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All of this is nothing new. There have, and always will be players who consider transferring when playing time is not what they expected. Eddie Lacy, Derrick Henry and Alvin Kamara are recent examples (Kamara transferred to Tennessee).
I concur. Couple his stamina with an unheard of durability. In his 3 years at Bama, how much time did he miss due to injury.....almost none! That is a feat within itself.
Yes, they did against Florida State.
The omission of Ryan Anderson is mind-blowing. His play has consistently been a catalyst for the turning of the tide in close games. Unbelievable!
I concur. Although it looked really bad , the runner was not defenseless. He could see the tackler coming.
Those educations are not free; student/athletes PLAY for those educations. Collectively, they often earn the university exponentially more money than their educations cost. Thats factual.
Something is goin' on with Marlon, and I'm concerned. He just isn't himself.