Pat Dressel

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Missed on Justin Britt, LT for Mizzou. He'll play in the NFL - bank on it.
Don't sleep on Marcus Lucas the 3rd of Mizzou's dynamic receiving corp. Doesn't have the flat out foot speed of some of the others, but he's big (6'5" 220lbs), smart (Academic All-conference), runs great routes and can really snatch the ball in a crowd. Think he's got a real shot at the next level.
No doubt the Gamecocks had a tougher OOC schedule this year. Last year Mizzou had SE Louisiana, Arizona State, U Central Florida, Syracuse - I realize that was LAST year. Just making the point that the Tigers generally play a fairly representative OOC schedule. Plus, these things are made 3 - 4 years out, lots can change in that much time. Like going from 3-9 to 10-1 (AU) or 5-7 to 9-1 (MU). :) M-I-Z