have to do a coaching search.
Why would anyone leave Kentucky to coach at a school who has only won THREE national championships? Not to mention 18 conference championships? If FSU comes after 'our version of Stoops' will they guarantee a $500.000 year raise for the next three years? Look for Miracle Mitch tear up the recent contract, get 'our version of Stoops' to sign on for a cool $1,000,000 annual raise until he the highest paid college football coach in America. Anything to avoid a coaching search. Go MITCH!
WOW! and they even spelled it right. I guess that's as good as its going to get. Remember when they would try to kidnap Smokey? Or steal the beer barrel? (1925 - 1998) With the Vols holding the above stated edge in wins, listing it as a rivalry seems a little blah lately. But we like to dream.
An article I read said James Franklin of Penn State is the front runner. Do you really believe FSU would take a head coach at a Big 10 school over one at an SEC school? And what did Franklin do to at Vanderbilt? Simply had a winning record. In three years he went 24-15, and was 11-13 in the conference. Heck, is that that much better than 'our version of Stoops'_ 40-43 and 19-35? And we all know its much easier to win at Vanderbilt than it is in Lexington. Franklin is a native of Pennsylvania and I don't see him leaving to go to FSU. BUT with all 'our version of Stoops' has done to turn around the program, lol, sorry, can Miracle Mitch find enough money to keep him at Lexington? (remember when Pitino was leaving practically every year, his salary would be increased, and he'd be leaving again the next year?) Maybe that $500,000 million salary increase should be raised to a cool million each year until he becomes the highest paid coach in America. Go for it Mitch, anything to avoid a coaching search.