Pat McCrotch

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Keep in mind the Vols fans telling Georgia, "You don't know what you got till its gone."
I sure hope they can play. I need to see LSU run wild in the swamp
I don't root for Vandy often, but when I do, they're playing Florida. Anchor Down.
And Nick Chubb will be looking for vengeance. No doubt it will be a good game. Lets both Georgia and Tennessee root for Vandy this weekend. Go Dawgs, Go Vols.
Class acts by both teams. A classic pick but who cares, SECBABY.
Looks like the students need to be chewed out.
TN only needs to beat FU and it looks like they will win the east.
Do you want your athletic program to implode? Because that's how you get your athletic program to implode.
I agree with a Vandy fan...Thanks SDS