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Small point, but I don’t think we likely to see many 9-3 teams in a 12 team playoff. Perhaps a multi-loss champ will emerge from the ACC, Big XII, or PAC-12, but at most there will be autobids for the 6 highest ranked conference champions. The 6 at-large bids will overwhelmingly go to Notre Dame and 1 or 2 loss SEC and B1G teams. I don’t see there being a 3-loss team making it into the top 12 either.
Try to look at the silver lining: it at least looks like ADHD medication hasn't been affected by the well-publicized supply-chain issues otherwise plaguing our fair nation, LOL.
“If that’s the case, the one thing I don’t want you doing anymore is going out and playing teams from other leagues. We’ll keep that money in-house.” Cole has lost me there. Simple math tells you that at 9 league games, all 16 teams are going to have to play 3 non-conference games a piece, or 48 total. USC, UGA, UK and UF will keep playing their ACC rivals, Bedlam should continue and the Border War should come back, so that’s 6 of those 48. Even if you give every team 1 current G5 and/or FCS game, the SEC will still have to schedule 1-2 P5 OOC matchups for every team each year, and the better those games are the more $$$ will roll in.
Would Auburn take a chance on Joe Brady? Seems like he would work well with the talent AU has, provided he can get an experienced DC.