I am a military vet who has worked for the State of Missouri for @ 25 years. I am a MIZZOU ticket holder and have been for over 20 years.

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If Winston did the kind of stuff at Stanford that he did at FSU, he would have at least been benched if not kicked off the team. That is assuming he had the smarts to get in.
Coloradoogator I won't bother to cut and paste this but look at the SDS game for predictions. It has MIZZOUU -39.5. Where did they come up with that if it wasn't LV. Also take note the the point difference is less than AU and KSU.
MIZZOU fan here. If it weren't for the turnovers the outcome should have been different. But hey that's football. All this said I have picked UGA to win by a very small margin (35 - 34). You have a great gunslinger and if your OC can find a way to break Chub out of the backfield then the day will be yours. You have a decent D but your secondary is weak- your D line is pretty good against the run. Your O line needs to do a better job to keep Easton off his back. I'm sure the coaches are working on all of these things. I s still think the Dogs will take the day.
Please don't sing especially Rocky Top to make them cry even more than they are.