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Until Kirby Smart can find his butt with both hands UGA will be almost good.
If Art Briles ever gets another job in college football the stench will cover the entire sport.
With Kirby Smart consistently snatching defeat from the jaws of victory the whole team isn't dynamic enough. With the present staff Eason will never rise to the level of Matthew Staford's jock strap.
Give McElwain Georgia's talent and he gives Alabama a run for their money. Kirby Smart can recruit but is a gameday disaster. McElwain can coach but can't find his but with both hands recruiting.
Kirby Smart is not a game day coach. He'll yank defeat from the jaws of victory a couple of times and UGA will finish 2nd to Florida. Butch Jones will get fired.
If Smart can overcome snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on game day......
Show me one thing Kirby Smart did in 16 that tells one he can coach this team on gameday. UGA fans sound like that song and dance up in Knoxville about Butch Jones. Next year...year after year 4..... I remember when Will Muschamp was the next great thing. How's that working out. The only question is, is Smart the next Butch Jones or Will Muschamp.
Say what you will about Mike Bobo. He could light up a scoreboard. If Mark Richt had gone back to calling plays when Bobo left, he'd still be the HC at UGA. Mark Richt would have won 10 games with the 16 team minus Brian Shottenheimer.
Georgia will have the talent but Florida has better coaching. Florida will win the east and Kirby Smarts seat will be blazing hot.
Kirby Smart will coach UGA down to around 3rd in the East.
NC? Get real. You got to win the east first.
UGA will finish behind Florida. Kirby Smart can't handle game day.
Go back to a power blocking scheme. Zone blocking has never worked at UGA.
And you have 7-5 and the next Will Muschamp as a coach. Or is he the next Butch Jones?
420 yards passing and you homers are acting like total sissies over one play.
Every OC in America runs that play.
All undoubtedly bearing bags of cash.
Just good Xs and Os and timely play calling. No whine allowed.
He shredded a Kirby Smart defense. Pruitt is an upgrade.