Rooting for Kentucky in football is sorta like pulling for the turkey at Thanksgiving. I tried to discuss topics with some of the people on here but they chose to make personal attacks. Considering most of the comments on here are made by the same individuals using difference screen names, so why waste the time responding. Please continue your comments, I love having a following, even those who don't know sh-t from apple butter what they are talking about, but if it makes them feel better, go for it.
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Young man, you made the "Dance' so you've accomplished something. A few years ago, a coach from right here in Lexington took a No 1 recruiting class and didn't get in the 68 so he went to the NIT. Of course since he was a big name at a big name school, he was ranked No 1 in the seeding in that tournament. And the No 1 seed plays the last team picked, No 32 in the first round. Actually that No 32 was the 100th in the post season tournaments. BUT, that No 1 seed in the NIT, with his No 1 recruiting class, LOST to the 100th ranked tournament team. So just look down the sideline and look at a guy who is making $10 million dollars a year. If you lose, just remember he's been lower than you. Better days are ahead!
WOW! Look at you showing them who's boss. That makes you're hanger downs almost as big as peanuts! Go get em' genius!
Oh, and the Kentucky Football player who should have gone to Alabama is ELAM not Elem. But you already knew that, right?
Where's the 'pep rally'? I would think all the Kentucky fans would be filling up this page, or maybe they have all traded in their Kentucky screen names for Tennessee ones. Every one much be watching the NBA draft rankings instead.
After reading your posts, I see you're a regular on commenting about my posts. Heck, I feel quite honored to have you as long time follower. Thanks, I may cry knowing I mean so much to you!
Ah shucks, thanks. How about you not reading my posts? But since you do, I'll happily add you to my readers base. Did you see the comment from the alleged Tennessee fan? But hey, it's good to know I have another follower. Hang around.
Hasn't worked too well for Kentucky basketball but he's JOHN CALIPARI. Wonder what the recruiting balances are at Connecticut and Villanova? Since we have just as much happiness putting players in the NBA as winning national championships, should we really expect all that much from Cal? Maybe we can win another one if we can play in a hotel ball room in the Bahamas, with three guy from Cynthiana calling the game. Imagine if we had a REAL athletic director with hanger downs who would question Calipari's priorities?
I see the Kentucky fans are out, now posting under their fake Tennessee names, but that's ok. I guess they couldn't post under their Kentucky screen names since Tennessee is 2-1 in basketball this season and 1-0 in football. But hey, they have to whine about something. Again, Kentucky fan, list all the Heisman Trophy winners who played under 'our version of Stoops' at Kentucky? Heck, I'll cut you some slack. Name all the Heisman winners 'our version of Stoops' at any other school he has been head coach. Why would you think I'm an Oklahoma fan? They seem to be doing alright in the Heisman awards? Keep trying to prove I'm a Louisville fan. Heck, show that post you claim I listed saying I was. How come no one is position on the Kentucky posts? (must be too difficult to keep getting new screen names.) Keep trying. You do know Western Kentucky has a winning record against 'our version of Stoops" don't ya?
Didn't Petrino recruit some kid out of Florida who won some kind of trophy? Yea, I think it was Lamar Jackson and wasn't it the Heisman Trophy? Now, other than Alabama, who I imagine has a hefty recruiting budget in football, has your current coach recruited a Heisman Trophy winner to your school? Don"t be shy. And the recruiting budget for Kentucky basketball! With EVERY kid that ever laced up a pair of sneakers growing up to play for Cal yhe Great, why would he need all that money? What was it, 24 or something No 1 draft picks, all that recruiting money has brought us only ONE national championship. Go ahead and list the Heisman winners you current coach has recruited to your school.
So you're predicting 11-1 regular season. And a probable playoff position. Heck, maybe a national championship. Wonder if A&Mis going to mail in the forfeit? Anyway, let us know what Jimbo Zaza Fisher thinks about your projection. I wish you two could quit playing phone tag. Curious minds want to get it straight about that 10 year contract you mentioned he wanted. Anyway, keep searching!
So what team are you going to advise during the NFL draft? You better hope they don't check into you're racial comments that got two discussions shut down. And your credibility! lol, keep searching!
lol, surely you can twist this around to make it baseball coaches. How's the searches going?
