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I think Eli knew there was no chance to win that game, let alone by trying to run it. We had 35 run attempts in that game total with 21 of those coming from the quarterbacks. We can presume a majority of those runs from the QBs were due to blown plays where they had to scramble. I think we can chalk the 9 carries up to us being completely outmatched
Neil left Badie out of the top 10 because he is salty his gators got chomped by “All Guts, 6-5 glory” Eli and the boys. Feed me those Gator tears Neil! Also, you're welcome for getting your boy Dan fired, now you can maybe build back the program.
I wish I could like comments on this site. This comment deserves a like.
And if Sarkisian can't right the ship at UT soon, the Horns may even come calling on ole Kiffin.
Leaving Ole Miss for Miami would be a huge step down for Kiffin. I could see USC or LSU being contenders for him but not Miami.
UGA fans really struggling with their reading comprehension in this comment section.
Hats off to the Dawgs, we were outmatched. I’m still happy with the direction Drink has the program headed.
I read Vanderbilt is estimating a master facility plan upgrade in the works that will cost 800 million. I'm unsure how much of that will be dedicated to football
Vandy is a top 20 academic institution in the United States. They are also a top school in other sports such as baseball. The SEC would be ignorant to show them the door simply because they do not have a decent football program.
Agreed and to add to we are starting Taylor Powell. Georgia ends this one early
Or because it was embarrassing that the conference only had 2 Association of American Universities accredited universities, Florida and Vanderbilt (Added in 1990 for similar reasons). In 2012 they added 2 additional AAU accredited universities in Texas A&M and Missouri. Having AAU accredited schools in the conference looks good because these are 60 of the top research institutions in North America. Mizzou was an attractive add for the SEC because it is an AAU accredited University with both a research Med School as well as a Law School and Top J school. Additionally, it was an opportunity to open up 2 large sports markets for the SEC and the SEC network.
Remember the choke job by the refs last year that allowed Kentucky to win?
I know we often bring it on ourselves but as a Mizzou fan I often feel as if we tigers are on the outside looking in to the SEC. That we arent really welcomed. It is nice to see that most other SEC fans and the SEC fans are taking Mizzou's side and seeing this BS for what it really is.
They did self report and the NCAA praised Missouri's athletic department for their cooperation in the investigation in the report.
My opinion of why Kelly Bryant chose Mizzou is because Mizzou sold him on the development of Drew Lock and Derek Dooley's ability to development NFL players. I'm sure you hate Dooley and admittedly I didn't agree with the hire of him at Mizzou. That being said I did notice a ton of improvement in Lock's footwork and ability to read defense compared to previous years. Kelly Bryant want's a coach that can refine his skills to translate to the NFL. In response to you saying Missouri sucks, can you remind me of the Ten vs Miz score this past season?
Agreed. NCAA logic "Lets bring the hammer down on a middle tier team with some good momentum to build on that self reported since we let the blue blood that denied any wrong doing skate by unscathed."
Gator, You are going to have to excuse our responses right now. We are just letting our frustration out. I think you have a valid point and I can only hope Kelly Bryant stays and the team can have a big FU year to the corrupt NCAA
I don't think that will be an issue considering it's going to be 59 degrees in Knoxville tomorrow.
Throw 10 mil a year plus 2 additional in bonus at Urban Meyer and see if this years whole episode at OSU has him ready for a change of pace. Probably wont happen but money talks