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This article says nothing new since the weekend. This game is not going to happen. Sankey screwed up by not making this game happen Sunday or Monday (or rescheduling it ahead of time), like EVERY OTHER GAME in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina over the weekend.
Exactly. How can this article be titled as it is and still have Ohio State at #1...really?
You must be a Miss. St. fan, because anyone NOT from there REALLY hates the cowbell. I'm all for tradition, but when all artificial noisemakers are against the rules except the cowbell? Nope, sorry. And yes, I've been there (LSU fan, and you beat us that time...maybe that has something to do with my cowbell feelings!).
If you call your article "Pac 12 vs. SEC Championship" with an accompanying picture, the pics should be in the same order. They're reversed and the only reason I clicked on the article was because of this as it appeared on Facebook. That being said...SEC RULES!
Um...Mr. Smith? The 2011 game was played AT Bama (NOT LSU)...could have something to do with the spread, so get your facts straight. That is all.
From what I read the onsides kick rules limits the KICKING team to no-touching til after two bounces--the opposing, or receiving team can still touch after one bounce or anytime, actually. I think these new rules are unnecessary, but watching the strategies of the kicking teams on kickoffs will be interesting. Another interesting note I read, although can't confirm: although the kicker will be kicking the ball from the 35, the kicking team's players will actually line up at the 30. Is this right?