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"Run the clock" is hardly a reasonable excuse to go for it on 4th down that late in the game and up by as much as they were. They were trying to score, and did.
These are the coaches for the same Georgia team that went for it on 4th down late in the game instead of kicking a field goal when up by 30+, so KMA, b¡tches.
The run then torch us on passing is what I'm worried about. Same thing happened to us against Auburn in the 2013 SECCG. If I could see it coming, I don't know why the coaches couldn't. Different teams, different coaches different times, though. Hoping we were just playing 'possum last weekend.
So we should schedule UAB, Charleston Southern, Samford, Kent State, UT Martin, Tennessee Tech, UMass, Austin Pray, Charlotte, and Western Kentucky?
According to the broadcast, Mevis was the second ranked place-kicker in the country. "Harrison Mevis - Football - University of Missouri Athletics"
Why? They play a tougher schedule than many conference affiliated teams.
He was just trying to fulfill his role as "offensive" coordinator!
Technically there is no Year Zero, so the calendar starts at Year One. Therefore the first "decade" is years 1-10. Hence, all following decades begin with a number ending in 1, i.e. 11, 21, 31, etc. However, if a blog site like SDS wants to use an arbitrary decade such as 2010-2019, I really don't care.
That would be coincidence. And wasn't Hurts a grad transfer? He was praised for sticking it out to the end of his Alabama eligibility.
Not a Broncos fan at all, but love watching Lock do well.
Ha ha! Weather conditions... Seems I recall that when we complained about the biblical deluge we played in last year it was "no excuse"! I hate to make excuses too, but when Mizzou lost to Wyoming, we were a team breaking in a new QB, and playing at high altitude. Like Odom said, never play there again. LOL
Probably about as well as Mizzou's spread offense did when we were running it, maybe better. All dependant on good recruiting, of course.
No, no, no... Everyone knows that getting beat by Mizzou is the ultimate fireable offense, so wait until then. It'll be unanimous.
Mizzou has had some seasons like this. And look at Arkansas' recent history. Tennessee is not alone in being cursed.
*Delete "conference" from in front of deficit, please. Thanks for the edit feature SDS.
There are two problems that led to this. First is that Mizzou's football program is opperating at a conference deficit, meaning that the $1.5 million it takes to bring an opponent into Columbia is prohibitive at times. Second is that reportedly teams aren't willing to come to Mizzou for a single game even with the guaranteed money. Don't know why that is, but per the MU Athletic Department, that's the case. So we schedule home-and-homes with teams that have holes in their schedules like we do.
I don't mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence.
Kind of what I was thinking. Plenty of wins available if we can get out of our own way.
When we entered the SEC we were told that depth matters. Injured or other missing personnel is no excuse for losing in the SEC. Mizzou crapped the bed tonight, but no excuses. We weren't shut out, BTW.
Hate to say it, but Mizzou has Mizzoued it again. Can't wait for the day when that means winning instead of losing.
I'll admit I've been hard on the coaching staff this season especially after the Kentucky game. But Mizzou has improved steadily throughout the season. While I don't know who our quarterback will be next season, we have a very favorable schedule, and should win a bunch of games. I guess we'll see. On to our bowl game! M-I-Z!!