Rooting for Kentucky in football is sorta like pulling for the turkey at Thanksgiving.
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Yea, but how many of them have as nice recruiting deck as Kentucky's? So there!
AGAIN, another game changer! Heck, the other 13 SEC teams didn't even bother to offer once they heard the Cats got his commitment.
Sorry, the Cats had the 103rd ranked offense. That why the raises for Hinshaw and Gran.
It's good to see the Cats picking up players who have had at least two years of coaching SOMEWHERE. It seems to be the favorite way of getting quarterbacks. But our Dynamic Duo, of Gran and Hinshaw has managed to limit their ability as evidenced with our outstanding passing game producing ONE touchdown pass in the last seven games last year. And having the 106 ranked offense year certainly has to improve doesn't it? Well, doesn't it?
At Kentucky, the so called AD refused to hold coaching searches. And in true BBN tradition the fans refuse to demand better. No winning seasons against SEC competition since 1977. Salaries for 'our version of Stoops' and his staff doesn't match the product on the field. Without the demand to get better performance from the team why should anyone really care? It's Kentucky football, no expectations, therefore no disappointments.
Passionate Benny ranked 82 in yards per carry. When you have no other offense you get to touch the ball a lot.
But then it comes down to coaching.
Will this mean we won't get to hear the infamous by line of the Great One about being young? Can you imagine next year's NBA draft possibilities? There probably won't be time to mention any of the spring sports in the Lexington Herald. (ya know this was be THE year the Cats made it to the CSW, right?) Football will be mentioned behind Rifle, Track, and Women's Softball now. And isn't that recruiting deck proving its worth?
And for the record, speaking of offers. Kentucky has offered only 387 players. And currently we have eight. I really don't think we are going to damage the rest of the country by picking up another three star.
Another game changer! He chose UK for 'Our version of Stoops' reputation for putting players in the NFL. I'd say he went where he thought he might see the field before his junior year.
For a guy who was a failure in the NBA, Cal certainly knows how to inform the coaches and owners on how to do their jobs.
After seeing the photo of Josh Allen of Wyoming ,I could certainly see the resemblance.
I plays Louisville, a baby seal according to Lowe, Middle Tennessee, again a listed bunny, Central Michigan, and Murray State. I guess that Central Michigan game is the one that kept them from being listed. (Georgia playing Georgia Tech is weak? Tech beat Kentucky two years ago in the Jacksonville bowl).
Who says playing football at Kentucky isn't profitable! I'm surprised Mark Story hasn't found some way to implicate the University of Louisville in this some how.
So who is this going to help? Wonder how many players will leave Bama to go to Vanderbilt and Kentucky? And do you REALLY think this is going to hurt the upper echelon of college football? It gives a young man the opportunity to fix wrong choices, but it will all come down to whether he has the talent to play at the school he's leaving to play somewhere else. Coaching conflicts may play into the decision but I doubt the better programs will be hurt.
Words straight from the mouth of 'our version of Stoops'! He failed to mention that Passionate Benny was 82nd in the nation in yards per carry because we had virtuously no other offense to depend on. And why no mention of Jordan Jones? Is there a more exciting player or one more penalized in college football? Watching the staff deal with his antics and repeatedly return him to the game for another penalty. BUT let's believe him. This is the year we are going to go 9-3 beat Michigan in the Sugar Bowl, and watch Miracle Mitch raise his salary to match Calipari. Right?
Academic concerned kept him from enrolling at Tennessee. Heck, he fits at Kentucky! Ain't we about as close to a junior college he could find in FBS football? 'Bout time for Miracle Mitch to open the coffers and hand out pay raises to the head coaches. Right now it appears the Rifle coach is in for the big bucks. 'Our version of Stoops' already got a quarter million dollar bonus for what came down to beating Eastern Kentucky of the OVC and FCS fame. Heck, this year he's got Murray State to depend on for that spot. Ah, Kentucky football, something to fill the void till Midnight Madness. Nothing expected therefore no disappointments. Thanks Mitch.
I think this one is going to be the 'game changer'. Maybe 'our version of Stoops' can scrounge around and find some other junior college commits and fill the class with them. Let's hope his knee is completely healed and he can be the next all American at Lexington. Ya, never know. Right?
Anything short of 65 bowl games is silly. There's about 130 teams in the FBS so why not award all of them with a bowl? Let them all get that extra practice. How needs it more than a team that goes 0-12? They have watered down the actual reason teams were awarded a bowl that teams who don't even will six games in the FBS are going. Heck, at Kentucky we were so happy to get to the vaulted seven win season, we awarded the coach a quarter million dollar bonus ($250,000) for what amounted to a win over Eastern Kentucky, an FCS team. Get serious about actually allowing a dozen teams to go to bowls or let everyone get a trophy. Just like Tee Ball!
AND do you know for just South of 7,500 dollars you can go camping with Cal? Imagine going to a fancy resort, and dribbling away your families' emergency fund so you can get you picture taken, with the GREAT ONE himself! I bet for $20 more you can get a 'Man Crush Everyday' tee shirt. And could you imagine taking this adventure of a life time without the wife and kids? That ain't going to happen. I bet for for $15,000 you could let this hold you over until next year's 'adventure of a lifetime'!
Along with the Alabama quarterback, it appears the Mannings failed to mention the quarterbacks from Kentucky. Surely there is something these young men could teach after two of them have been under the tutorage of Gran/Hinshaw for a couple of years. Well, SOMETHING should come to mind. Wait, it's coming. I'll get back to ya.
And let's not forget what this bunch accomplished. First round loss in the SEC Tournament. A no show in the NCAA Tournament. (but we did save wear and tear on the equipment). And we are SO worried some on is going to steal away the coach who took all this talent and failed so miserably. We do have to remember Miracle Mitch is known for raising the salaries of our football coaches annually to keep our fantastic football coach and his staff from being snatched away by all those other schools. See list below of all those schools. - - - - etc.
You gotta love it when these writers talk about all the Kentucky talent going to the NBA and then realize they lost in the round of 16.
This is the lead story for Kentucky football now going on close to a week. But with beer sales, basketball stories, etc., I can understand pushing football off until the week before the season starts. Sorry to see C. M. Newton passing. And AD who actually tried to better the over all athletic programs by hiring established winning coaches. Curry couldn't get it going but no one else has either in football. One day, someone is going to wake up and ask why we don't hire a football coach, a HEAD football coach, with a winning record, who can bring an established staff, and require him to be successful. (and hopefully put 11 men on the field against Florida). Until then, look for football posts to start in mid August.
But what excuse with the Cats have if not for the cow bells? Out coached? Out played? Out recruited? Never! If not for excuses we would be exposed as a bottom feeder in the SEC? ( they're still working on the excuse for only having 10 players on the field last year when Florida threw the touchdown pass. It ought to be revealed soon.)
With this news, I don't think the Big Blue Nation will have a peaceful summer. The worry about Vanderbilt undergoing the trials and tribulations of the NBA will cause sleepless nights. But with a new crop of one and goners coming in, just where was he going to fit? The seat next to Mini Me Calipari is going to be taken by another coach's son, so he would be somewhere just short of the locker room door and out of sight. He came, was briefly seen and now he's going to be an NBA. Could Cal be happier?
Who cares? It's not about winning championships. No. 1 in what? How many times has Kentucky been No 1 in recruiting and failed to produce? As long as the emphasis is the NBA draft why should anyone care?