Hey! Why don't you just make up what you want the article to say? Heck, tell him 'there were at least three games no one showed up to at Columbia' and of course you have the facts to prove that, BUT, for some reason you can't put you're hands on those documents right now. Heck, everyone believes what you say. lol, how the searches going? Have you talked to Jimbo yet so you can clear up that 10 contract statement you made? It's a shame you can never back up your statements with facts. Any new racial comments coming soon? Heck, you're a LEGEND! Keep searching!
LSUABC! It's not really surprising juju ng you don't under other posters comments. All that clutter you have with mistruths and few facts in your skull must be disturbing. Anyway, how's those searches goin'? Maybe a cleansing of you mind with admissions of lying would start your recovery.
Joe, you're bucking to ghost write his next book ain't ya? And all those wins! Check this year's schedule or any year's schedule and you will see non conference teams that would put Joe Lewis' 'BUM OF THE WEEK' to shame. He refuses to play anyone decent in a home and home except Louisville and that game is forced on him. Keep up the pep rally.
Ouch, that really hurt. LSUABC is a LEGEND on SDS. He personally got to discussions shut down because of his racial comments. And he personally knows Jimbo Fisher didn't take the LSU job because they didn't offer him a 10 year contract at Baton Rouge. AND, he personally read I said I am a Louisville fan. He can't find that post but instead of admitting he's lying, isn't that a harsh word? I told him all he need to do is admit it but he would rather continue with new lies and hope no one will call him out. Currently he is searching for the phantom post about me, trying desperately to find ANYTHING that will vindicate him on the false Jimbo Fisher lie and waiting to bash black athletes for exposing their feelings. He's a joke as anyone fan, but hey, he's the one that opens himself for ridicule so, thank you LSUABC! See ya later.
You referring to me? A Kentucky season basketball ticket holder? Where's your seats in Rupp? And I image there are a few who actually would rather win national championships and could care less about the NBA. Surely, you can make up some fact for us all to be amazed about. Keep searching.
You mean you don't have the 'inside dope' on the contract yet? Just make it up like you do the rest of your facts and get the 'exclusive' on the story. Keep searching!
Have you heard from Jimbo yet? Why not go ahead and make up the conversation with him, and tell us he didn't want to accept the position unless YOU could be his team publicist? (with your ability to make things up, you can add to you credibility of being the Legend!) Oh, and keep searching.
What! No KENTUCKY? didn't we win 10 games last year? And 'our version of Stoops' says he hasn't regressed in the number of wins since he arrived at Lexington. Don't say I didn't alert ya!
Why don't you take that money you didn't want to pay Jimbo at about 10 million and he can be yours!
How ya doin'? Did Jimbo Fisher get back to ya yet? I know you been busting you butt to get that lie and others cleared up for us. Keep looking! I see ya later today.
Where's the one and goners, coached by The Great One from Lexington? This can't really be the best five to perform in Nashville this week. Yep, they were. Buy the Cats still have the cutest uniforms. Yea!
WOW! All the Kentucky fans I've picked up posing as Tennessee fans. Welcome and continue reading my posts. And of course, post responses! SO, sports fans, with Auburn beating Tennessee, does this make The Great Calipari the third or fourth best coach in the SEC? It is so refreshing to see I have developed a fan base of pseudo Tennessee fans. Thank you.
There he is! So I'm the liar now? Talkeked to Fisher today to get the low down on that 10 year contract? Just call the A&M tHletic department and I bet they patch you through since you're a buddy of his. Oh, and that phantom post, found it yet? As long as you refuse to admit you lied, well, I'll be here to remind you of what you are. Any new racist comments coming soon?
What do they call a habitual liar in the medical world? LSUABC, you are a jewel when it comes to this site. Heck, a down right LEGEND! Keep searching.
Don't be mislead by the Kentucky loss. Heck, Ole Cal knows it's better to have that extra day of rest than to actually try to get to the finals on Sunday. And what's championships anyway? We use to play for national championships but once the Great One announced he just as satisfied with putting players in the NBA as he would be winning a national championship, it became clear to all of us season ticket holders wd have a different kind of 'Cat' as our coach. I imagine we will see alot of other schools take that same approach soon. How about yours? Let's not forget a few years ago the Great One told the UK fans to save their money and not go to the SEC Tournament. and then he suggested the tournament be played pre-season. (That way he could play his infamous we're so 'young' card.) The guy's a genius! A couple million dollar raise should make him a better coach don't ya think?