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I agree with all of that except for the Kentucky game
30-13 doesn't cover the spread Though Tennessee's record in point scored has been relatively bad. They have always put up a lot of yardage regardless of their offense I think it's just the matchup of the two schools.this particular game however I believe they'll be held to less than 300 total yards which hasn't happened in 10 years even though we are eight and two
any addition to number of teams and you would HAVE to include an UNDEFEATED group of 5 team...IT DOESN'T HAPPEN EVERY YEAR.. but when they do their jobs (like Bama did), they have to be giving due diligence.. Seeding is an after thought to avoid repeats in early don't choke on your beer if you don't like the seeds.. 6 teams... (6)W. Michigan vs (3)Ohio St winner gets Bama.. (4)Washington vs (5)Penn St winner gets Clemson.. 8 teams... (1)Bama vs W. Michigan (4)Penn St vs Oklahoma (2) Clemson vs Michigan (3) Washington vs Ohio St
you had it right the first time...
and you can't spell Sugar w/out UGA
Alec Ogletree comes to mind.....wasn't any bigger..did fine...!!!!
yea..2 ACC teams in the playoffs is kind of funny..
sewanee was the first to and tulane didnt leave til the 60's
Albany... University of Albany... the Great Danes.. division II school
Line-to-Gain and Down Indicators ARTICLE 7. The official line-to-gain (yardage chain) and down indicators shall be operated approximately six feet outside the sideline except in stadiums where the total playing enclosure does not permit. These must be operated on the side of the field opposite the press box. a. The yardage chain shall join two rods not fewer than 5 feet high,THE RODS' INSIDE EDGES being exactly 10 yards apart when the chain is fully extended.
I don't know how to do this w/out writing my own article, Smaller Div I schools and Div II schools..receive funds to play the 'power 5'.. This provides money for athletics and scholarships to schools who are trying to provide an education to their students and student-athletics ... which should be first. Also, on the money side for the 'power 5'.. They are already 6" from being a business a'la NFL anyway... and everyone thinks their better than everyone else..We get it, now prove it.. Committees and sports writers have always decided the national champion for them and us..and NO WAY a 4 team playoff works when you have 5 POWER CONFERENCES. Someone is going to get their "feelings hurt" first year.. So, make it 8 before we ever get started.. and for all you academicians preaching seasons would be too long for their studies..I have an answer for you as well.. Here's a possible solution for all parties w/out turning the world upside down.. start as normal , Aug 28 but the first 2 games are 'non-power 5' OR Div II as usual, and they get paid as usual.. but here's the catch, Win or Loss game doesn't count for the 'power 5' team, only for the little guy. ( I'll explain later)..2 games to work out kinks and starting positions (like a preseason NFL) don't play for the to make Yourself right for the rest of the season.. THEN they have 8 conference games AND 2 games against 'power 5' schools ...this to maybe establish the 7th and 8th spots w/ possible common opponents .. Season still ends with Conf. titles on Dec 6th.. Only 10 games for the record.. must be 6-4 for a bowl game..if you want to be paid like adults, then play like adults.. this is not little league, everyone doesn't get a trophy.. .500 doesn't cut it.. the smaller schools count the first 2 extra games to give them more chances for 6 wins and a bowl game and MORE MONEY !! Everyone has still played only 12 games Dec 12th Fri night @ 6pm and 9pm first round of the playoffs (2 games) Dec 13th @ 12:00 you still have the Army-Navy game..and at night, the other 2 games Dec 15th start the bowl games..3 weeks (17 days), 2 games a day or however to want to schedule.. Dec 20th after a daytime bowl game..the semi-finals, again at night (2 games).. Give the winners a week off for press and whatnot.. finish your bowl season and prime time Sat night on Jan 3rd .. the national title !!! You finish 11 days early for kids to get back to school, you finish 35 bowl games, and solve the age old question of who's the best..( this year anyway !! ) ..hey if Div II & III schools and HIGH SCHOOLS can pull this off, so can THE POWER FIVE !